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Harry Potter Goes to Forks Chapter 1

Harry Potter Goes to Forks Chapter 1



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Published by Yana
This is what would happen if twilight was crossovered with harry potter. This story happens after breaking dawn and before the goblet of fire.
This is what would happen if twilight was crossovered with harry potter. This story happens after breaking dawn and before the goblet of fire.

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Published by: Yana on Apr 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bella’s POVI am so excited I can’t wait till Harry gets here. Harry is my second cousin.We are so close, almost like brother and sister. I just need to go clear myroom. I hope Harry isn’t there yet. As I entered my room through thesecond storey window, Harry was there. Crap. He was staring at me. Itwas really awkward. “Harry, what the hell are you doing here?” I asked.He just stared. That was really freaking me out, then his lips twitched. Iam guessing he was gonna start saying something. “h-how the h-hell d-did y-you g-go through the w-window?”What was he talking about? Oh. He probably saw me jump through thewindow frame. “Oh! I...uh...I...I didn’t. I guess I was already here. I...uh...I just wanted to surprise you when you got here. Uh...surprise!” My god Ifeel like such an idiot. Harry just looked at me.“You look different...more...uh...beautiful.” He blushed, something we bothhad in common.“Oh...uh...thanks.”Harry was finally over his shock because he broke the awkward silence.“Hey Bells! I missed you!” He walked two steps and gave me a hug. Wewere cousins and the same age, but hugging Harry never felt this weird tome.“I missed you too! It’s been so long since we’ve last seen each other.” Imused.“Bells? Is that you up there with Harry?” Charlie asked.“Uh...yeah dad. I arrived just in time to hide and surprise you and Harry.”“How did you get into the house?”“I...Uh...I still have my key.”“Oh yeah” That was the end of Charlie and I’s conversation.“Can I meet your husband, Edward? I’d like to meet this new cousin-in-lawof mine.” Harry asked.“Uh...he is out hunting. Oops!”
“Cool! You mean he is out hunting with guns and all that cool stuff!” Harryhonestly sounded excited about this. He sure is one weird cousin. Whatshould I say?“Uh...yeah! What you said.” I heard Charlie get up from the couch. He washeaded up the stairs and into my room.“The Cullens love to hunt. They even got Bella to go every now and then.Right Bells?” Charlie asked.“Yeah dad. Hunting is kinda fun until I fall.” That was an utter lie. I neverfell when I hunted. “Hey Harry. Do you want to meet my mother-in-law orwould you rather go down to La Push and meet my friends there?“Let’s go to La Push!” He really is happy but then I heard him andCharlie’s stomach protest to a trip to La Push. Right now they were bothhungry. I stifled a giggle with my hair.“How about I cook lunch for you two then we can all go to La Push? Evenyou dad. I am sure Billy and Sue won’t mind.”“Ok Bells. But if Billy and Sue don’t want me there I am going home.”Harryfixed his glasses by pushing the frame using his middle finger. What thehell? Did he just flip me off?“Harry! What the hell? Did you just flip me and Bella off?”“Oops! Sorry Uncle Charlie” Harry said.“Ok. Bells lets o down and you make us some lunch and you haven’tbrought nessie here yet. You should show her to Harry”“Renesmee is with Jacob so maybe later and sure I’ll drive you home if Billy and Sue mind your being there.” I ran over to Charlie and kissed himon the cheek. Then I walked to the kitchen. Charlie knew I was a vampireand the Volturi don’t know. At least let’s hope they don’t know it yet. Iwalked down to the kitchen and was about to reach for the garlic whenCharlie interrupted.“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”“Dad what’s wrong?”“Bells that’s garlic. Let me cut it. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”“Let me do it Uncle Charlie. I would love to help. Bells don’t even try tostop me because I’ll help whether you like it or not.” Harry interrupted.“Ok Harry. Why don’t you start cutting the onions and garlic while I talk tomy dad?”
“Sure thing Bells” I just smiled and walked to Charlie. “Don’t worry dad. Those are just myths. I don’t die by touching or smelling garlic. A crosswon’t hurt me and I do not get burned by the sun.” I explained to him. He just nodded probably still in shock that I am a vampire and that normaldoesn’t apply to me anymore. I went back to cooking with Harry when hecut himself with the knife. Crap.
Don’t breathe. Don’t breathe.
I chanted tomyself.But by accident I inhaled but Harry’s blood wasn’t anything close toappetizing. Human but with a mix of some strange foul scent. Not awerewolf but something totally different. Never mind he probably just hassomething weird going on maybe hormones. I’ll just make a mental noteto ask Carlisle. Meanwhile I wonder what the others are doing now.Renesmee’s POV
Daddy was about to close in on his prey when a huge tree fell in front of himblocking him and allowing the mountain lion to escape. Uncle Emmett, oops! Imeant, Emmett came in wrestling with a grizzly. “EMMETT!! You made me losemy lunch!” Daddy Shouted.‘’Hey it wasn’t my fault that you were so slow! Even Bella’s dead grandmothercould-‘’before he even finished his sentence Jacob slammed on top of Emmett creatinga 100-metre deep hole in the ground. Alice, Rosalie, Jasper and I fell to theground laughing. Emmett was about to slam Jacob to the ground, when instantly Jacob twisted and sent Emmett flying into the hollow of the forest and land rightsmack in the middle of his-‘’HOLY CRAP!’’ Emmett screamed. The whole forest rumbled with the words.Rosalie laughed so hard that she fell of the tree she was sitting on and fell intothe canyon.‘’JACOB YOU JACKASS MUTT!’’ She screamed.‘’What did I do?’’ Jacob barely as he had to catch his breath before he fell inwith her.“YOU.GOT.ME.SOAKED.IN.WATER!” Rose screamed. Dad turned-probably lookingfor me-he saw me sitting on a huge boulder calmly in the middle of what seemedto be a wrestling match.“Renesmee, sweetie. Would you mind if I kicked your boyfriend’s ass?”“Dad, please don’t. Why don’t you...uh...go kick Emmett’s instead?” I looked athim with my big brown chocolate eyes. He was sucker for them. Dad groaned.“Ok. But I am only doing this because you know I am a sucker for those eyes.”
Of course you are.
I said.“I heard that.” I hated that he could read my mind. That’s when I caught Rosecrouching and ready to spring at my Jacob. My Jacob. I liked the sound of that.

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