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Ajhizat Dawlat Khilafah - Eng

Ajhizat Dawlat Khilafah - Eng

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Published by lisanhaq

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Published by: lisanhaq on Apr 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The following has to be executed on this file before endorsed:1.readability,2.unify Arabic text format and size.3.unify English text format and size.4.point to main Arabic terms in italics.5.Correct locations of green colour.am
K State Organisations(In ruling and administration)This book is issued and adoptedBy 000000It nullifies anything that disagrees with itKhilafah State organisations(In ruling and administration)
First Edition1426 H – 2005 BCDar ul-UmmahFor printing, publication and distributionPost Office 135190Beirut – Lebanon
Book ContentsForwardIntroductionKhilafah state organisations (in ruling and administration)Firstly: The Khaleefah
The titleThe Khaleefah conditionsThe contracting conditionsThe preference conditionsThe method of Khaleefah appointmentPractical measures of Khaleefah appointment and bay’ahThe provisional KhaleefahThe nominees’ shortlistThe method of bay’ahThe Khilafah unityThe Khaleefah mandatory powersThe Khaleefah is restricted with sharee’ah rules regarding adoption (enacting of laws)The Khilafah state is a human rather than being a theological stateThe presidency term of the KhaleefahThe dismissal of KhaleefahThe time limit for appointment of Khaleefah
Secondly: The delegated assistants (mu’awin ut-tafweed)
The conditions of delegated assistantsThe mandatory powers of the delegated assistantsThe appointment and dismissal of the delegated assistants
Thirdly: The executing assistants (mu’awin ut-tanfeedh)Fourthly: The governors (wulah)
The Khaleefah must examine the activities of the governors
Firstly: The armySecondly: The internal securityThirdly: The industryFourthly: The international relations
Fifthly: Amir of Jihad – War department (The army)
The army divisionsThe Khaleefah is the army leader 
Sixthly: The internal security
The functions of the internal security
Seventhly: The foreign affairsEighthly: The industryNinthly: The judiciary
The types of judgesThe conditions of the judgesThe appointment of the judgesThe judges’ means of livingThe formations of the tribunalsAl-muhtasibThe mandatory powers of al-muhtasibThe judge of al-mathalimThe appointment and dismissal of the judges of al-mathalimThe mandatory powers of the judges of al-mathalimThe contracts, transactions and courts verdicts before the Khilafah establishment
Tenthly: The administration system (the people’s affairs)
The administration system is a style of management rather than being rulingThe policy of the affairs managementThose entitled to work in the administration system
Eleventh: Bait ul-mal (the state treasury)Twelfth: I’lam (the information)
The authorization of media meansThe information policy of the state
Thirteenth: The ummah’s council (shura and taking to task)
The right of shuraThe duty of taking to task The election of the members of the ummah’s councilThe method of the ummah’s council electionThe membership in the ummah’s councilThe term of membership in the ummah’s councilThe mandatory powers of the ummah’s councilThe right of expression and voicing an opinion without an impediment
The flags and bannersThe anthem of the Khilafah state3

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