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Rising 09 Brochure

Rising 09 Brochure

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Published by uuplanet
Channing Memorial Church 2009 Capital Campaign "Rising to the Challenge"
Channing Memorial Church 2009 Capital Campaign "Rising to the Challenge"

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Published by: uuplanet on Apr 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Untaan cngegatn nNewt was st ganze n1835. Channng Memal Chuch,esgne b the achtectsElbge Ben an Sn anbult n 1881, s name  WllamElle Channng, une  the Untaan ath n Ameca.The Chuch’s hansme 130-t steele, hgh at HstcHll, has been ne  Newt’smst mnent an stnctvelanmaks eve snce.The men st  thscngegatn s ne  challengesace an achevements wthcelebatng. An n ts latestchate s a equest  hel.The sace sace  ths sel-sustanng cngegatn nNewt has been a suce  nsatn an a catalst  acang cmmunt’s gatheng,wsh an enewal. Nw thesace tsel s n nee  tme-senstve enewal an ea.
“Belevng that the tueexessn  u elgn sthe wa we lve u lves – we,the membes an ens  Channng Memal Chuch,cmmt t use u vesegts n shae mnst as acatalst …Stewash  u hstc sace saces…”Fm the Channng MemalChuch Vsn Statement, 2007
We accept the responsibilityto be good stewards of ourhistoric sanctuary and aregrateful for the extraordinarysupport already received.
pht: Matthew Chenwww.chenhtgah.cmpht: Je Malse
in 1997, uneune an wthuta essnal mnste, membesembace the cncet  shangesnsblt  the wn mnst,then ece ts la-le mnstcul be even stnge n atneshwth a ull-tme, st-class es-snal mnste.Ate tw eas  ntem mnst,the cngegatn calle rev. AmBwen Feeman n 2000. She hasle Channng’s ath cmmunt wthwamth, ntellect, an essnalsm,assstng membes n a geate aneee exlatn  nvual s-tualtes an ath. Aveage weeklattenance has sen at chuch, ann seveal Sunas a ea, rev. Am“las t a ull huse”: That’s sme-thng t celebate.Snce 1996, ttal uns lege the chuch’s eatng buget havencease b me than 400%.The chuch has been able t nceasethe hus  the dect  relgusEucatn, an t exan ts engst nclue actve Cmng  Age anoWLS (the “u whle lves” humansexualt) gams.
A DecADe of A community’s chAllengesAnD cAuses for celebrAtion
Channng Memal Chuch has cme a lng wa n the last ecae. The esulthas been a vbant an gwng chuch cmmunt that’s a beacn  lbealelgus thught n Newt an suunng twns.in 2001, seus cacks weescvee n the chuch steele.Stes wee taken t temalshe u the stuctue.Athu Baws, a en  thecngegatn, mae a natn clse t $100,000 t hel eathe steele.in 2004, engneeng analssncate the steele neee eab the en  the ecae.in 2006/7, the Channng cngegatnengage n the yea  decsn,an vte t sta n tsesent bulngs.in 2007/8, a Stategc plan wasate, nclung a gal #4 thatstates: “pve g stewash u et: We wll este anmantan u bulngs an gunst a cntn that wll best acltatethe mnst an ellwsh gals  the cngegatn.”B late 2008, thugh the genest unatns an cmmtte wkb membes, the cngegatn hamae geat stes n estng theSanctua nte, ntabl the chwen f an seveal hstcan beautul stane glass wnws.The ngng estatn  theSanctua alea ves geateexsue  ths Newt achtectualgem. it s a estnatn ste vsts an a sace nceasngl neman  wengs an theaea events. The cngegatnembaces nclusvt an welcmesvese gus nt ts saces aseesentatve  the values whch the chuch stans.in 2008/9, a Maste plan s bengevele t ceate a vsn  thebest use  Channng’s camus.in the last 10 eas, exstng gamshave taken  an new ntatves havebeen geneate, nclung:A bust scal justce gamAn nnvatve, nclusve caegvnggamAn engagng Small Gu MnstEmbace  “WelcmngCngegatn” statusintatn  “Ht Tcs”cnvesatnsFcus n clmate change thugh“Geen Cngegatn” stuan actnincease  uteach n cmmuntscal an ltcal actvtesGeate nvlvement b chuchcmmunt n leaesh,cnatn, an ambtusevelment lans.
These many successesare worth celebrating!
relevAnt history leADing up tothe 2009 cApitAl cAmpAign

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