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Asian Journal May 3-9, 2013 Edition

Asian Journal May 3-9, 2013 Edition

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Published by ASIAN JOURNAL
Community News, Asian Journal San Diego, May 3-9, 2013 Digital Edition, Offices of Chua Tinsay Vega Immigration Law, JP Cariaga of MY HAUS Filipino Restaurant and Bakery in Murrieta RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Dr S.T. Sawa DENTIST dental implants, FARMERS -Desquitado Insurance Agency, Atty Rogelio Karagdag Jr U.S. Immigration Law, Atty Susan V Perez U.S. Immigration Law, San Diego News, Philippine News, Arts & Culture, Profiles, Balintataw by Virginia Ferrer, Lower Your Nets by Monsignor Fernando Gutierrez, Light & Shadows by Zena Sultana Babao, At Large by Miles Beauchamp, Take It From My Barber by Benjamin Maynigo, Street Poetry by Michael R Tagudin, Dark Nights of Father Madrid by Dr Ed Gamboa MD, God of the Oppressed by Rudy D Liporada, Mga Tula ni Romeo Nicolas, Showbiz Watcher by Ogie Cruz, Classified Ads, Atty Gail Dulay Harold Hom Immigration Lawyers, Simeon G. Silverio Jr, CLASSIFIED AD, AREAA, Wanted Caregiver
Community News, Asian Journal San Diego, May 3-9, 2013 Digital Edition, Offices of Chua Tinsay Vega Immigration Law, JP Cariaga of MY HAUS Filipino Restaurant and Bakery in Murrieta RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Dr S.T. Sawa DENTIST dental implants, FARMERS -Desquitado Insurance Agency, Atty Rogelio Karagdag Jr U.S. Immigration Law, Atty Susan V Perez U.S. Immigration Law, San Diego News, Philippine News, Arts & Culture, Profiles, Balintataw by Virginia Ferrer, Lower Your Nets by Monsignor Fernando Gutierrez, Light & Shadows by Zena Sultana Babao, At Large by Miles Beauchamp, Take It From My Barber by Benjamin Maynigo, Street Poetry by Michael R Tagudin, Dark Nights of Father Madrid by Dr Ed Gamboa MD, God of the Oppressed by Rudy D Liporada, Mga Tula ni Romeo Nicolas, Showbiz Watcher by Ogie Cruz, Classified Ads, Atty Gail Dulay Harold Hom Immigration Lawyers, Simeon G. Silverio Jr, CLASSIFIED AD, AREAA, Wanted Caregiver

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Published by: ASIAN JOURNAL on May 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gov’t bans China poultry products amid bird flu scare
May 3-9, 2013
PhilippineRadioAM 1450M-F 7-8 PM
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May 3-9, 2013
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The Revealer.. p 11
Msgr. Gutierrez
Ben Maynigo
 No. 24 Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. – Philippine Senator .. p 6 
(Continued on page 17)
Erap disqualification casegoes to SCSen. Angara: PHL needs middleclass to move forward, butmiddle class is vanishing
(Continued on page 10)
 A Historical Novel by Dr. Ed Gamboa
 Inspired by a True Story ....
Chapter 41. Little Christina 
The Dark Nights of Father Madrid
The keys to happiness accordingto 2013 UP summa cum laude
(Continued on page 8)
Charles Michael T. Herrera graduated this April at the top of his class. Here he is withbatchmate Jasmine Urquico. Photo by Darwin Zialcita courtesy of Jasmine Urquico
The Philippines: Asia’s New Emerging Tiger Is the Timely Topicof the 2nd Private–Led Investment Roadshow In The USA
Save energy and money 
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George droppedthe pillow, said thanksto the courteousSergeant, then shavedand freshened up.Who could it be? hewondered. He wouldknow soon enough.It was a quick tripfrom his cell to thedining room. Gettingvisitors in prison wasalways a special treat.As he stepped into theroom, he felt a like aniron ball had dropped straight down hisstomach!ABS CBN News | MA- NILA, Philippines, 4/27/2013- The importation of poultryand poultry products fromChina is temporarily banned because of an outbreak of 
highly pathogenic avian influ-
enza in Shanghai.In a memorandum order dated April 17, AgricultureSecretary Proceso Alcala saidChina’s Ministry of Health
has conrmed the presence
of highly pathogenic H7N9
avian influenza in poultry in
Shanghai and neighboring re-gions on the eastern seaboard.“There is a need to preventthe entry of pathogenic virus
causing avian flu to protect
the health of the local poultry population,” he said.
Quarantine ofcials must
 be cautious of travelers whomight bring poultry and poultry products from China,Alcala said.The government has banned the importation fromShanghai of domestic andwild birds and their products,including day-old chicks,eggs, and semen from China.The Bureau of AnimalIndustry shall immediatelysuspend the processing, evalu-ation, and issuance of vet-erinary quarantine clearanceor international veterinary
certicate import permit for 
the importation of these com-modities from China.Agriculture quarantineinspectors shall seize all ship-ments of poultry and poultry products from China in major sea and airports.
Bird flu has reportedly
killed around 23 people inChina since the outbreak sometime in March.By CARMELA G. LAPE- ÑA, GMA News | DILIMAN4/29/2013 -- With a weightedgrade average of 1.065, BSBiology graduate CharlesMichael T. Herrera seems alikely candidate to be a “rock star” of science.But in his valedictoryspeech, the University of thePhilippines top-notcher ad-vised his fellow graduates tokeep their feet on the ground.“Science is as much aboutembracing certain outcomesand results as it is welcomingthe uncertain and unexpected bits. And despite all of our efforts to explain the universein an orderly fashion, the ten-dency for chaos, or entropy asBy CARMELA G. LA-PEÑA, GMA MANILA4/29/2013 -- Cash may be pouring into the economy, but it is making Philippinesociety even more inequitable,Sen. Edgardo Angara toldnew graduates of the nation’s premier university.“The new globalized, IT-driven world economy didnarrow income gaps betweencountries—but it also widenedincome gaps within them,”Angara said, noting that 20 inevery 100 Filipino familiesare middle-income, while 80are poor.
By Ernie D. Delfin
COSTAMESA, CALIFORNIA.Over 150 businesspeople,entrepreneurs and company
executives flocked to Costa
Mesa’s Westin Hotel lastTuesday morning (4-23-13)that lasted till mid-afternoonto listen and learn more aboutthe current upbeat socio-eco-nomic developments that thePhilippines Sponsored by thePhilippine Consulate General-L.A. and the Phil. Trade andInvestment Center in coopera-tion with the Council on Tradeand Investment for Filipino-Americans (COTIFA) andthe Fil-Am Chamber of Commerce of Orange County(FACCOC), the Roadshow by Ed Puno,Philstar.com| MANILA,5/2/2013 -- The bid to disqualifydeposed PresidentJoseph Estrada inthe mayoral race inManila has reachedthe Supreme Court(SC).Lawyer Alicia Risos-Vidal
led a petition with the high
court yesterday question-ing the recent decision of theCommission on Elections(Comelec) dismissing with
nality her disquali-cation complaint
against the former  president.A known lawyer of incumbent Ma-nila Mayor AlfredoLim – Estrada’s rival – Vidal alleged theComelec erred in junking her com- plaint.Her petition for review, acopy of which obtained by
The STAR, specically sought
t was around 1:30 in the afternoon, in the summer. Due to the sweltering heat, Georgeopted to take a short siesta. As he was dusting his pillow and worn out sleeping mat,Sergeant Geraldo, appeared to tell him he had a visitor.
Young entrepreneur in ahurry: JP Cariaga .. p 5
“You can see your visitor in the dining room, Padre George,” he said, a bit deferentially.“The rule is half hour, but you can take an hour, if you wish.”
Page 2May 3-9, 2013 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
By Lilli Baculi, Esq.
The Declaration of Independence pro-claims that “all men are created equal,that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, thatamong these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Yet, “equality”and “freedom” hang on a thin thread for a non-citizen who commits or is con-victed of a crime. Non-citizen individu-als who commit a criminal offense or isconvicted of a crime will run the risk of  becoming inadmissible and/or remov-able (deportable) from the United States.“Inadmissible” v. “Deportable.” A person seeking entry to the UnitedStates at the border (e.g., at LAX) is a person who is seeking “admission” intothe United States. Traditionally, LawfulPermanent Residents (“LPR”) were notdeemed to make a new admission intothe US upon his or her return if the tripwas “innocent, casual, and brief” and if the trip was not meant to be “meaning-fully interruptive” of the LPR’s statusas a permanent resident. However,
Congress has now dened when an
LPR will be deemed as seeking a newadmission under the immigration laws.Under the immigration laws, an LPR will not be regarded as seeking a newadmission unless: (1) s/he abandonedor relinquished her LPR status . . . (3) s/he has engaged in illegal activity after having departed the US; or (5) s/he hascommitted a criminal offense under theImmigration and Nationality Act section212(a)(2).On the other hand, an LPR is remov-able or deportable under the immigra-tion laws if: (1) s/he has been convictedof a crime involving moral turpitude
within ve (5) years of his or her admis-
sion into the US; (2) s/he has been con-victed of a crime for which a sentence of one year or longer may be imposed; (3)s/he is convicted of two or more crimesof involving moral turpitude at any timeafter his or her admission into the US;or (4) s/he is convicted of an aggravatedfelony at any time after admission intothe US.It is the inherent nature of the offense
as dened by statute and interpreted by
the courts, and as limited and described by the record of conviction whichdetermines whether the offense is oneinvolving “moral turpitude.” The statuteunder which the conviction occurredcontrols this determination.It is important to note that in certaininstances, the mere “commission” of a crime involving moral turpitude willhave immigration consequences.Examples. Christian is an LPR who was admitted to the US in 1990. In2008, he was convicted for 2 DUI con-victions and petty theft. In 2010, he took a vacation outside of the US for a fewweeks. Upon his return, he was detainedfor being an “inadmissible alien.”Meanwhile, Christina (also an LPR)was convicted of 2 DUI convictions, battery, and possession of marijuana.She has been issued a Notice of Appear (“NTA”) alleging that she is “deport-able.”In either of these scenarios, bothChristian and Christina will run the risk of being removed (deported) from theUnited States because of their convic-tions, notwithstanding their LPR status,and their long-term residence in theUnited States.The Record of Conviction. TheRecord of Conviction (“ROC”) detailsan individual’s criminal history –his
arrest, what he plead to, and the nal
 judgment/sentence. It is important to protect the record of conviction from thevery beginning to minimize the impactof a criminal proceeding on a person’sLPR status. The relief(s) available toindividuals facing removal/deportation proceedings will depend on that indi-vidual’s record of conviction.To be clear, not every criminal convic-tion will result in deportation and notevery deportation proceeding will leadto an order of deportation. There arerelief(s) available under the immigrationlaws to individuals facing deportation.However, certain commission of crimesand/or convictions will render a non-citizen inadmissible and/or deportable,and will run the risk of being placed indeportation proceedings.It is important to be informed andknow your options. An experienced im-
migration rm or attorney will be able
to help you understand what immigra-
tion terms mean specic to the regula-
tions, what steps might be taken for your  particular case, and the options availableto you under the evolving immigrationlaws.
 Atty. Lilli A. Baculi is an associateattorney with Chua Tinsay & Vega, A Professional Legal Corporation (CTV) -
a full service law rm with ofces in San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento and 
 Philippines. The information presented in this article is for general informa-tion only and is not, nor intended to be, formal legal advice nor the formation of an attorney-client relationship. Call or e-mail CTV for an in-person or phoneconsultation to discuss your particular  situation and/or how their services maybe retained at (619) 955-6277; (415)495-8088; lbaculi@ctvattys.com
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Legal Buzz 
 Law Offices of Chua Tinsay & Vega
by Atty. Lilli A. Baculi
 Read Atty. Baculi’s previous articles by visiting our website at www.asianjournalusa.com
Quiet Neighborhoodin National City. Nosmoking. No drugs.
Grounds for Inadmissibilityand/or Deportability: Protect-ing the Record of Conviction
the issuance of temporaryrestraining order enjoiningthe poll body from allowingEstrada to proceed with hiscandidacy.
It also asked the highcourt to nullify the resolutions of the Comelec for having been is-sued allegedly with grave abuse of discretion.
The plea was immediately referred the
ofce of the clerk of court.
The SC, however, is on a month-longdecision writing break. Its sessionswould resume on June 4. Only a specialsession called by Chief Justice Ma.Lourdes Sereno can enable the highcourt to act on the appeal.Philstar.com | MANILA, Philippines,4/27/2013 - Fifteen summa cum laudestudents will lead the 102nd commence-ment exercises of the University of thePhilippines-Diliman tomorrow. Eachhas a general weighted average of 1.20or better.Leading the 4,365 candidates for graduation at the premier state univer-sity is Charles Michael Herrera, a BSBiology major, with an average gradeof 1.065.He is followed by Julian David Ca- brera, BS Psychology (1.084); and JannAdriel Sy, BS Molecular Biology andBiotechnology (1.087).The other students who will receivethe university’s highest academic dis-tinction are Jasper Powell Esguerra, BSChemical Engineering (1.089); AndrewVincent Yap, BS Industrial Engineer-ing (1.104); Vincent Yu, BS BusinessAdministration (1.112); Jonel NicoleJao, BA Linguistics (1.119); Angel Jau-rigue Jr., BS Civil Engineering (1.123);Mariama Antonette Bilog, BS Psychol-ogy (1.143); Krista Carmina Arellano,BA European Languages (1.151); JaneMelissa Lim, BS Molecular Biologyand Biotechnology (1.175); MelvinFloyd See, BS Molecular Biologyand Biotechnology (1.175); MichelleAnn Lao, BS Biology (1.175); JoshuaVincent Baroa, BS Psychology (1.186);and Louie Arielle Dado, BS Psychology(1.196).Yu will deliver the speech in behalf of the graduating class.Aside from the top honors, 218 willgraduate magna cum laude, with grades
15 summa cum laude grads lead UP rites
up to 1.45 and 813 cum laude withgrades up to 1.75.Out of the total number of graduates,3,446 will obtain their undergraduatedegrees, 718 will receive master’s de-grees and 79 will get doctoral degrees.Former UP president and Sen. Ed-gardo Angara will be guest of honor atthe commencement exercises. He willalso be conferred an honorary Doc-tor of Laws degree for his “resoluteadvocacy and contributions to the causeof education in the country” and for his“distinguished service at the helm of theUniversity, his alma mater, championingits tradition of academic excellence and
advocating scal autonomy and secur-
ing its future as the country’s premier institution of higher learning.” by Alexis Romero, Philstar.com | MA- NILA, 5/2/2013 -- Defense SecretaryVoltaire Gazmin said yesterday that theUS can be given temporary access toPhilippine bases in times of extremeemergency.However, Gazmin told reporters theAmericans cannot set up installations inthe country.“The Constitution prohibits (the set-ting up of US bases in the Philippines),”he said.“If the worst case scenario happensand it becomes a shooting war, they canhave access (to Philippine bases).WhatI meant then was access which is tem- porary in nature,” he added, referring tothe escalatio of tensions in the Korean peninsula.Gazmin said the increased rotational presence of US troops in the Philippineswas tackled during a meeting between
Philippine and US ofcials in Washing-
ton last year.“The technical working groups agreethat when you say access here, they can
Gazmin: Access, not basing, for US
have access to our bases but they do notown the base,” he said.US troops have been replenishingsupplies in Philippine military bases,Gazmin said.
Get the best results for your CLASSIFIED AD withour 3-in-1 PRICE offer via online+digital+printeditions. Only from the Asian Journal
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.comMay 3-9, 2013
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