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Wells, H.G. Outline of History 1919

Wells, H.G. Outline of History 1919

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Published by Aren Roukema
Wells's fascinating account of world history.
Wells's fascinating account of world history.

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Published by: Aren Roukema on May 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part I1.0 The Earth inSpaceand TimePart II31.0 Muhammad and Islam
Outline of History
Being a Plain History of Life and MankindBy H. G. Wells
DedicationThis work is dedicated to the Public Domain by Norman M. Wolcott.http://ftp.metalab.unc.edu/pub/docs/books/sherwood/Wells-Outline/Outline
Outline of History1
BEING A PLAIN HISTORY OF LIFE AND MANKINDBy H. G. WellsWRITTEN ORIGINALLY WITH THE ADVICE AND EDITORIAL HELP OF MR. ERNEST BARKER,SIR H. H. JOHSTON, SIR E. RAY. LANKESTER, AND PROFESSOR GILBERT MURRAY, ANDILLUSTRATED BY J. F. HORRABINCOMPLETE IN ONE VOLUMEContaining all maps, charts, illustrations, diagrams, etc. 1200 pagesGARDEN CITY PUBLISHING CO., INC.GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK(c) 1920 by H. G. WellsTable of Contents1.0 The Earth in Space and Time2.0 The Record of the Rocks2.1 The First Living Things2.2 How Old is the World3.0 Natural Selection and Changes of Species4.0 The Invasion of the Dry Land by Life4.1 Life and Water4.2 The Earliest Animals5.0 The Age of Reptiles5.1 The Age of Lowland Life5.2 Flying Dragons5.3 The First Birds5.4 An Age of Hardship and Death5.5 The First Appearance of Fur and Feathers6.0 The Age of Mammals6.1 A New Age of Life
By H. G. Wells2
6.2 Tradition Comes Into the World6.3 An Age of Brain Growth6.4 The World Grows Hard Again7.0 The Ancestry of Man7.1 Man Descended From a Walking Ape7.2 First Traces of Man-like Creatures7.3 The Heidelberg Sub-Man7.4 The Piltdown Sub-Man8.0 The Neanderthal Man, an Extinct Race8.1 The World 50,000 Years Ago8.2 The Daily Life of the First Men9.0 The Later Postglacial Paleolithic Men, the First True Men (Later Paleolithic Age)9.1 The Coming of Men Like Ourselves9.2 Hunters Give Place to Herdsmen9.3 No Sub-men in America10.0 Neolithic Man in Europe10.1 The Age of Cultivation Begins10.2 Where did the Neolithic Culture Arise10.3 Everyday Neolithic Life10.4 Primitive Trade10.5 The Flooding of the Mediterranean Valley11.0 Early Thought11.1 Primitive Philosophy11.2 The Old Man in Religion11.3 Fear and Hope in Religion11.4 Stars and Seasons
By H. G. Wells3

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