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COMMent - Volume 2, Issue 4

COMMent - Volume 2, Issue 4

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Published by Kyrie Perry
March 1, 2013
March 1, 2013

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Published by: Kyrie Perry on May 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Studying abroad is the experience of a lifetime and it ends up teaching you a lot about yourself and the world around you. But what else can studying abroad teach you other than a few words indi
erent languages and an a
nity for foreign beer? Studying abroad can help students build fun-damental skills that will help them become better professionals. Studying abroad can teach you to:
Communicate E
 There were cities I visited where I didn’t know a single word of the language. Equipped with nothingbut our pocket language guides, my friends and I had to
nd the best way to ask for directions. Weended up
nding some cool opportunities, all because we took the time to
gure out how to com-municate with people.Public relations is about knowing the best way to reach your target publics. Studying abroad cangive you experience in learning to shape your messages and re
ne your body language to e
ec-tively communicate. Plus, language experience on your resume is a huge bonus!
Step outside your comfort zone-
 Things in a foreign country will be di
erent, that’s half the fun of going abroad! Maybe the peopleare overly friendly, or you
nd out it cost 15 euro to sit and drink your co
ee like you do at home. At
rst, these di
erences may seem nerve wracking, but adapting to the new way of life is part of theprocess.Learning to gracefully deal with change and embrace new situations early in life will put you aheadof colleagues. It shows future employers that you are comfortable in new environments and caninteract with a diverse set of people.
Be Con
Leaving home to live in a foreign country is a huge chance. Its going to be scary, but its also goingto be awesome. Sure, you may be terri
ed of heights, but jumping o
that cli
and conquering yourfear will be epic.Life is about choices. Learn to take a chance on yourself. Studying abroad can leave you with a con-
dence in your abilities that will impress future employers.
How Studying AbroadCan Make You a BetterCommunicationsProfessional
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Kassandra Ricci_COMMunicator
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Kathryn McTeague_COMMunicator
At this year’s National Conference in San Francisco, Iattended a presentation which resonated well withboth myself and the other attending PRSSA members."Brand You" was presented by Matt Prince, who acts asthe Social Media Manager at Disneyland Resort. Themain idea of his presentation was that you are the mostimportant client you will ever have in your life. Individu-als are becoming more like companies and companiesare becoming more like individuals. Your personalbrand is your name, image, online identity, reputation,and network.
Find Yourself.
 Create a road map with a mission state-ment, objectives and goals and actually write it out.Have a S.W.O.T. analysis and follow the map.
Make an Impression.
 Live everyday like you are on a
rst date because on a
rst date, you are always pre-senting the best version of yourself to others. Have abranding tool kit consisting of an elevator pitch, per-sonal website, blog, social media presence, a resume,business cards, and breath mints. Mirror your version of success. Live like you are a kid again and be that imageof what you always envisioned. You are as good as thelast results of what Google brings up of your name. Begenuine and do not ever pressure yourself to do things.
Do Social Right. 
Social media is not a brand strategy:It is a tool. It is only a small part of what you do. Fouraspects of your personality are exempli
ed throughdi
erent social media sites. On LinkedIn, you are "theprofessional,” on Facebook you are "the person,” Twitterrepresents you as "the social networker," and your blogmakes you "the expert.”Prince shared his “ife ife rule” of posting information on-line, which states that if what you post is not at leasttwo of the following, do not post it: 
Interesting, funny,educational, impressive,
attering, embarrassing.
Make sure you are always picture perfect. Only havephotos posted of yourself that represent you in a posi-tive light. If someone is to look at any one of your pic-tures and determine that that is your personal brand,then make sure you are okay with that. Listen, reply,expand, leverage, and get out of the
rst inner circle of your community. Be narrow-minded, and by that he didnot mean close-minded. Being narrow-minded meansto follow the plan, follow your gut and play games.Prince used the metaphor of playing pool and chess.
When you play pool, you plan ahead.
 Professionalsdo not take one shot without thinking of the next steps.When you play chess, sometimes the right move is togo forward, other times it is to go back or to the side.
 Be a content creator.
By controlling your messages,you are creating that perfect vision of yourself. Contentis only king when you do it correctly. Be a storyteller.Prince had earlier told us about a time that his orange juice cap combusted in his car, made a loud “pop” andhit him in the head leading him to believe that he wasshot. He then re
ected back on that and explained thatwe will always remember that because it is a story.
Be remembered, keep it simple, and tell the truthbecause without trust, your brand will fail.Take it o
 Get out of the house and have conver-sations that last longer than 140 characters. Every greatcontact in the professional world was developed o
ine.Even if they may have started online, they strengthenthe most with face-to-face interaction. Online is justone-
fth of our personal brand.
Remember, social media is not a brand strategy, it isa tool.
Repetition, repetition, repetition is key. It takespeople seven times to hear something before theyknow what is going on. Be consistent with your brand.
Know your audience.
 Adapt without compromise:Who is your audience? No two resumes should be alike.You need to adapt your resume to the company you arelooking at. Do not forget to update your tool bag.
Most importantly, have fun and keep it up! The mo-ment you stop having fun, you'll need a new job.
“Brand You” 

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