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Final Reflection

Final Reflection

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Published by Emilie Keller

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Published by: Emilie Keller on Apr 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Emilie Keller ENGL 1102-036Ms. RandApril 30
2013A Look-Back through the Semester A.
In my opinion English 1102 most resembles’ a talk show that has differentguests’ all discussing the same topic. The reason that I believe this is
 because we hadmany different projects, homework assignments, and daybook entries and almost all of the assignments had to deal with some form of conflict. Conflict was the major topicdiscussed in this course, and we always dealt with it in some way, whether it wasdiscussing conflicts, watching a movie about a conflict, or writing a paper about conflict.
This picture is just meant to depict a talk show, although Conan and Jay look like they’rearguing about something, who knows maybe they’re having confli
The ideas that I would try to emphasize the most if I was teaching this classwould be what we learned the first couple days: the difference between conflict and anargument. I believe that this was the most influential part of class because it really set thetone for the entire semester. Coming into this class I basically thought that a conflict wasthe same as an argument. I now know that conflict is on a much bigger scale and thatconflict is everywhere, always a part of life. If I were to teach this class I would startwith having a daybook entry asking the students to tell me about a time that they got in anintensive argument with someone, and then ask them to write about a conflict they had; Iwould do this before explaining the difference of the two to see how the stories aredifferent and if anyone grasps the concept of conflict versus arguments without needing itexplained. After this I would focus on conflict, just as Ms. Rand did. I think that she did avery good job in explaining conflict and providing examples on it. I would also showmovies like she did, and find interactive things online to further help my studentsunderstand.
Throughout the semester we always focused on conflict. At the start of the semester the type of conflict that we focused on was inner conflict. We were told to write a paper about a time that we had a conflict with someone, even if it was just as a little kid. The paper that I wrote was about my ex, who treated me like complete crap and made me loseall my friends. There was always a conflict in my life whenever he was around, so insteadof focusing on one specific argument that we had I focused on the relationship as awhole, and all the terrible things he did to me. In order to look at the inner conflict of other people we took a look at the movie,
The Truman Show
. This movie was a goodexample of inner conflict because Truman had to figure out how to do things for his self and how to break free of the world he thought he knew.For the second half of the semester we focused on conflict on a worldly basis. Themajor paper that we had to work on for this half of the semester was the inquiry paper.We were to choose a topic relating to conflict, mine being why teenagers at work were solazy, research it and write a lengthy paper on it. This was a rather easy assignment because we were not simply stating facts back to our reader, it was more of an interactive paper in which we had to put our own opinion about the topic in various places.In order to understand worldly conflict we did many activities and watched themovie
The Pursuit of Happiness
. This was a really good movie and showed the struggleof a working man, and how someone who has nothing can rise to have everything. Itreally made
me think about all the conflict in the world, whether it’s struggling to make
ends meet, or having your wife walk out on you. Another activity we did to emphasizeconflict was the interactive online game
in which we had to pretend like weredown to our last thousand dollars to see if we could make it through the month. This

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