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COMMent Volume 2, Issue 6

COMMent Volume 2, Issue 6

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Published by Kyrie Perry
May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013

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Published by: Kyrie Perry on May 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Social Media &Boston Bombings
From the President’s Desk
    e    n     t
MAY 2013 Volume 2, Issue 6
Helpful tips formedia hits
Freshman year is denitely an adjustment or all o us. It’s a time wherewe truly leave our parents, explore new spaces, make new riends, andreally push our limits.One dening aspect o my reshman year was getting involved withPRSSA. During my Intro to Mass Media class I got an opportunity to touchupon what public relations was. I was really interested in it and throughexploring it deeper I ound PRSSA. It is still a moment I will never orget.I was walking to the room where my riend said PRSSA holds all o it’s meetings, and I walk in and there were no guys. It was 24 girls in aroom whom were mostly upperclassmen. Ater one meeting, I was sointimidated by not seeing too many reshman at all I wasn’t sure i PRSSAwas or me.I took a look around, and all I saw were hard working, motivated peoplepassionate about public relations. I saw people who were the trueessence o being a workhorse. They were the kind o people that youknew were going to be successul in whatever they set their mind to.Ater really seeing what I was going to be joining, I gured I would giveit a shot.Meeting ater meeting, I started to really get involved in the club. Throughthis involvement, I got opportunities that I can easily say a lot o reshmenhave not gotten. I got to go to L.A. or 12 days to do a class and rmtours, I got to go to Boston to visit rms, and I got an opportunity to helpMC and put together the 6th Annual PRSSA Gala. Moreover, PRSSA hasallowed me to get to know some incredible people. From an extremelyhard working e-board to members that show great participation, theact is they all led by example.I guess it’s true when they say, surround yoursel with people better soyou yoursel can become better as well. They were able to raise my levelin school and in club participation because I didn’t want them thinkingI was a reshman that couldn’t hold my weight. The inuence o PRSSAgoes deeps into the roots o the events I got to participate in and peopleI got to meet. There is no question: PRSSA will be a big part o my collegecareer here at RWU. The opportunities that lie within this club seemendless. From Bateman, to Jolly Roger, to e-board positions, and theopportunity to meet incredibly smart and driven people; PRSSA gave meexperiences I could never have imagined mysel having.
Clayton Durant_COMMunicator
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From A Freshman’s Point of View
Balancing class projects, work-study jobs, a social lie and a goodnight’s sleep can be a demanding task to ask o a public relationsintern. Spending hours during the week in agencies or in-housedepartments can be tough when working or no pay. Many PRinterns usually take charge creating and updating specialized medialists, monitoring clients in the news, clipping media hits and otheradministrative tasks but to really make your internship worthwhile,step out o your comort zone and ask or additional responsibilities.I you consider yoursel to be creative and a good writer, (crucial skills oraspiring PR pros!) ask to help with pitching story ideas. This semester,while learning how to pitch eectively by personalizing each emailor call to the writer and his/her audience, I learned the importance o reaching out to bloggers to speak about client products.According to a PR Daily study, consumers consider bloggers to betrustworthy brand advocates, especially the all-powerul mommybloggers. Many o these women ask or product samples so theycan truly understand the product and write an honest review. Moreoten than not, i the moms enjoy the sample and recommend it theirreaders, they will run giveaways, which is benecial or her blog andthe PR team. The blog gets more recognition through increased socialmedia shares and the PR pros reap the benets o increased brandengagement. And that's what public relations is all about, right?Fostering mutually benecial relationships.At my current internship, I’m able to pitch newsworthy ideas to eco-riendly and mom bloggers.
Use these three tips to increase yourchances of getting a media hit:- Actually read the blog! Know what each blogger likes to writeabout and know their audience- Be newsworthy! You’re more likely to get a hit if your pitch is ontrend- Provide a call-to-action! Make sure you tell the blogger whatyou want them to do
Looking or more responsibility will impress your internship advisorsand better yet, i your attempts at getting client coverage are ruitul,you can add an impressive line to your resume! Happy interning!
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Elizabeth Monahan_COMMunicator
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