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Fluid Dynamics Brochure

Fluid Dynamics Brochure

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: PANNERSELVAM on May 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fluid Dynamics
Realize Your Product Promise
Fluid DynamicsRealize Your Product Promise
Fluid dynamics plays a critical role in many of 
the products that we encounter every day — fromobvious applications such as water treatmentsystems and auto and aircraft aerodynamicsto boundary-pushing usage in developingOlympic swimsuits, America’s Cup racing yachts,eco-friendly skyscraper HVAC systems, newplastic and glass materials, high-speed rollercoasters, and leading-edge medical therapies.
Behind the scenes, uid dynamics is involved
in the design and manufacture of hundreds oconsumer, industrial and defense products. In
any application that involves gas ow, liquid owor heat transfer, uid dynamics analysis can helpdeliver innovation and greater eciency.
As products and processes have become more
complex, so too have your uid dynamics
problems: complex moving parts that needtransient analysis (such as pistons and valves),phase changes caused by heating or cooling
liquids (for example, boilers and warmers) andmultiphysics phenomena such as uid−structure
interaction (oil rig and airfoil design).Engineering simulation software — whichenables product design and analysis in a virtual
environment — has revolutionized uid dynamics
by automating the solution, even for problemsthat are numerically large. By identifying
physical forces and ow characteristics that
are sometimes impossible to measure or gain
insight into, CFD solutions from ANSYS can
help your company dramatically improve time
to market, slash development costs and fulll
your critical product promises — minimizingwarranty expenses and driving higher customersatisfaction.
ANSYS: Your Trusted Partner forIndustry-Leading CFD Solutions
ANSYS brings together two of the most respected
names in uid dynamics simulation — Fluent®and CFX® — to expertly address your CFD needs
with industry-leading technology depth andbreadth. Backed by reliable technology that
has been veried by academic and independent
researchers, technology partners, and amultitude of customers both large and small, oursolutions are the tools of choice for innovativeproduct development organizations around theworld, in virtually every industry.
The simultaneous pursuit of CFD speed and
accuracy can seem next to impossible, andmaybe you think you have to choose one overthe other. But our software incorporates both
America’s Cup sailing teams have become top-shelf CFD
users, pushing the technology envelope. Just a decadeago, experiments using wind tunnels and towing tankswere industry standard. Computer analysis has thepotential to include some of the most complex physics
eects possible, requiring analysis of hundreds of millions of cells. When ANSYS broke the 1 billion cell
barrier, we set the stage for addressing simulation of full systems and multifaceted subsystems.
With the industry’s deepest and broadest uid dynamics capabilities, ANSYS helpsyou ensure a steady stream of product and process innovation.
    C   o   u   r   t   e   s   y    I   g   n   a   z    i   o    M   a   r    i   a    V    i   o    l   a .
capabilities — and without compromise. Byreducing the overall time to a reliable solution,
ANSYS uid dynamics software empowers you
to do more in less time with fewer resourcesthan ever before. The reliable solution gives you
the condence to predict that your products will
thrive, as designed, in the real world.With ANSYS engineering simulation, you can
take product failure o your agenda, along withits consequences: prot loss, repair costs, xed
and variable operating costs from downtime,and myriad other expenditures that reverberatethroughout the business. The damage can be
measured in lost prots — millions per year —
as well as in reputation, enough to send acompany to bankruptcy.At the same time, you can build in productinnovation and success, since our accurate,
ecient tools leave more time for exploring
design alternatives and optimizing features. You
can leverage our best-in-class CFD technologiesto condently predict the real-world performanceof your products and processes — and fulll your
most important customer promises.
Engineers apply ANSYS CFD to optimize low-NOx
burners for power generation, resulting in good
ame quality and excellent run length with minimal
downtime — not to mention reduced greenhouse gases.
“We use ANSYS software because we need to speed up our development process for new products by speeding up all phases of design. With simulationwe can investigate inside our products virtually, not  physically, and look at detail that would be impossible
to evaluate otherwise. We can improve the eciency 
of our products by investigating small changes in parameters and spend less time than we would forcreating a real prototype and testing.” 
Matteo Cipelli
Advanced Engineering COE ManagerLowara SrlThe engineering challenges that Terrafugia had
to overcome in designing its innovative Transition®“ying car” were formidable. ANSYS CFD helpedthe team to conduct virtual airow and wing stall
speed tests, critical in advancing the project toproduction prototype with a high degree of 
condence in the design.Robust CFD tools are
especially critical whentesting is limited. Indesigning mixers foruse in converting nuclearradioactive waste intostorable materials,Bechtel Nationalengineers needed
sucient condencethat their uid ow
model would providepass–fail judgments.Our software enabledthem to accuratelypredict just that.
    C   o   u   r   t   e   s   y    J   o    h   n    Z    i   n    k    C   o   m   p   a   n   y .

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