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Content Analysis in Communication Research

Content Analysis in Communication Research

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Published by amitmzu

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: amitmzu on Apr 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Content analysis in communication research
*Dr Amit k Singh**Mili Singh
Study of communication as subject is new in comparison to othersubject of social sciences and natural sciences. The study of communication is generally branched under social sciences. Sothe methods of communication research are adopted from socialresearch. Communications research undertakes the scientificstudy of communication process. It is objective, deterministic andparsimonious. The study of communication is multidisciplinary soits research method can be also adopted from behavioral science,natural science and management keeping its root with socialsciences. Media is emerging as industry and its products areavailable with the price tag attached with them and its audienceas market leading to the use of market research methods formedia studies. In short communication research adopted itsmethods from various disciplines.
Areas of communication research
- communication researchdeals with the study of communication process so it workingareas are “the elements of communication process”.
Sender /communicator /source research
Message /text research
Channel/media research4.Receiver/ audience research5.Effect Research The above macro elements of communication process provide thewide area for research. These macro elements are analyzed inmicro elements which provide selected field for communicationstudies. Berlo’s SMCR model analyzed these macro element inmicro elements.
1. Source/communicator research
- source has been analyzedas
a)Communication skillb)Attitudec)Knowledged)Social systeme)Culture To understand the nature of particular communicator these microelements can provide the area of study to the communicationresearcher. For example if the research look for the essentialcharacteristics of good reporter, editor or other media personnelhe can study these above elements. Also other characteristicssuch as credibility, expertise, intent and attractiveness can alsobe judged. Yale communication research group of USA Hovland andWeiss conducted an experiment in which they presented anidentical communication to two groups. But the message wasattributed to high and low credibilility sources. It was consideredto be more biased and unfair when it was attributed to lowcredibility source. The high credibility source has greaterimmediate effect on opinion of the audience than low credibilitysource.
Message M is tagged with low
credibility source
as M
Message M is tagged with high
credibility source as M
 Thus the same message attributed to different credibility sourceproduce different reactions.
2. Message /content /text research-
message is analyzed asa)Elementb)Structurec)Contentd)Treatmente)CodeMessage is most important element which has the above microelement which provides the basic field for research work.
3. Channel/media research
- though SMCR has analyzed thechannel having following microelements:-a)Seeingb)Hearingc)Touchingd)Smellinge)TastingBased on the reception patterns of above senses media is dividedinto visual, audio and audio-visual. These media are the field of investigation and their effectiveness for particular campaign.
4. Receiver / audience research
-This micro element of communication is studied maximum for market purpose.Advertisers are manufactures find their prospective customer of their product out of media audience so they encourage and fundthe audience research. Receiver perceives the message send bythe source using the following microelements.

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