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Gun Control

Gun Control

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Published by ckirkpatrick
7-page research paper against gun control, with bibliography
7-page research paper against gun control, with bibliography

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: ckirkpatrick on Apr 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kirkpatrick Clark Kirkpatrick English grade 10Mrs. Draus pd. 7March 26, 2009The Supreme Stupidity of Gun ControlI.Every year, American citizens are kept safe by their right to bear arms. Would-berape, murder, and violent crime victims defend themselves against violent offenders withfirearms regularly, thanks to the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Mislead peopleconstantly push for more gun control, to limit the amount, kind, and price of firearmsavailable to law-abiding citizens. These people are under the false impression that moregun control will lead to less crime; this is a resoundingly false conclusion, as statisticshave proven. Gun control is a detriment to American society, and undermines the rightsof a free people. Arms are the only true badge of liberty. The possession of arms is thedistinction of a free man from a slave (Andrew Fletcher, 1698).II.The United States Bill of Rights clearly states that American citizens have theright to bear arms: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a freeState, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The purposeof the Bill of Rights was to write out what the government could
do to the citizens. Inresponse, gun control advocates try to restrict the legal bearing of arms. This is simply preposterous. The first amendment to the constitution states that Americans have theright to freedom of speech, press, and religion. Are legislators allowed to restrict theserights? We have freedom of speech, but what would Americans say if a tax was put onthe down talking of a certain politician? How about if you could only criticize the1
Kirkpatrick President three times a week? Or only go to church twice a month? There is no other “right” which is allowed to be limited in such ways. “To make inexpensive gunsimpossible to get is to say that you're putting a money test on getting a gun. It's racism inits worst form.” (Innis) It also does not say that a citizen may bear arms if they have notdone this or that, but that citizens should be permitted to bear arms. The last three wordsof this amendment, “shall not be infringed,” were put in place by its authors for a specific purpose; to clarify that the government should not be able to in any way contravene,misinterpret, or undermine this right.III.The founding fathers of the United States recognized the value of an armed people. Benjamin Franklin clearly illustrated his views on this issue in 1759 when hedeclared that “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” (Gun Control Quoteland) Thismetaphoric analogy clearly illustrates the principles with which the founding fathers of the United States founded what has become the greatest country in the world. It wouldseem that these are the very morals which have set this great country apart from theaverage; if the Founding Fathers based this country on these ideals before it rose to itsgreatness, then will removing these rights set it back to mediocrity? As the electedrepresentatives of Congress process bill after bill advocating more control on Americanfirearms, this may be a question worth pondering.IV.One of the most fundamental rights of any free citizen is the right to defendoneself, one’s family, and one’s home in the face of peril. This right must be upheld at allcosts if the people of any society wish to remain a free people, with fair legislation and jurisdiction. Patrick Henry, another great Founding Father of the United States, shared2
Kirkpatrick his views of this ideal when he posed the question, "Are we at last brought to suchhumiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense?" This may be the deciding question for the ultimate decision about whether or not the general public should be legally allowed to bear arms. Without firearms,Americans would truly be at the mercy of their government and law enforcement.V.The purpose of law enforcement is not to protect each individual citizen againstcrime. The primary purpose of the police is to collect evidence of a crime and to arrest people who have been accused of crime. If a criminal wants to kill someone, the onlyreasonable means of preventing this from happening is for the person to protectthemselves; otherwise, they would have to have a body guard with them around theclock.“Let us hope our weapons are never needed --but do not forget what the common people knew when they demanded the Bill of Rights: An armed citizenry is thefirst defense, the best defense, and the final defense against tyranny. If guns areoutlawed, only the government will have guns. Only the police, the secret police,the military, the hired servants of our rulers. Only the government -- and a fewoutlaws. I intend to be among the outlaws.” (Abbey)In New York City in 1999, the average amount of time it took a police officer torespond to a 911 call reporting a crime in progress was 10.3 minutes (Cooper);this is ample time for a violent crime to be committed and the attacker to escapeunscathed, if the victim is unarmed. And this is in the middle of the biggest cityin the world. What about suburban or rural America? This response time must3

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