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Forgetting James, Remembering Hayley

Forgetting James, Remembering Hayley

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Published by alveeyang
In the past, Hayley Evans have been pining over popular James McKree her whole life. And when James had been showing much interest for her, things just get better and worse- making her wish she had never met him.

In an unlikely circumstance in the present day Paris, James and Hayley have met once again. Only that Hayley doesn't know who he is and James will do anything to make her fall in love with him again.
In the past, Hayley Evans have been pining over popular James McKree her whole life. And when James had been showing much interest for her, things just get better and worse- making her wish she had never met him.

In an unlikely circumstance in the present day Paris, James and Hayley have met once again. Only that Hayley doesn't know who he is and James will do anything to make her fall in love with him again.

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Published by: alveeyang on May 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Forgetting James, Remembering Hayley
  At some point in our lives, there are things that make us want to forget certain
of things. Theycan be the bad memories or perhaps they are the happiest ones that are too painful to remember.
In my story, she is my happy memory and although I became a part of hers, it‟s miserable to think
that I was a part of her bad memories too. Because in this story, she blocked me out. The girl I lovenever ran into an accident, never had any cases of amnesia, it can be some playful trick of nature or a spell I cannot break, but she badly
to erase all of my remnants from her brain. In hers she
doesn‟t know any James, nor even met him, nor even loved him. I was nothing but a stranger.
  And even when I am now a stranger to her,
still to me, she isn‟t.
(IN THE PAST) Hayley
The probability of getting loved back by the person you have been pining over your whole life is afraction of one out of ten. It only happens very rarely, so rarely that it would most likely never happento me.
I‟ve sworn this to myself 
a thousand times making it sound like a habit, but in the end it never works.
Sitting here by the benches, what I can only pay attention to is the loud beating of my heart. I couldn‟t
hear everyone else that today the world around me appears like
a muted television show. Now it‟s
skipping a beat, one I cannot avoid when James McKree arrives with his blue mustang and parks itaround the corner. He went out of the car slightly brushing his mussed up hair, his striped red crewneck shirt, grey jeans and sneakers coming into full view. His eyes creased, disturbed by the sunlighthitting on his face. Then he turns his head around, looking at me for a nanosecond, or so I think he is.By this time, girls on the other side stopped staring at their reflections on their compact mirrors andhave already
followed James‟ every
move. He pulled out his bag and started walking to his group of friends adjacent to his mustang. And there he goes, not knowing how wonderful he is to me.***
“You can‟t go on like this forever, Hayle.” Mindy adviced as she shoved a mouthful of cheeseburg
er inher mouth.
“Can‟t go on what?” I wondered as if I do not know what she‟s been always talking about.
“James.” She said, shooting me a wicked look.
“Right. I won‟t.
I promise
. It‟s not like he‟s someone hard enough to forget anyway.” I explained, tryin
gto make her believe.
“Like he isn‟t! You‟ve been in love with that guy since fifth grade Hayle! Fifth grade!” Her voice raising,
her eyes looking bigger, but as my best friend she still looks hilarious enough for me to listen to.
“Not a big deal, at least not since kindergarten. That‟
d be worse,
don‟t you think?” I replied
with asmile, making the argument valid.
Losing to our little dispute in the cafeteria, Mindy chose to stay silent and decided to gobble up thefood in her tray. As I finished eating, settling on some unfinished homework, too intent in reading hadI realized as I try to look up with my spectacles, that James is staring back at me. And for a second Ithought it was just some illusion, but not until he gave off a smile.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
For most people, there
such a thing as “Guys on the football team cannot date unpopular girls”
. Butto me, it is nonexistent. I do not believe in a statement only made up or implanted by the minds of mypeers. N
o matter how hard I care less of it, did my friends think it wasn‟t right.
At the end of the day, I
had to do things called “I had to”.
Deep thoughts like these burst out when I catch myself gazing at Hayley Evans. Staring at her- her nose in a book, her spectacles framing her face, her hazel brown hair falling off at the side of her cheek. Then she brushes her hair off onto her left ear and I can already see her face even from afar.Only now did I notice that I was already staring at her for a long period of time when she looked back
at me looking intimidated, and I trying to balance it out by pulling off a smile. But she didn‟t mind and
returned herself to what she was doing.The team were in my table with a couple of girls bursting out of laughter. They were trying to catch my
attention, but today I‟ll break the ice and condescendingly give off a shrug or react very minimally to
the foolish things they
‟re trying to do. I looked at them, trying to laugh a little as if what they‟re saying
even matters. However,
from time to time I‟d look at her again and by now Hayley had started to
stand up and as soon as she grabbed her books, left the cafeteria as the bell finally rang.Literature is my next class for the day and I remember very well it was the only class she and I are intogether.
It is never too late
, the voice at the back of my head saying.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
“For the final term project, I will group you guys into pairs.” I do not like the sense of this one. Having
a pair only meant two things- you either get teamed up with the worst person or the most popular one
in the class. Either way, they possibly won‟t ev
en help you out in any of it. No group efforts, just anendeavour of one. Mr. Dansky is now walking around the room with his paunchy tummy, as if everyone is to be interrogated in the next few hours. He puts on his glasses and steps in front of theclass.
“This research paper will have a little plot twist. You will choose your own book or novel, discuss it
with your partner and
write an entire 5 to 10 pages of essay. Pour your heart into it and devour!”
Raising his hands in the air, Mr. Dansky almost looked too enthusiastic and excited that there was anawkward, uncomfortable silence that followed
. He wasn‟t probably the best teacher, not much of my
favorite but I love the subject in any way. He started reading names of pairs, in peculiar sets. Peopleyou wo
uldn‟t even expect gets to work together in a certain project. I wasn‟t paying too muchattention, thinking I‟ll
have to do it all alone if the person who gets picked to be with me is someone
who apparently isn‟t willing to help me work it out. But I have
a plot twist of my own.
“Ms. Evans, you will work with Mr. McKree.” I had almost forgotten that James and I are in Literaturetogether. Mr. Dansky must‟ve been kidding or just pr 
obably misread the class list but
he isn‟
t, he was
sure of it. And at the moment, people are starting to look at me with a tiny bit of disgust, or for somegirls- envy.
My head starts pounding and I tried not to look at James‟ direction. I tried not to mind or should I say,
tried not to
like I didn‟t mind at all.
He started looking at my direction too but only for a fewseconds and then went back on to listen to Mr. Dansky. Of course, how could he even care? I am
nothing compared to his football team and girls who flock around him everyday. I wasn‟t able to hear 
the next discussion, that as the bell rang I looked disturbingly discomfited. Stood fast, pulled my bagand walked straight out the door when James has been leaning beside the doorway and surprised thehell out of me.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hayley looks nervous as I am, only that I didn‟t try to make it too obvious. She seems to be surprised
as she accidentally dropped her books when she saw me waiting for her in the doorway. I helped her out instantly and had the nerve to start the conversation.
“So what do you like to read?” I asked, sounding rough. Maybe I gave off the wrong question.
“Uh, a lot actually.” She replied as we started walking in
to the corridors, not looking at me straight inthe eyes.There was a long pause that bothered both of us. Although in that few intervals I just had to look ather.
“Hayley,” I uttered her name and she slightly tilted her head to my direction. “maybe, we
can talk
about this research paper after school, uh you know at the diner. I can drive us there if you want.”
 And we slowly stopped, blocking a few people.
“Uh sure. Not a problem. I‟ve got Algebra after this, would it be fine if, you know you wait a little bit?”Now she looked at me, her blue eyes piercing to mine. She looked like she‟s catching a train in a few
minutes and had to walk really fast. But her lips painted a little smile, and I stared at it.
“Sure, I can wait.” I stood there inanimate as she
started walking straight towards her last class. I
can‟t take my
eyes off of her. When she reached the door to Algebra, she had to smile at me one lasttime before entering.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The statistical probability of being paired with the person you have fallen head over heels with for forever is a fraction of one out of ten. Luckily, I was that person. Still I could not believe we were eventogether for a research paper, as well as asking me out to talk about it with him in the diner. Most of the time, I block everything out when Algebra starts, trying to focus my hardest to understand eachformula, each numbers crawling in the board, but today was a lot different. My mind was flying aroundthe room and when my thoughts hit the ceiling or the window, they wake me back up to reality. Algebra has ended and I went to the comfort room to fix myself up a little bit before meeting Jamesoutside. I am itching to tell Mindy the great revelation that has befallen her best friend, but it can wait. As I was done, I started walking my way outside the parking lot. I removed my spectacles and put it inmy bag. There were people in groups that usually hang out in there, the sun was still up painting thesky an orange with a slight dash of pink. The football team and plenty of other girls were boisterouslylaughing
as usual and I slowly went to James‟ direction, hesitant that he wasn‟t there to be found. He

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