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Our Urgent Need of the Holy Spirit.

Our Urgent Need of the Holy Spirit.

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" Through the power of the Holy Ghost"— Rom. xr. 13.
" By the power of tho Spirit of God."— Rom. xr. 19.


" Through the power of the Holy Ghost"— Rom. xr. 13.
" By the power of tho Spirit of God."— Rom. xr. 19.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OUR URGET EED OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.BY CHARLES H. SPURGEO" Through the power of the Holy Ghost"— Rom. xr. 13." By the power of tho Spirit of God."— Rom. xr. 19.I DSBISE to draw your attention at this time to the great necessitywhich ezistB for the continual manifestation of the power of the HolySpirit in the chnrch of God if by her means the multitudes are to bieSathered to the Lord Jesus. I &d not know how I coidd much betterso than by first showing that the Spirit of God is necessary to thechurch of God for its own internal growth in grace. Hence my text inthe thirteenth verse, "ow the God of hope fill you with all joy andpeace in belieying, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost," — where it is evident that the apostle attributes thepower to be filled with joy and peace in believing, and the power toabound in hope, to the Holv Ghost. But, then, I wanted also to showyou that the power of the church outside, that with which she is to beaggressive and work upon the world for the gathering out of God*s electfrom among men, is also this same energy of the Holy Spirit. HenceI have taken the nineteenth verse, for the apostle there says that Godhad through him made "the Gentiles obedient by word and deed,through mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God."So you see, dear friends, that first of aU to keep the church happy andholy within herself there must be a manifestation of the power of theHoly Spirit, and secondly, that the church may invade the territories of the enemy and may conauer the world for Christ she must be clothedwith the self-same sacred energy. We may then go further and say thatthe power of the church for external work will be proportionate to theSower which dwells within herself. Gauge the energy of the Holypiiit in the hearts of believers and you may fairly calculate their in*fluence upon unbelievers. Only let the church be illuminated by theHoly Spirit and she will reflect the li^ht and become to onlookers " fair asthe moon, clear as the sun, and temble as an army width banners."o. 1,832.14 METROPOLITA TABERACLE PULPIT.Let US by two or three illustrations show that the work outward mnstalways depend upon the force inward. On a cold winter's day when thesnow has fallen and lies deep upon the ground you go through a Tillage.
There is a row of cottages, and you will notice that from one of theroofiithe snow has nearly (Usappeared, while another cottage still bears acoating of snow. You do not stay to make enquiries as to the reasonof the diiference, for you know very well what is the cause. There is afire burning inside the one cottage and the warmth glows through itsroof, and so the snow speedily melts : in the other there is no tenant ; itis a house to let, no fire bums on its hearth and no warm smoke ascendsthe chimney, and therefore there lies the snow. Just as the warmth iswithin so the melting will be without. I look at a number of churches,and where I see worldlincss and formalism lying thick upon them, I amabsolutely certain that there is not the warmth of Christian life within ;but where the hearts of believers are warm with divine love through theSpirit of God, we are sure to see evils vanish, and beneficial conse-quences following therefi*om. We need not look within ; in such a casethe exterior is index sufficient.Talie an illustration from political life. Here is a trouble arisingbetween different nations ; there are angry spirits stirring, and it seemsvery likely that the Gordian knot of difficulty will never be untied bydiplomacy, but will need to be cut >vith the sword. Everybody knowsthat one of the hopes of peace lies in the bankrupt condition of the nationwhich is likely to go to war ; for if it be short of supplies, if it cannotpay its debts, if it cannot furnish the material for war, then it will notbe likely to court a conflict. A country must be strong in internal re*sources before it can wisely venture upon foreign wars. Thus is it inthe great battle of truth : a poor starveling church cannot combat thedevil and his armies. Unless the church is herself rich in the thingsof God, and strong with divine energy, she will generally cease to beaggressive, and will content herself with going on with the regularroutine of Christian work, crying, " Peace I peace ! " where peaceshould not be. She will not dare to defy the world, or to send forth; her legions to conquer its provinces for Christ, when her own condition; is pitiably weak. The strength or weakness of a nation's exchequer] affects its army in its every march, and in like manner its measure of grace influences the church of God in all its action.Suffer yet another illustration. If you lived in Egypt, you wouldnotice, once in the year, the ile rising ; and you wotSd watch its in-crease with anxiety, because the extent of the overflow of the ile isvery much the measure of the fertili|^ of Egypt. ow the rising of theile must depend upon those far-off lakes in the centre of Africa — whether they shall be well filled with the melting of the snows or no.If there be a scanty supply in the higher reservoirs, there cannot bemuch overflow in the ile in its after-course through Egypt. Let ustranslate the figure, and say that, if the upper lakes of fellowship withGod in the Christian Church are not well filled — if the soul's spiritualstrength be not sustained by private prayer and communion with God— 
the ile of practical Christian service will never rise to the fiood.The one thing I want to say is this : you cannot get out of theChurch what is not in it. The reservoir itself must be filled before itOTIB VSG-EirT m&ED OF THB HOLY flPIItlT. 15ponr forOi a stream. We mnsb oarselyes drink of the living watertin we axe ftill» and then oat of the midst of ns shall flow rivers of liTing water ; bnt not till then. Oat of an empty basket yon cannotdifltmmte loaves and fishes, however hangry the crowd may be. Oat of an empty heart yoa cannot speak full things, nor from a lean sonl bringfiirth nfc things ftill of marrow, which shall feed the people of Ood^Ont of the folness of the heart the mouth speaketh, when it speaks to-edification at all. So that the first thing is to look well to home affairs,and pray that Ood woold bless us and cause his face to shine upon us^that his way maybe known upon earth, and his saving health among allpeople.^ To bless thy chosen race,In mercy, Lord, incline,And cause the brightness of thy faceOn all thy saints to shine.^That so thy wondrous wayMay through the world be known ;Whilst distant lands their tribute pay.And thy salvation own.**This momingy in trying to epesk of the great necessity of the Chnrch,namely, her being moved vigorously by the power of the Holy Spirit,I earnestly pray that we may enter ]^pon this subject with the deepestconoeivable reverence. Let us adore while we are meditating ; let nsibd the condescension of this blessed Person of the Godhead in deigningto dwell in his people and to work in the human heart. Let us remem-ber that this divine person is very sensitive. He is a jealous God. Weread of his being grieved and vexed, and therefore let us ask his for-fiTeness of the many provocations which he must have received from ourands. With lowliest awe let us bow before him, remembering that, if there be a sin which is unpardonable, it has a reference to himself — the mn against the Holy Ghost, which shall never be forgiven, neitherin this world nor in that which is to come. In reference to the HolyGhost we stand on very tender ground indeed ; and if ever we should

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