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Compassionate Police and Compassionate Putas

Compassionate Police and Compassionate Putas

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Published by davidwalters
Downtown Kansas City.
Downtown Kansas City.

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Published by: davidwalters on May 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Compassionate Police
BY DAVID ARTHUR WALTERSApril 29, 2004Good News! Cops have been seen making arrests in the Compassion Zone!Weapons among other things have been seized. It is great to see theunmarked and marked police cars and the paddy wagons around theneighborhood.Not that the residents of the Compassion Zone want to see theirneighborhood locked down by a police state. It's just that the cops havebeen too compassionate lately. They have the huge Greater MetropolitanKansas City area to cover as well; their resources are insufficient, they arespread to thin. Five million more dollars right away would help.In fact, City Manager Wayne Cauthen recently chopped a million bucks fromthe police department in the budget he presented to the City Council. He andMayor Kaye Barnes have been busy raising untold millions of dollars for theirpet developments. Of course those projects include, besides a half-billiondollars or more of tax-incentive handouts to favored big private developers,funds for fixing up the infrastructure all over town. Many millions werealready available for that purpose but were unused, so the City Manager ishiring private consultants to cut the red tape for him because he lost hisscissors in Denver.Of course the most important part of any city's infrastructure, as we can seefrom the Iraq debacle, is security. We need a well-funded and effectivepolice department that will serve to protect everyone equally. Incidentally,until the recent revolt in Iraq, the one or two people killed daily therereminded us of the
local crime news - local homicides however seemto be rising with the death toll in Iraq; why is that?Anyway, Mayor Barnes recently insulted residents of the Compassion Zone,which among other needed things serves as a compassionate concoursebetween revolving doors of jails and prisons, when she implied the residentswere imagining things in their neighborhood, like the knifings, shootings,
door push-ins, and so on, things that make even those who really do not likecops very glad to see them around.The "civic leaders" just do not get it: police security should come first. Butthe civic leaders and their press putas always put police protection at thebottom of their shopping list, or just above the grocery store, two things thepeople have clamored for to no avail because the first thing on the civicleaders' shopping list as composed by their press putas is the developmentof their friend's real estate into expensive condominiums and lofts.Expensive entertainment facilities and stores are at the top of the list too.Then the cops will have something worth protecting besides Vice PresidentCheney when he shows up at the Marriott.Of course Compassion Zone residents have their own list. Police protection isat the top of it. Next is a new mayor and a new city manager. After that is alarge grocery store and clothing store. Somewhere on that list is legislationto stop the legal graft or land-banking that the power elite uses to curbcompetition - otherwise the residents would already have the stores andneighborhoods they want downtown.Of course the power elite, including the vested interests who like to getsomething for nothing, namely unearned income, would rather upgrade thecity, run prices up and run residents of the Compassion Zone off. Many of them have already moved anyway, sick and tired of what is really going onin downtown Kansas City.
Compassion Zone Putas!
 Mature Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that there areputas in the Compassion Zone, just two blocks away from the historicMetropolitan Kansas City Police Headquarters.Last winter I encountered 'Pedro' near the Diamond Shamrock. He waspanhandling while his puta worked a customer in the big back seat of hisdilapidated Lincoln. He also uses the car to deal drugs at the gas pumpsfrom time to time. Maybe he has been busted or went somewhere else morelucrative as I have not seen him around for quite awhile.Besides Pedro's puta, I perceived a plethora of putas inside the Shamrockone Sunday morning - I dropped by at 7 o'clock as usual to buy a cup of 
coffee, a chocolate muffin, a copy of the Sunday paper. The store wasdeserted but for the cashier and a grizzly old fellow, who was warming upunder the pretense of shopping - on Sunday, people do not drift into theShamrock from the shelters and half-way houses to get their whiskey andplay the numbers until around 9 o'clock.A man, poorly dressed, short, with black hair, about thirty years of age,burst into the store in an agitated state."Call the police! I've been mugged!""Where?" asked the cashier."Right outside! Right there! A Mexican guy mugged me. I'm a Mexican too,"he responded. I thought the Mexican references were rather odd."Hurry up, he'll get away, he took my wallet," the Mexican insisted."I'm calling now," responded the clerk, phone in hand."No good to call them, they won't do anything," said the grizzly old man."I'm an Indian, veteran of the Korean war," he went on."You don't know nothing. You aren't the police," said the Mexican."I'm an Indian and a veteran of the Korean War, and I'm telling you, it doesno good to call the police here, they won't help you even if they come," theIndian declared."Leave me alone, you puta!" the Mexican was getting really hot under thecollar."Don't you call me a puta, you puta!" yelled the Indian."Puta!" the Mexican yelled and spit."Puta!" the Indian responded."Puta!""Puta!"The cashier spoke to the police and hung up the phone. The angry exchangebetween the Mexican and the Indian continued, but it did not phased herone bit. Such things, sometimes called (expletive deleted) happen at the

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