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Published by DaButcher
Declared as a class for Player's Handbook 3. Made by the folks at Penny Arcade.
Declared as a class for Player's Handbook 3. Made by the folks at Penny Arcade.

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Published by: DaButcher on Apr 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 April 2009
Class TraiTs
Controller. Leveraging a suite of truly badicaleldritch techniques, you char, scourge, and frappethose foolish enough to draw your ire. Depending onyour choice of class features and powers, you leantoward either being sweet or totally awesome.
Powe souce:
Arcane. You are a non-stop torrent of excruciation for would-be interlopers. Witchalokshave a saying: “Those who mess with the Black Bullof Gael’Thoth shall be pierced by their darkhorns.”
Key abte:
Charisma, Dexterity, Constitution
 amo Pofcence:
Cloth, leather
 Wepon Pofcence:
Witchalok Blades
Witchalok Blades (see below)
Bonu to Defene:
+1 Fortitude, +1 Reflex, +1 Will
Ht Pont t 1t leve:
9 + Constitution score
Ht Pont pe leve Gned:
Heng suge pe Dy:
6 + Constitution modifier
 Tned sk:
Religion. From the class skills list below,choose three more trained skills at 1st level.
Class Skills:
Arcana (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Acrobatics(Dex), History (Int), Insight (Wis), Intimidate (Cha),Streetwise (Cha)
C Fetue:
Nut Allergy, Polaritude, Witcholese,Hermaphoditic Androgynites, Ritual Casting
tchaloks a th hs of a bllon-yahtag of balful socy—socy sub-stantally mo balful than th magcalcontmpoas. Ncomancs a, by wtchalokstandads, nsuffcntly balful. Dfls nttanchldn at wtchalok bthday pats. Lchs acommonly usd as a punchln n wtchalok stand-upoutns. Tamat s almost bad nough—
, but notqut.
Witchalok Class Features
 wtchaloks ha th follong class fatus.
 Nut Allergy
 wtchaloks a dathly allgc to nuts and nut bypod-ucts, such as nut pasts, ols, and oth sdus. Thymust alays ad labls y cafully.
 As a wtchalok, th gos of you mystcal tanyha uncokd htofo-unknon badass tchnqus. You a a tstng otx that omts ncotc ngy,n f you  out sup lat last nght and you just ok up. Choos on of th follong optons.
 whth sufng on an aalanch o jumpng off of amotocycl onto th back of a gant bat, th s som-thng about th ay you do hat you do that makspopl say, “whoa!” whn usng any of you wtcha-lok pos, choos on tagt you ha ln of sght to.That tagt s totally blon aay.
The Witchalok
“Witchaloks? I don’t know anything about any Witchaloks.” 
 TM & © 2009 Wizards of the Coast LLC. All rights reserved.
by Jerry Holkins Illustrations by Mike Krahulik
 April 2009
Som tchaloks a so asom that popl can’tn bl t. whn popl s you gt out of a Lam-boghn, platnum spnns hlng, onat obscsp and pssd, thy ond f thy stll ha tm tostch classs. whn a tagt ould b pushd byon of you wtchalok pos, that tagt also ants tohang out somtm mayb, f you an’t too busy.
 All wtchaloks can spak unaccntd wtchols.
Hermaphoditic Androgynites
 All wtchaloks a consdd mal and fmal fopuposs of ffcts latd to gnd.
Ritual Casting
 wtchaloks gan rtual Castng as a bonus fat.
 wtchaloks ly xclusly on wtchalok Blads tofocus th butal, otholdly ll. Thummng thmalolnt pupos, ths blads allo full accss toth nfnt folds of th wtcha. Unfotunatly, thscts of th caton a lost to tm. Only on paof wtchalok Blads xsts, and all wtchaloks mustsha thm.
Witchalok Powers
 You wtchalok pos a calld soclatons, and youdo thm mostly by lng a lot and makng gm oaths.
Level 1 At-Will Sorcelations
Deth le
Witchalok Attack 1
 As lasers go, this one is pretty good.
 acne, impementstndd acton rnged
One creature
Charisma vs. Reflex
Target is pushed 2 squares and dies until the end of your next turn.
Level 21: Aftereffect:
The target dies twice.
 Thow Wtchok Bde
Witchalok Attack 1
You throw your Witchalok Blade.
 acne, impementstndd acton rnged
: One creature
Dexterity vs. AC
1d4 + Dexterity modifier damage. The WitchalokBlade does not return to the user; it must be retrieved from the target’s square.
Level 21:
Both blades can be thrown. Damage does notincrease.
On The Bt
Witchalok Attack 1
Using two fingers, you point at your own eyes, then at youropponent’s.
 acne, impementstndd acton rnged
One creature
Charisma vs Will
1d6 + Charisma modifier damage, and the target isplaced on the bit.
Level 21:
 The target apologizes without really knowingwhy.
Level 1 Encounter Sorcelations
How Fom
Witchalok Attack 1
 The Deepet Dk
 From the rageflames of the Eternal Infernal, you summon acaustic wail.
 acne, impementstndd acton Coe
burst 5
Each creature in burst
Charisma vs. Fortitude
Target leaves the area of effect.
Witchalock overvieW
Your powers are a heady blendof living bones, reincarnated owls, malign scents,and other things. When you enter the ring, foesoften have no idea what’s going to happen next, letalone what is happening at this moment—and that’s just how you like it. You might compliment them ontheir capes, which is weird. Then, you’ll all sing witha marmot who was never actually real. A short timelater, they will be dead.
All Witchaloks revere the WitchalokKing to the exclusion of all other powers. Little isknown about the Witchalok King, who is knownonly as King Witchalok. Reports that he either “layseggs” or is somehow part fish are largely consideredapocryphal.
Banished over one million years ago, Wit-chaloks are true denizens of the Shadowdark. Inthis terrible span of time, the unknowable energiestwisted by these fearsome sorcelators shaped theminto an entirely new race called witchaloks, with asmall “w,” which is a little confusing. The end resultis that witchaloks make excellent Witchaloks.

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