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Arkansas Knights of Columbus May 2013 Newsletter

Arkansas Knights of Columbus May 2013 Newsletter

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Published by Alex Martinez
Arkansas Knights of Columbus May 2013 Newsletter
Arkansas Knights of Columbus May 2013 Newsletter

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Published by: Alex Martinez on May 02, 2013
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Knights of Columbus
Arkansas State Council
May 2013
Our fraternal year is nearly over and I would like to thank everyone who has made this year a success. Nowplease thank your wives for supporting you. Without them we would have a tough time getting to where weare today.As I write this it is two weeks before publication of the newsletter. It is April 15
, tax day and the day theybombed the Boston Marathon. Well, my taxes are done, and I hope we have all taken time out to pray forthose affected by the bombing in Boston.Your State Officers, Program Directors/Chairmen, and the Convention Committee are all busy trying toprepare the best Convention ever. Now is the time for you and your councils to prepare for the 2014Convention in Russellville. D
on’t wait until 2014 to think about Resolutions, Per Capita or Delegates. I had
several councils that had 1
degree knights that wanted to be alternate delegates. As you know manyalternate delegates turn into main delegates. A delegate needs to be a 3
degree member to vote. Get themto a 2
and 3
degree so they can participate in next year’s convention!
 As of April 15
we are at 56.43% of our membership goal and need 187 new members. In other words eachcouncil needs to bring in 3 new members. Some councils could do that, some might have a hard time doingthat, and some councils have not brought in a new member this year. Those councils who have not brought ina new member are not necessarily small rural councils. We also have a couple councils who have fewermembers than they started the year with, due to suspensions. If you suspend one member you should torecruit two. We need to talk to our new Catholics from RCIA. We need to look at our graduates andnewcomers to your parish. There are men out there that want to be knights, but you have to ask them.One Member, per Council, per Month!Remember to complete the paper work for the Year of Faith and send it in to Supreme. Please also conductprogram, participate in a 1
degree and fill out the paper work so that your Grand Knight, Program Directorand Membership Director are eligible to enter the drawing for the trip to Italy in October. Your chances aremuch better than the lottery, and it would be great to have someone from Arkansas win!
Vivat Jesu
Michael KiefferState Deputy
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As I prepare to go the annual state convention in Jonesboro, I am eager to hear encouragement to recruit newKnights to the order and to do so myself. We do need to grow the Order, for the good of the Order and theCouncils who will benefit from more members and fistly, for the good of the Catholic gentlemen whose faithwill hopefully grow through participation in the Knights of Columbus. In this newsletter, while we are in themidst of the Easter Season, I would like to offer encouragement for all of us to answer our baptismal call toevangelize and bring people to the Lord and his Church. At every gathering of the Knights at the Supremelevel, I have heard our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, and our Supreme Chaplain, Archbishop Lori urge us andall Knight of Columbus to participate in the "New Evangelization" which challenges Catholics to give witness totheir faith on a day to day basis and participate in ongoing catechesis so as to be able to speak credibly andpassionately about the Catholic faith. I urge my brother Knights to be active firstly, to bring people to theCatholic faith and secondly to encourage them, when they are able to do so, to join and participate in theKnights of Columbus. When people do make a profession of faith as Catholics, I am always eager to plug theminto the life of the Church. The Knights of Columbus is a great way to help new and experienced Catholics togrow as faith-filled followers of Jesus. Please be active in this effort on an ongoing basis. Vivat Jesus
Worthy State Chaplain, Worthy State Officers, Worthy Supreme Representative, Worthy Past State Deputies,Worthy Fourth Degree Master, Worthy Insurance Agents, Worthy District Deputies, Worthy Program Directorsand Chairpersons and Worthy Brother Knights:
“Don’t Bonk!” Years ago,
a commercial for Power Bars showed a marathon runner way ahead of the rest of the pack, stumbling and gasping for breath, he could see the ribbon marking the finish line and he knew hewas going to win! He was so tired and worn out when he hit the finish line, he did not have enough energy tobreak the ribbon. In fact, the ribbon bounced him back like it was a rubber band. This is my message for
everyone today. “Don’t Bonk!” Finish the race, don’t stop at the finish line!
As State Program Director, I know all council’s do many great things, but I do not get to see them because
many will not enter to win any of the state awards. When Forrest Gump ran the football in the game, he ranthrough the end zone and kept on running through the tunnel and out of the stadium. Some of the pros inGolf Digest will tell you when practicing for a tournament, play more than just 18 holes to get ready. Play 22-
24 holes so your body won’t get conditioned to only play 18 holes. Are you looking for the finish line instead of 
the adventure along the way?When your council sponsors a poster contest and you have given out the prizes to the winners, is that thefinish line? No, programs like that should be talked about! Enter to win a state award!
So I say to all the councils, “Don’t Bonk!” If you see your council doing great things, share it with other
councils. Enter to win one of the State Council Service Program Awards! You win a very nice plaque and yourprogram will go up against all other councils on the international level; and when your council wins an awardfor a program, some councils may say, Wow, that is a great idea! So in essence, your council is doing great andyour council is helping other councils to do great as well.
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Remember every program is an opportunity to recruit new members!
The Power of One, one member, percouncil, per month.
 Fraternally,Philip SavageState Program Director
First, I would like to thank our State Deputy, Michael Kieffer, for re-appointing me to this position, and for hisrapid approvals for grants from the Pennies From Heaven Fund. I also thank our State Secretary, AdrianDominguez, and State Treasurer, Michael Heathcott, for working closely with me in expediting the theserequests. I have also advised State Deputy, Michael Kieffer, that I will remain as the Chairman of the StatePennies From Heaven if he so desires.Beginning May 1, 2012 through April 15, 2013, there were 27 requests for these funds totaling $7,250 from 15councils who contributed $100.00 to $300.00 from their funds when possible. These requests ranged fromtotal fire destruction of home and belongings, health problems as cancers, brain operations, strokes andaccidents, both auto and motorcycle, and logging related and rehab of a 15 year old log cabin home withmajor damage owned by totally disabled husband since 2006 and wife who is on early social securityretirement.A few examples of these requests are:1.
A 3 year old girl, suffering from Optic Nerve Hyperplasisa lives with grandparents, who also have a 20year old autistic son living with them. Grandparents need funds that will enable them to purchase aBraille Label for computer so that they can help the girl learn to read.2.
A single mother with two young daughters (ages 10 & 14) has stage 4 colon cancer, needed help withliving and medical expenses.3.
An 8 month old baby diagnosed with Failure to Thrive. Family needs help with hospital expenses.4.
A father was trying to burn debris in yard. He was going to use gasoline in a can to start the fire whenthe gasoline caught fire traveling to the can which exploded covering four year old son with theburning gasoline, resulting in 2
and 3
degree burns. Family needed help with hospital expenses.5.
A young service man and his family stationed in Yuma, Arizona traveled to Paris, Arkansas to attend his
Mother’s funeral. Immediately upon arriving back in Yuma, he was requested to return to Paris as his
Step-father had died. He now needed funds to enable him and his family to attend the funeral andreturn back to his base.6.
Husband was declared to be totally disabled in 2006 from a stroke on his side and losing his vision inright eye and partial vision in left eye. He now has a spinal disease and Lupus. Mother now has incomefrom early social security retirement. They live in a 15 year old Log Cabin home that has greatly

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