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Published by Brigitta Vetter

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Published by: Brigitta Vetter on Apr 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To download now please click the linkbelow. http://com-onlineupdate.info/RAVES-GATE
This chilling NYT bestseller from Anthony Horowitz, "a master of edge-of-your-seat writing" (Booklist,starred) is "an exhilarating read" (Kirkus) that "should attract a strong following" (PW)
As punishment for a crime he didn't really commit, Matt was given a choice: go to jail or go live with an oldwoman named Mrs. Deverill in a remote town called Lesser Malling.He should have chosen jail.A strange and sinister plan is coming together made in Lesser Malling, with Matt at the center of it all. Peoplewho try to help him disappear . . . or die. It all ties to an evil place named Raven's Gate - a place whose destinyis horrifyingly intertwined with Matt's own.
Editorial Reviews
Publishers Weekly
Horowitz (the Alex Rider series) unveils a thoroughly creepy new tale with this first entry in theGatekeepers series. The novel opens as 14-year-old Matt Freeman reluctantly helps an older friendbreak into a warehouse. A frequent truant (he has lived with his aunt since his parents were killed in
a car accident), Matt's problems grow exponentially worse when he finds himself charged as anaccessory to assault after his friend stabs a security guard during the failed burglary. Matt is offereda chance to participate in the LEAF Program (Liberty and Education Achieved Through Fostering),which sends troubled youths to rural settings where "there are fewer temptations." In the custodyof severe, stern Mrs. Deverill, Matt must clean the pigsty among other chores. But his tasks palecompared to the gathering threat in the village of Lesser Malling. Though he tries to escape, Mattfinds his attempts thwarted by unseen forces, and he soon realizes that his presence in LesserMalling is no accident. Among Mrs. Deverill's belongings he makes a chilling discovery: "Thephotograph was black-and-white, taken with a telephoto lens.... With a sense of horror and sickness,he realized he was looking at a picture of himself. This was his parents' funeral. Six years ago."Sinister magic melds with modern technology, and Matt's few allies are killed off one by one.Horowitz's talent for building suspense is as strong as ever, and this unnatural tale, which descendsinto ancient evils, should attract a strong following. Ages 12-up. (June) Copyright 2005 Reed BusinessInformation.
I read this when i was 9 so i didnt really get it but now im 13 so i understand the whole book! Iluv the series so much----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I have read Nightrise, not relizing this was a seiries,I went to Necropolis, agian not readimg the books in order, I needto buy all the Horrowitz seiries and read them in order Horrowitz really turns up the action I give my friends advice toread all of his books they say nothing happens they get to the next page they tell me THERE IS SOOOO MUCHACTION !!!!! I say I told you. They are giving people advice to read these books I really like his books i wil remindmyself about his books I wish I could be in his books like be Scarlett Adams, or be someone thaybis a Gate Keeper anew girl. Maybe she could be British and her name could be Hayley James and...... never mind Im talking about thebook. I strongly want everyone that can : PLEASE READ THESE BOOKS!!!!!! Thanks for reding this long note-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My hands were glued to the book! Anthony Horowitz book Raven's Gate was one of the best Supernatural Fictionbooks I have ever read. Horowitz was born in England to a wealthy Jewish family. He also went to the University of  York and graduated with a BA. The theme of the book is to believe in yourself, and to trust your gut.The main character is a 14 year-old boy named Matt. He loses his parents at a very young age and is forced to move inwith his Aunt Gwenda and her boyfriend. He soon turns to petty crimes, and eventually gets caught and put into theLEAF program. When he arrives to Lesser Malling, he realizes something bad is going on, and is determined to foundout what is going on, get out, or both. The book kept me at the edge of my seat. It was very entertaining because of theway it was written. This book makes me wonder what could really be out there. I don't think I will ever enduresomething like this, but it sure would be interesting if I had to. If you like this kind of genre, go out today and get it! Itis that good.
Do you believe in witches or the Old Ones?Matt has been accused of committing a crime which actually he really didn't do. So now he has a choiceto either go to jail or stay with an old lady named Mrs. Deverill in a remote area called Lesser Mallingbecause of the government's new law called the LEAF Project. Matt should have chosen jail because hewill soon find out that someone is planning something there at Lesser Malling, and Matt is in the middleof all the commotion.
 Matt's past hasn't been the best. His parents died in a car crash six years ago and he has been living withhis mom's stepsister, who doesn't necessarily treat him very well. But Matt has discovered that he hassome kind of weird magical power--but doesn't know what it is.When he gets to Mrs. Deverill's house he isn't treated in the best way possible. Even though he thinksthe food is good he has to do chores and basically clean up all of Mrs. Deverill's property. After a whilehe has had enough of this bizarre nonsense and wants to leave, because this was supposed to be avolunteer act.But when he tries to take a bike out to the main road back to Greater Malling and then back to London,every road he takes just brings him back to the place he started from. Well, he went home after that, andthought that he'd try the next day.When coming back to the same spot, a guy named Tom Burgess appears and says he wants to help Mattout because this isn't a safe place to be. He also says that he will explain everything tomorrow at hisfarm, but what Matt doesn't know is that he will find Tom dead the next day.After Tom's death things got even worse. Mrs. Deverill starts to come out more strongly and everyonethat tries to help him get out of this creepy place just ends up dead. Is Matt's new helper bound to turn updead, too?Find out! Read the book.
when Matt is there? Who knows what goes on in museums after dark? Plus, all the phenomenonabout witches is involved, and the mystery of Stonehenge. I absolutely loved this book, I'm a Sci-Figeek myself. You should defiantly try this book out!
To download now please click the linkbelow. http://com-onlineupdate.info/RAVES-GATE 

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