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Franz Siedler - Crimes against the Wehrmacht

Franz Siedler - Crimes against the Wehrmacht

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Published by romulus13
Crime impotriva Wehrmachtului, comise de sovietici si partizani. Lucrare esentiala pentru depoluarea mintilor imbacsite de propaganda invingatorilor. Frontul de est.
Crime impotriva Wehrmachtului, comise de sovietici si partizani. Lucrare esentiala pentru depoluarea mintilor imbacsite de propaganda invingatorilor. Frontul de est.

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Published by: romulus13 on May 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 (translated by C.W. Porter)[Note: I was paid to translate this about 5 or 6 years ago, but the operation went bust,one of the organizers went to jail, and the translation got lost.So here it is, warts and all. Those who wax indignant aboutGestapo "torture"can take a good look at what theSoviets were doing.Remember the book has photographs of all these things. -C.P.] Excerpts:Soviet Cannibalism in German POW camps(from the Wehrmacht War CrimesBureau - translated by C.W. Porter)
  The Anti-Wehrmacht Exhibition(translated by C.W. Porter) The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau(translated by C.W. Porter)"German Atrocities" Committed by Soviet Agents in German Uniforms(translated byC.W. Porter) Translator’s notes: There is no consistent equivalence between German and American or British army orAir Force ranks.In other books, the following terms are usually translated as follows:Gefreiter: Private First ClassFeldwebel: First SergeantUnterfeldwebel: SergeantHauptfeldwebel: Chief SergeantOberfeldwebel: Staff SergeantStabsfeldwebel: Sergeant MajorSchütze (Grenadier): Rifleman (Private)Oberschütze: Private 1st Class (or Chief Rifleman)Obergefreiter: Leading Aircraftsman (Luftwaffe)Unterfeldwebel: Staff Sergeant (Luftwaffe) The problem is that if you translate them into English and then back into German youvery often get the wrong ranks in German. There is some overlap. For this reason Ihave usually chosen to leave them in German.Other terms:Wehrmacht: Armed ForcesHeer: Land Forces
Armee: ArmyLuftwaffe: Air ForceOKW =High Command of the Armed Forcesetc.Rear Cover:Prof. Dr. Franz W. SeidlerFranz Seidler is a Professor of Modern History specializing in Social and MilitaryHistory at the University of the Bundeswehr [German Federal Armed Forces],Munich. Dr. Seidler’s principal field of research is the Second World War. Hisprincipal publications in book form deal with the personnel problems of theWehrmacht [Armed Forces], Wehrmachtgefolgen [Armed Forces Auxiliaries]Wehrmachthilferinnen, [Armed Forces Female Auxiliaries], the Organization Todt,and the Deutscher Volksturm [ad-hoc home defense units], as well as in problems of legal jurisdiction of the German Armed Forces and collaboration in German-occupiedterritories. The present volume is intended to provide a picture of the dangers facingevery German soldier from the Red Army’s conduct of partisan warfare in violation of international law, and the “thousand deaths” possibly suffered by the fathers andgrandfathers of those same persons who now wax indignant about the “crimes of theGerman Armed Forces”. The traveling exhibition known in German as Vernichtungskrieg.: Verbrechen derWehrmacht 1941 bis 1944” [“War of Extermination: Crimes of the Wehrmacht 1941–1944”, translated into English as “The German Army and Genocide: Crimes AgainstWar Prisoners, Jews and Other Civilians in the East, 1939
1944” or simply, “TheCrimes of the German Army”, and referred to below as the “Anti-WehrmachtExhibition”] -- is simply an exercise in propaganda. It states no historical facts andprovides no precise factual data or details. The present book, however, the first of twovolumes, provides full documentation of than 300 Soviet war crimes committed in1941
1942, accompanied by exact descriptions, many of them proven in detail byeyewitness statements and horrifying photographic evidence. This shocking volumewas made possible by a systematic study of the archives of the incorruptible, entirelyobjective,
Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau
[“Wehrmacht Untersuchungstelle”], whichinvestigated 8,000 war crimes. Even Goebbels’ propaganda ministry was compelled tokeep silent about these atrocities for fear of their possible effects on the morale of thedomestic front. Only now is the full truth of the matter revealed.
Horrifyingmutilations, including deliberate blindings, rapes, inconceivable tortures, sadism;massacres of wounded men in hospitals, cold-blooded slaughter - evencannibalism practiced [by the Soviets] on [the bodies of] German soldiers – allproven in abundant detail.
The photographs – more than 100 of them – are enough
to make the reader’s blood run cold. The book is a shocking indictment of an armywhich committed truly shocking, and unpunished, war crimes – Stalin’s Red Army.Initial Press Reactions:
The scalding of hands during interrogation, fatal bayonet wounds in the backsof bound and helpless prisoners, members of the Wehrmacht, even cannibalism all the horrors of a hate-filled
as proven by testimony andmedical evidence”.
 FOCUS 50/1997.“This unique book written in refutation of the Anti-Wehrmacht Exhibition should beowned by every soldier, young and old.”Zeitschrift Kamaraden (Abeitsgemeinschaft fur Kamaradenwerke und Traditionsverbände e.V.) [Association for Comradeship and Tradition]“At long last, running counter to the spirit of the times, an historian refutes the Anti-Wehrmacht Exhibition by means of solid documentation.” WELT AM SONNTAG 9/98“This material is absolutely reliable, I can assure youthe documentation is badlyneeded and is to be welcomed.” Prof. Dr. Alfred M. de Zayas (quoted in FOCUS)“This book, better than any defense brief, will prove itself the most effective weaponagainst the libelous ‘Anti-Werhmacht Exhibition’.” Dr. Alfred Mechtersheimer, Frieden 2000 (Friedenskomitee 2000 [Peace Committee2000]
Kill the German wherever you find him. Beat him on the street, in the house, blowhim up with grenades, stick bayonets in him, pitch forks, cut in half with axes, impalehim, cut him up with knives, hit, however you can, but kill! Kill him, and you rescueyour life and that of your family. Kill him and you rescue your homeland, your people.Everywhere you must kill the beast! When he stops to sleep – tear to pieces thesleeping one. If he goes into the forest – there he will find death. If he is on the road, amine should tear him to pieces. If he travels by train – let the train be derailed. Crush,split, stab him in the forest, on the field, on the street, destroy him everywhere

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