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Pharma Researchers Working on Drug to Erase Your Memories

Pharma Researchers Working on Drug to Erase Your Memories

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Published by nelly1
big pharma
big pharma

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: nelly1 on May 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mike AdamsNatural NewsNov 23, 2010Drug researchers are working on a mind-altering chemical thatcould
erase your memories
. It’s all being pursued under theumbrella of “mental health” with claims that this could helpvictims of emotional trauma. The idea that you can “heal” apatient by chemically lobotomizing them is, of course, entirelyconsistent with the core mythology of modern medicine: If something’s wrong, you should poison it, burn it, irradiate it orcut it out… and then pronounce the patient “healed!”In the case of memory-erasingdrugs, scientists are reportedlyworking on adrugthat would remove certainproteinsfrom the brain’s “fear center.” This is based on the ludicrous idea, by theway, thatmemoriesare
recorded solely by physicalproteins inthe brain
— an idea that’s obviously based on anentirely outmoded mechanistic model of the human mind andbrain. Then again, modern medical science seems to be hopelesslystuck in the Dark Ages, believing that there must be a chemicalcurefor everything. Hence the ongoing waste of billions of dollars searching for a cancer cure as if it were some sort of acquired infection.“Erasing a memory and then everything bad built on that is anamazing idea, and I can see all sorts of potential,” said KateFarinholt, executive director of themental healthsupport andinformation group
NAMI Maryland
, in a Baltimore Sun story(http://www.baltimoresun.com/health/…). But even she can seethis approach could be fraught with danger: “Completelydeleting a memory, assuming it’s one memory, is a little scary.How do you remove a memory without removing a whole partof someone’s life, and is it best to do that, considering thatpeople grow and learn from their experiences?”In order to pursue this work on a memory-erasing drug,researchers used electroshocks on mice (which are mammals,of course) to “train” them to fear an audible tone. They noticed
this electroshock torture resulted in the build-up of proteins inthe brain’s fear center (amygdala), so now they’ve leaped tothe wild conclusion that
proteins = memories
and thereforethe way to treat fearful memories is to chemically remove theproteins. This is such sloppy quack science that I can’t believe it evengot published by a scientific magazine. It’s the same sloppythinkingthat caused medical doctors to leap to the erroneousconclusion that
cholesterol is bad for you
. Thats onemedical myth that has madeBig Pharmahundreds of billions of dollars in cholesterol-lowering drugs that harm far more peoplethan they help. See this animation video to learn more:http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=2D691…Western scientists, ever stuck in the world of the physical, areeasily misled into thinking that mental processes are solelybased on proteins and chemicals rather than the far moreprofound
neural network phenomena
that really drive thefunctioning of the mind. Memories are not merely logged in thebrain with proteins. If they were, our skulls would be as large ashouses, filled with proteins from all the memories of our lives.In reality, memories are
holographically recorded
throughout the neural network of our brain which alsointerfaces with the non-physical human
— an entity of consciousnessthat extends beyond the physical realm (andwhich virtually the entire conventional scientific community hasso far failed to acknowledge because they ridiculously believethat they, themselves, are biological automatons who lackconsciousness).
More drugs for soldiers
Right now, U.S. soldiers are being drugged out of their mindswith amphetamines and antidepressants.PTSDis the latestfinancial windfall for Big Pharma because moretraumameansmore profits from prescribing more drugs. Just imagine how these “memory erasing drugs” might be usedif they existed. First, they send you off to war, and if yousomehow manage to survive that, they
erase your memories
when you come back home so you can’t talk to the press aboutwhat really happened.

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