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narcotic and terrorism in afghanistan

narcotic and terrorism in afghanistan

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Published by R.A.
This is a brief look to relation between narcotic and terrorism in afghanistan.
This is a brief look to relation between narcotic and terrorism in afghanistan.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: R.A. on Apr 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Narco-terrorism in Afghanistan, a warning!
The relation between narcotic and terrorism is generally accepted. It is supposedthat narcotics and drugs financially support terrorism. At the same time, terrorismand narcotics (especially cultivating of poppy) are two major problem of Afghanistan. Although evidences show that there is close relation betweennarcotic and terrorism and insurgency groups (Taliban), but the narcotic problemseems complicated in Afghanistan. There are different groups of people whocultivate poppy so different solutions should be held simultaneously. Therefore,the solution for eradication of poppy should be comprehensive and different. ThusI suggest some Social and Economical solutions as well as maintaining present policies and strategies for it.In Afghanistan different category of people cultivate poppy. We can classify themin three major groups:
Terrorists and Taliban:
In some insecure provinces Taliban cultivate poppydirectly or they exploit from poppy cultivation by others. They usually increase thelevel of their attacks in order to make the situation more insecure for gatheringtheir harvest. We can see the relation of narcotics with Taliban and their Terroristsupporters in provinces that insecurity and narcotic exist to gather, like Helmand province. Also in other provinces that poppy cultivation is more common, theinsecurity and Taliban’s operation is more common as well. It clearly shows thetight relation between narcotic and terrorism.
Warlords, drug dealers and smugglers:
Because of insecurity, administrativecorruption and three decades of war, a mafia of narcotic and illicit trade on it has been formed in Afghanistan in last years. These groups are a serious threat for 
Afghanistan’s peace and stability and some how for worlds security and stability.These groups similar to terrorists and Taliban are enemies of peace, rule of lawand development in Afghanistan. Because they can take benefits extremely frominsecure situation so they provoke every threats of security in order to do their dealing. They have relation with Taliban and they fight with police and NationalArmy so often.
Poor farmers:
This group has a high dependency to poppy cultivation. Becauseof war, drought and backwardness in agriculture aspects, lots of poor farmer aredesperate to cultivate poppy. So, they have the only choice to do so. They haveexpectation from government to support them and provide the possibilities of cultivating other necessary crop, for instance, they need reformed seeds of plants,water and marketing facilities for their products. They ask for alternative crops inorder to abandon poppy cultivation.As mentioned above, the solution for eradication of poppy should becomprehensive and multi aspectual. The present solution that Afghanistan’sgovernment has relied on is fighting against cultivating of poppy, destroying itsfarms and expanding rule of law. This is good and important solution but it is notalways practical and useful. In some places even it can cause insurgency or at leastraises the dissatisfaction of people from government. In addition the governmenthas not the capacity to eradicate it from everywhere, therefore peoples cooperationis a strong necessity. Two other solutions are social and economical solution.Economic solution is included of helping farmers economically. It means thatalternative crop should be replaced instead of poppy. It also means that other facilities should be provided for farmers including rebuilding of agricultureinfrastructures and grant marketing for their products. The positive point of thissolution is that we can attract peoples cooperation, something that is veryimportant in present situation. It is important to take it into consideration that
alternative crops and ways of attracting people’s cooperation differs from one place to other. Therefore several research and communications with people isnecessary.Social solution means that we rely on social powers in this campaign. If we payattention to Afghanistan’s sociology, we can find that still there are tribes andethnic groups. Still chief of tribes, scholars, elders of ethnic groups and even insome places feudal have important role in Afghanistan. No plan for removingnarcotics can be successful, without their cooperation. Therefore it is necessary tothink about ways to attract their cooperation. Jirga or local councils are a sampleof gathering of these kinds of people. Government can submit authority to thesecouncils and encourage them to ban poppy cultivation. This doesn’t mean thatgovernment should make the central government weak by empowering of severallocal powers but as a matter of fact they are very strong and parts of Afghanistan’sfacts and customary law. It means that use them in way of peace and development.A sample of there decision is in southern province of Afghanistan, Paktia. Jirga of elders and scholars banned cooperating with Taliban and assigned a strict sanctionfor breaking of this decision that was setting on fire the wrongdoer’s dwelling. Theresult of that was a rapid reduction in cooperating with Taliban. It shows that howimportant role those people have in Afghanistan. The positive result of thissolution is that we can make a people coalition against narcotic and when we will be able to make this coalition, we can talk about coalition against terrorism. Thiscoalition can be the most effective weapon in destroying and removing of Terrorists.In conclusion, narcotic and terrorism is the two most serious problems of Afghanistan that threats peace and development in country. These two problemsare related to each other and present solutions and strategies are not successful tocounter both problem. This failure is mostly because of not paying attention todifferent categories of people who are involved in these activities. According to

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