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All Paradigms are Dissolving.doc

All Paradigms are Dissolving.doc

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Published by Immalight
Human evolution
Human evolution

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Published by: Immalight on May 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All Paradigms are Dissolving: The Example of Money
Dear friends, many of you are experiencing great shifts in consciousness at this time. You are looking at your world as if youhad never actually seen it as you do in this moment. This is rather surprising to you. As time has passed and you have maturedyou expected things to become more predictable for you. Why should that not be so? You have lived longer and so you shouldknow more about reality. However, as time has passed, you actually sense that you know less, not more, and it appears that lifehas become less predictable, not more.So, how can this be? The generation of your beloved parents was and is fond of saying that you can expect certain results fromcertain sets of circumstances. Some of the common beliefs are:· If you study hard and get a good education, then you will have a good life filled with rewards that will make you happy.· If you work hard, then you will be rewarded and this will make you happy.· If you save your money, then you can expect to retire comfortably and be happy.· If you believe what you hear and see around you and strive to attain all the symbols of success that money can buy, thenyou will be happy.· If you fall in love and marry the object of your love then you will be happy.· If you have children then you will be happy.· If you elect the right government then this will make you happy.· If you endeavor to alleviate all the suffering in the world, or at least a good portion of it, then this will make you happy.And the list goes on.So, we ask you, beloved children, are you happy? If your answer is “yes” then you are truly blessed and need read no further.This treatise is not for you. But if you say “no” then we humbly offer you a few words that may aid you greatly at this time of confusion for you and your beloved planet.What you see around you, beloved children, is a planet that is shifting very dramatically. This is leading to much confusion for the inhabitants who have counted on certain conditions to continue as they seemingly always have in the past.If you understand the concept of paradigms, then this will become quite clear to you. At this time, all paradigms are shiftingrapidly and dramatically. All of them. For those who do not understand this term, allow us to explain.Let us look at money as an example: It is a firmly held belief in your world that if you possess great sums of money in one formor another, then life will be a good experience for you and you will never have a reason to fear.Many, many humans ascribe to this belief system that you may call a paradigm. They are willing to do anything to bring greatsums of money into their possession in order to ensure happiness and security for themselves.It would be fair to say that human beings are capable of any conceivable, unkind act in order to accomplish this goal. Much of the suffering you see upon this plane is a direct result of this particular paradigm.May we ask you now, beloved children, how are your sums of money at this time? If you have been fortunate enough to havegreat sums, is your wealth feeling as secure as it once did? How are you responding to what you are observing? Is thisawareness bringing unhappiness rather than happiness to your life? Perhaps you still possess great sums, but they appear to beless than what they once were. Even though on this day your needs are met, it may still cause unhappiness for you to see thatyou have less than you did yesterday.The paradigm tells you that you should still be happy because even though you have less, you still have more than most people.Yet you find that you are not happy because you can remember yesterday when you had more money and worry abouttomorrow when there may be less. In fact, the whole time you have had this money and your many possessions, you haveworried about whether this is enough, and wondered what you could do to have more. If truth be known, you have never had
enough. You have always wanted more. This money has never brought you true happiness, contentment, or a sense of security. Never.Curiously, what we have just described would apply equally to someone who is struggling with money and has very little to callone’s own. So, in truth, whether you possess great sums or very little, you all experience the same unhappiness around the paradigm of money.Yet this paradigm has told you differently. It has claimed that money would bring you happiness. However, whether you havegreat sums or very little, you are not happy about money. Interesting, isn’t it? A pauper and a rich person have the same worriesand the same fears. Money has not changed any of this for either.Why do human beings pursue money in such a rabid fashion? Because the paradigm tells them that they must have it in order tofeel happy and secure.Let us tell you: this paradigm is dissolving, as are all paradigms. As your planet is evolving and awakening, and the frequenciesare shifting, the veil is lifting from your eyes and you can see that what has been told to you simply is not true. These paradigmsare all incorrect. None of these common beliefs are making you happy or healthy.This is a most uncomfortable place to be, is it not, beloved children? In regard to the paradigm of money, it is simply dissolvingat this time. You may have the same amount, but it is worth less and less and less. Furthermore, you cannot rely on the futuresums you might have to provide the security you seek, can you?However, beloved friends, let us tell you some very good news: When one paradigm dissolves, another does replace it. It issimply a matter of shifting your perception to allow yourself to see the new paradigm.Your scientists have been trying to discover a unified theory that explains your universe. What we have to offer to you now is aunified theory. Nothing you perceive in your human experience is real -- including money. You can see it dissolving, right before your eyes, can you not?All paradigms are illusions manufactured by you to stimulate you into the discovery that you are co-creating your Universe inevery moment. Everything you perceive is coming from within your being. Nothing comes from outside of you. You are co-creating this experience with your Light. So, if you decide that no matter how much money you have it is never enough, it willnever be enough and you will be fearful. That is one example of how this works.Humanity has collectively co-created now that this paradigm will shift and that all will have to let go of the illusion of money asa source of security.What is the paradigm that will replace this? It is reality. The reality is that everything comes from one Source -- Infinite Source.You may call this the Light if you choose. The name does not matter. This Light flows through you, every one of you, and co-creates what you will find on this planet. You are making agreements together, dear friends, to share a certain set of paradigms. Now those agreements are dissolving and a unified paradigm is replacing the many. You will now all choose to learn to focuson the Light and the Light alone as the only reality in your Universe. And you will consciously choose to allow this Light tocare for you.All the other paradigms are ego-based thought forms that have never had true substance. You are penetrating each and everyone of them and discovering they are all illusory. When you have finished with this exercise, you will only have one paradigmleft: the Light. You will have to turn to the Light and in so doing, your confusion will end.You will see that this Light is the only thing in your Universe that is real. You will know that it, and it alone, loves youunconditionally and has always cared for you in every situation. You do not know that now. You still truly believe thateverything you have comes from these other paradigms. Those still seem more real to you than the Light that is keeping youalive. You do not understand yet that this Light is filling everything that you have co-created on this planet.The time has come, dear friends, when these paradigms will dissolve and you will have only one direction in which to look.One paradigm will be left. You will choose to surrender to it. And when you do, the scales will completely fall from your eyesand you will know that you have always been loved and cared for by this Light. You will be joyful, happy, and unafraid for thefirst time in your lives.Know that this time is coming now.

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