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Transgressing the Boundaries

Transgressing the Boundaries

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Published by Randolph Dible

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Published by: Randolph Dible on Apr 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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QUANTUM MYSTICISM:Transgressing the Boundaries; Quantum Levity 
The Yogi and the Quantum
 by Robert Crease and
“Some physicists, including Schrodinger, felt that it was possible and even imperative to develop anintuitive comprehension of quantum mechanics…”(introduction)
“Others, including Werner Heisenberg, argued thatquantum happenings were sufficiently alien fromthose of our ordinary, macroscopic world, that thehuman mind lacked the appropriate nonmathematicalconcepts; the attempt to picture these quantumevents, they claimed, would in fact confuse andmislead physicists.”
The Yogi and the Quantum [2]
“For Bohr and others, the Copenhagen Interpretation[“complimentary but exclusive”] was a kind of philosophical key allowing them to feel comfortable with the peculiarities of the subatomic realm.” (page305,
 Philosophy of Science and the Occult 
“As Bohr said at Como, “[A]n independent reality inthe ordinary physical sense can neither be ascribed tothe phenomena nor to the agencies of observations.””(page 305, quoting Neils Bohr)

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