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The Vinci

The Vinci



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Published by shaisahmad
This book analyzes the novel 'Da Vinci Code' in the light of the Qur'an and the Bible
This book analyzes the novel 'Da Vinci Code' in the light of the Qur'an and the Bible

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Published by: shaisahmad on Apr 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Qur’anic and Biblical Analysis of Da Vinci CodeContents
Chapter 1
- Brief Introduction of Islam & Christianity
Chapter 2
- Is Jesus the Son of God?
Chapter 3
- Christmas
Chapter 4
- Is Jesus God?
Chapter 5
– Original sin
Chapter 6
– The Bible
Chapter 7
 – Marriage of Jesus
Chapter 8
 – Sabbath day
Chapter 9
- Dan Brown’s fallacy
By :
Shais Memon
All praise is to Almighty God alone and peace be on all his messengers.In this booklet, we analyze the world’s best-seller “Da Vinci code” in the light of theQur’an and the Bible. Some people may wonder why I am saying “Qur’an”. The reasonis because We Muslims believe that Jesus Christ was one of the mightiest messengers of Almighty God, He was born miraculously without any male intervention, he gave life tothe dead, and he healed those born blind and lepers. We believe in his virgin birth, whichmany modern day Christians including the bishops of the Anglican Church deny. In fact,no Muslim can be a Muslim if he denies Jesus because he has denied the clear text of theGlorious Qur’an.I will not be dealing with History, as Islamic doctrines and Christian doctrines are notsimply based on history. It would be much more preferable to analyze the topics in thelight of the sacred scriptures of these two religions. Even Dan Brown doesn’t consider history to be very authentic. His view on History:
“Meaning that history is always written by winners. When two cultures clash, theloser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books – books which glorifytheir own cause and disparage the conquered foe. As Napoleon once said, “what ishistory, but a fable agreed upon?” ‘He smiled. ‘By its very nature, history is alwaysa one-sided account.’
(Da Vinci Code, pg. 343)
Even Brown doesn’t consider History to be fair. Now I am not saying that whatever history says is false, but it is not always true. Therefore, the foundation of this booklet isthe sacred scriptures of the two religions, Islam & Christianity. Moreover, history many atimes gives conflicting things. There are western historians who claim that Jesus Christ(peace be upon him) never existed.The best way to understand a religion is not by looking at its followers but it is byunderstanding the sacred scriptures of that religion. Many times the followers of the particular religion do not know what their religious scriptures say.Like in Mathematics, if there is an equation to solve. You can never get the right answer until you do not apply the BODMAS rule. BODMAS stands for Brackets off, Division,Multiplication, Addition and subtraction. If you do not go by this rule you can never getthe answer right. Likewise when you come to the conclusion regarding any religiousissue, apply the religious BODMAS to get the right answer. Religious BODMAS isBlindness off Dogmas MinusApply Scripture
3First we should remove the blind following next is removing any dogmas
and thenapplying the Scripture. If you go by this you will surely get to the right conclusions.This booklet is not to hurt the feelings of anyone, but it is only the analysis of the novel inthe light of the sacred scriptures of these two great religions.All the quotations from the Bible in this booklet are from the NEW INTERNATIONALVERSION (NIV) unless mentioned otherwise. I have chosen NIV because of thesimplicity of the language. I chose it above the King James Version (KJV) because KJVhas archaic
English. However, the meaning remains the same. If someone has a problemwith NIV then he can check the same quotations in his version of the Bible.All the quotations from the Qur’an are from the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali.Though it is a little archaic but I find this translation to be better than others and it is themost widely used translation in the Muslim world.
a principle, tenet, or system of these, esp. as laid down by the authority of a Church

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