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A Brief Essay on Dandelions

A Brief Essay on Dandelions

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Published by John Brandt
Life in the country
Life in the country

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Published by: John Brandt on Apr 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Brief Essay on DandelionsApril 30, 2013I love to mow in the spring. Acres of dandelions. Beautiful actually.
You can’t really harm them.Cut off their golden heads and they laugh at you. “Look for us in the morning, we’ll come back even stronger.”
They possess the ability to re-grow overnight.
My wife says we have a country lawn. That’s a polite way of saying ve
ry little of it is actual
grass. But when it’s mowed and you get down low and look, it ain’t bad.
 Critters in the grass? Yes, we have it all. I love the Garter snakes. (scientific name, Thamnophis)
They know you’re coming, but they wait. So you
sit there, like at a toll waiting for the Troll.Waiting for the Thamnophis, to get his or her butt out of the way.
Toads when they’re in full swing, which is right about now, only have one thing on
their minds.Having lady friends by the dozen. Sex in the outdoors does not bother them one bit. In fact, theywould rather get mowed to death than stop and get out of the way. There was a time when Icould relate completely.Most creatures are nocturnal. Like mosquitos. So I bought some Koi and put them in our pond.This works my friends. If you have a mosquito problem go out and buy a little kids swimming
 pool and put in some Koi. They can eat they’re weight in mosquito larvae. Which mosquitos are
all too happy to lay on the water for you.The internet is for foolish people who want to be spoon fed information that is about 98% false.What do I need to keep my Koi alive?Oh my God!I need thousands of dollars worth of filtration equipment. Pumps, purifiers, piping, hoses, andcounseling.Or my Koi will not live another day, and I will be solely responsible for their deaths.
I’ll be in
the Blotter.FALSE.
The truth is you can’t kill them. They’re like dandelions in this respect. Oh sure, you can blast
them with a shotgun. The only thing that freaks them out totally are Blue Herons walking aroundgiving them the eye.
They can almost be frozen solid in ice. Like Mastodon’s. Who said these fish are fragile?
 Everyone on the inte
rnet with fish supplies to sell, that’s who.

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