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2013 04 30 Brief- Pasha Project

2013 04 30 Brief- Pasha Project

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Published by ICT AUTHORITY
The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) report provides an insight into how the Pasha Centres are operating.
The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) report provides an insight into how the Pasha Centres are operating.

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Published by: ICT AUTHORITY on Apr 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Digital Villages- Pasha Centres
Executive Summary
 The achievement of an information-based society is one of the mainpriorities of the Government towards the realization of nationaldevelopment goals and objectives for wealth and employment creation. The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) report provides an insight into howthe Pasha Centres are operating. This M&E has been carried out with thebaseline that all the program design requirements have been met and allpartnerships between KICTB and service providers are in place as thisprovides the minimum infrastructure required by the Pasha Centre. These minimum program design requirements include:
Branding: Standard image and colours to ensure visibility
Funding: Receipt of funding from banking agent.
Equipment: Computers, routers, furniture and all other equipmenthas been purchased and installed.
 Training and technical support: Management skills and support forequipment
Bouquet of services: Business and money transfer licenses
Background information
Role of Pasha Centers
 To provide Kenyans in rural areas with access to information; theincreased access to information will serve to:1.To enhance business skills and knowledge in rural areas as well asexpose rural communities to world news and trends that maypositively enhance their lives;2.Provide employment for Kenyans both directly through economicactivity that the centre will generate and secondarily through theopportunities that the information will provide;3.To bring online services closer to rural communities.
What is a Pasha Center?
Pasha centers provide a suite of services to the public via computersconnected to the internet. Pasha Centers are generally modeled underthree (3) categories: Basic, Standard, and Advanced.
Who runs and owns the Pasha e-centers?
 The Pasha Centers are run by private entrepreneurs. Prospectiveentrepreneurs who apply for the Digital Villages Revolving Fund and aresuccessful will be eligible to set up Pasha Centers.
Digital Villages Revolving Fund
How the revolving fund will be administered;Steps-1.A call for application shall be made by Kenya ICT Board for prospectiveentrepreneurs to submit Digital Village Revolving Fund loanapplications;2.Prospective entrepreneurs submit online;3.Submitted applications are vetted by Family Bank and Kenya ICTBoard’s Grants Committee;4.Successful entrepreneurs are informed and invited to sign a loanagreement and Kenya ICT Board service level agreement;5.Successful entrepreneurs begin loan repayment after a grace period of three (3) months. The funds allocated to each entrepreneur will be repayable over a three(3) year period. These repayable funds received by the entrepreneurs canbe used to finance set-up costs and or upgrading of an existing facility.
Pasha Group One
A call for proposals was done on January 24th 2011. On the applicationdeadline of February 25th 2011 a total of 689 applications were received,with over 800 enquiries. Of the 689 applicants, 37 emerged as successful.A total of 47, 889, 147 was approved for disbursement.
Pasha Group Two
 The second call for applications was done in November 3rd 2011 andclosed in December 3rd 2011. A total of four hundred and fifty six (456)submitted a complete pasha on-line application, of which a total of 26emerged as successful.A total of KES 27,955,000 has been approved for disbursement.A total of KES 75,844,647.00 has been approved for disbursement forphase 1 & 2. A total of KES 53,762,739.00 has been disbursed to date-March 31 2013.Approved list for round one and two- appendix-1.
Key findings
 The program design envisaged to have all the minimum requirements aslisted above to enable the Pasha Centres to operate in optimally. Thisrequired formalisation of strategic partnerships between KICTB andselected service providers. During our review, we have classified thePasha Centres into 3 categories i.e. those that have the minimuminfrastructure as designed, those that have aspects of the minimuminfrastructure in place and those without any of the minimumrequirements in place.
Pasha Centre’s with all minimum requirements inplaceNonePasha Centre’s with aspects of the minimuminfrastructure in place59Pasha Centre’s without any of the minimumrequirements in place4
From the tabulation above, it is important to note that none of the currentPasha Centres have the full complement of the minimum requirement,while 93% are operating with some aspects of the minimum requirementswhich mainly include funding, equipment and bouquet of services while afew have attended self-sponsored management and technical training. The remaining Pasha Centres have not received any funding and as suchwere unable to pursue the achievement of the remaining requirements.Despite the numerous challenges most Pasha Centres are experiencing allCentres, expect 3 that have closed down, continue to run their enterprisesdespite the intense competition and challenging financial situations. Theentrepreneurs have shown admirable resilience and commitment to theDVP.
Monitoring and Evaluation Results
 The M&E results show that there are currently 63 Pasha Centres that havebeen approved to receive their approved loan amount.So far:
53- have requested and received all or some of their approved loanamount;
10- have not yet draw down any disbursement.However there are 3 Pasha Centres that are no longer operational withreasons including repossession of equipment by the financial institution

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