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Affirmations for Creativity

Affirmations for Creativity

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Published by Immalight

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Published by: Immalight on May 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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***** Zodiac Affirmations *****
Aries: "I willingly shift gears into a more balancedexpression of my energy, with a greater understanding of the needs and viewpoints of others."Taurus:"I accept the fact that I have needs which maynot always be met immediatly. I know that this additionaltime is there to allow me further consideration which Iuse very well."Gemini:"I keep my mind flexible and open, knowing thatthis is the only way for me to learn. I allow others theright to the same mental options and do not need tocontrol them."Cancer:"I am open to the deeper resonances within me,knowing that they are vital aspects of my being. I allowmyself to integrate all of myself into wholeness."Leo: "I accept that I am always in the right place at theright time, knowing the correct thing to say. I am willingto play Divine Messenger."Virgo:"I permit myself to be guided towards new ways of thought and new means of expressing myself. I know that Ican embrace logic in many forms."Libra:"I accept that this is the right time for me toaccomplish a great deal in my life, to embrace the tidethat allows me to catch up on incomplete actions. The timeis now."Scorpio: "The truth of the beauty within me is nowallowed to express to the world around me. I know that thespecial delights within are meant to be shared."Sagittarius: "I open my heart to love, to romance, to theconnection to the Divine which my soul longs for. I acceptthe truth of Love, knowing that it is the great Healer."Capricorn: "Completion of important matters is secondnature to me, and I revel in knowing how much I am gettingdone. I finish what I start."Aquarius: "I attend to all matters pertaining to myaspirations, knowing that I overlook nothing and properlydeal with it all. 'Genius is in the details.'"Pisces: "I easily balance my needs with the needs of others, knowing that together we are all served. Theunity of oneness which we are is expressed now.""I understand the unity between us, knowing that I canget where I want to be with your help. I accept thatas we work together, all of our needs are met."

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