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Straight Talk, July 2008

Straight Talk, July 2008

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Straight Talk is an audience-driven, culturally-appropriate newspaper produced monthly for Ugandan adolescents by Straight Talk Foundation, a leading Health & Development Communication NGO based in Kampala, Uganda.

Straight Talk appears in Uganda's lead national daily, _The New Vision_, and is posted to 25,000 schools, CBO/NGOs, health units, churches and mosques across Uganda, giving the paper an audience of nearly 1.5 million adolescents each month. Among other things, Straight Talk strives to help older adolescents manage sexual feelings, have healthy relationships, and make informed life decisions.
Straight Talk is an audience-driven, culturally-appropriate newspaper produced monthly for Ugandan adolescents by Straight Talk Foundation, a leading Health & Development Communication NGO based in Kampala, Uganda.

Straight Talk appears in Uganda's lead national daily, _The New Vision_, and is posted to 25,000 schools, CBO/NGOs, health units, churches and mosques across Uganda, giving the paper an audience of nearly 1.5 million adolescents each month. Among other things, Straight Talk strives to help older adolescents manage sexual feelings, have healthy relationships, and make informed life decisions.

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Published by: Straight Talk Foundation on Apr 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Win a copy of Obama's book!
is never a joke.It is never funny.It is never sexy.It is always a crime.
But now there is hope
  Vo l. 14  No. 3  J u l y  2 0 0 8
Barack Obama
met hisKenyan father only once whenhe was 10. The absence of afather was a sadness in hislife. But Obama was brilliantand hardworking andmade the best of hislife. Now he may bethe next United Statespresident.
"I live in Kabale. I was walking through sorghumgardens when a man I had never seen before jumped out and grabbed me.He pushed me to the ground. I fought andscreamed and screamed. But no one came, exceptanother man, who stood and watched me being raped. Hewas holding a panga. I thought he might rape me too andalso cut me. So I stopped screaming and let the man finishraping me. After the rape I went to the Health Centre 4.They gave me ARVs for a month. I have tested and I didnot get HIV from the rape. They never caught the rapist. Idid not recognise him."Sadly this story is a common one: rape in a lonely place.But what is good and new is that this girl was able to getmedicine to prevent HIV from "taking root" in her body.Read more about this medicine, called PEP, on P3.
ape is when a woman or a girl is forced or deceived into sex. Rape is not caused by anuncontrollable sexual urge that comes over a male. "Rape is a behaviour that is chosen," saysTimothy Serubiri, counsellor at Naguru TeeangeCentre, Kampala. "Males make the choice to rape." About half of all girls who are raped are raped by astranger. The others are raped by people knownto the girl: a classmate, ex-boyfriend, neighbour or relative.Females who are raped include: girls inschool uniforms, babies, married women,girls who have boyfriends, quiet girls whohave never been to a disco, girls whocollect firewood...If the girl is very young or the rape isvery violent, the female may haveto go to theatre for an operationto repair the damaged vagina or anus.Rape survivors often feel ashamed.But you must tell someone. Even if  you were somewhere you should nothave been -- like at your boyfriend's house --or even if you were wearing a mini that your mother told you not to wear, be strong and tell atrusted adult. You need treatment.
Win a copy of Obama's book!
Congs to Maureen Mukisa of BrixtonStandard.
She won the novel
for her great story "Reunion withDad" in
Straight Talk's June quiz.
Readers areleaders. Bea reader!
Rape is a reality in our world:20% of girls say that they have suffered sexualviolence. Girls, try not to put yourself insituations where rapecan happen. But if youare raped, know that itis not the end of theworld. There is help outthere for you.
If you are raped andexposed to HIV-infectedsemen, you can takemedicine that stops thevirus from establishingitself in your body. CalledPEP, this medicine is ARVs, the same medicinethat many people withHIV take.
But in your case,you would take it for justa month.PEP is now available at279 health centres inUganda.
You look so shocked.Whatever it is, you can tell me. You must tell, baby. What happened? No. No. You will be OK.We will rush to the health centre. We will get you medicine to stop the HIV.This is so bad. When? Where? I was raped.Oh, no...Ok,Ok, baby,calm down.What will I do? What if he has HIV? 
Really, Granny? Oh God,I can't believe it.. Thank you..
Yesterday.At Frank's house.
Answer these questions: Is your father a leader or aruler? Are talkative women appreciated in yourvillage? Why? Why not?
Send your stories toStraight TalkPO Box 22366, Kampala.
is never a joke.It is never funny.It is never sexy.It is always a crime.
If someone tries to rape you,shout, scream and makeas much noise as possible.
There is new medicine that blocks HIV after rape
 R a p e R a p e
I feel so ashamed.Why did I go there? 
Straight Talk, July 2008
 Avoid lonely places:
 fight and shout if attacked
I live with my uncle. One night Iwent alone to fetch water from thewell. As I made my way home, a man jumped from the bush, threw my  jerrycan to the ground and rapedme. Too scared to tell my uncle, Itold his wife that I had been in a badfight. Two months later, I had an HIV test at Gulu Youth Centre. It waspositive.
Girl, 18, Gulu
Mum couldn't take me with her inher new marriage. So I went to livewith her brother. He was notmarried and would force me intosex almost daily. I had no one to tell.In S3 I found out that I was preg-nant. When I told my uncle, he said Ishould abort, but I was scared. Hesent me away and moved to an-other place. I did not know wheremy mum lived so I went to thestreets. Some ladies who work withPosta Uganda helped and took meto Naguru Teenage Centre. I wasthen taken to Hope After Rape. They got me a home.
Girl, 16, Wakiso
Testimonies of rape
Beinga man isn’thaving sex witha womanagainst herwill.Use yourstrength forwomen’sbenefit.Prevent violenceagainst girls.They areyour futurewives."
I was going home to Kibuye from Ntinda.It was 9 pm. I was alone. A man stopped togive me a lift. I was desperate to reachhome, so I accepted. As soon as I enteredthe car, hepulledout a pistoland said if I madenoise, hewould killme. He drove ashort distance,stopped and rapedme.He dropped me in anisolated place. I feltvery bad. When I gothome, I told my mother, though it washard for me. The nextday, she took me toNaguru TeenageCentre, where I wasgiven drugs to preventpregnancy and HIV transmission.
Girl, 17
First get PEP then go to police
Tina Musuya, Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention, Kampala
Last year over 12,230girls aged less than 18were defiled: 231 weregirls aged between 0and eight years of age.
 If a girl is wearing a miniskirt, it does not mean she deserves to beraped. "It can happen no matter what she is wearing," says rapecounsellor Serubiri Timothy. Rape is a conscious act on the part of the male, he says. Victims never ask for it. Rape has nothing to dowith whether you have ever had sex before. You can stay safer bynot going to risky places and not taking alcohol. Listen to your innervoice (instinct). If you are alone with a boy cousin or in a dormitoryand you sense danger, leave immediately.
Rape is so painful butthere's still lightat the end of thedark tunnel.
Testimonies of rape
 If you’ve been raped:
Know that you have donenothing wrong.Tell someone you trust.Go immediately to thenearest health centre andtell the health worker whathas happened.If you are not offered PEP,ask about it and insist onreceiving it. It is FREE.Accept to be tested for HIV.• Ask for emergency family planning pills to preventpregnancy.These must be taken within72 hours of the rape.Do not bathe. Go to seethe police who will have adoctor fill out a form,confirming that you wereraped.Keep your clothing asevidence.Get counselling.
 Minimise the physicalconsequences of rape bytaking early action. Bestrong!
FirstgetPEP,thengo topolice.
I advise fellowgirls in mysituation not tolose hope. Rapeis not the end oflife. Girl, 16, WakisoI advise fellowgirls in mysituation not tolose hope. Rapeis not the end oflife. Girl, 16, Wakiso
 Bo y  sa l so etraped  b y bot hmenand  w omen.Nearl y  10 %o f  ma le s inUanda  ha ve su f  f ered  se xua lvio lence.  Bo y  scan  be rapedin t he anu s. Ma le s  finditdi ff icu lt tota l k a boutrape.T he y  thin k t hatiton l y happen sto  fema le sor itmean st hatt he y are "ir l y ".T hati sron.Bo y  s,i f  y ou are  se xua l ly a s sau lted,te l lsomeone. o toahea lthcentreimmediate ly  f orP E P.
 I t  i s  n o t  j u s t g i r l s:  b o y s g e t  r a p e d  t o o
Allo ver  theorld bo ys  w hoare inprison su f  f er rape b yolderands tronger adultprisoners.
If attacked frombehind
Step downhard on his foot with your heel. Reach backwith yourhand, grabhis testiclesandsqueezethem hard.
If attacked fromthe front 
 Lift your knee,and push it ashard and fast as you can into histesticles (balls). Hit him hardin thestomachwith yourelbow. With your heel,kick himhard in hislower leg orknee.
Go only to safe places where others can see you.Try not to walk by yourself at night or in lonely places.Avoid wearing clothes that suggest that you wantsex. Do not take alcohol.
 If you have a boyfriend...
• and are afraid to be alone with him, visit him witha friend. Also, re-think your relationship. Why should you be with a boy you fear?If you visit him when he is alone, decide aheadhow much touching is OK for you. Do not getcaught by your feelings and just let things happen.• Move away if he touches you in ways that you donot like. Your feelings are warning you thatsomething worse may happen.If he wants sex and you do not, tell him that youare not ready.If he insists, get up and leave. Say NO with yourbody. Shout if you have to.
 Make fists andhit him on eachside of his head,or on his ears. Dig your fingershard into his eyes.
Straight Talk, July 2008
The science of PEP
Masaka students ask about condoms
 In June, Straight Talk received many condom questions from Kizza Memorial School, Masaka. Thequestions were real and relevant so we put them to you, the readers. Thank you, guys, wereceived 102 great letters from you. You all win prizes, including pads for every girl who wrote in. Remember, knowing about condoms does not mean you have to start sex. Get the knowledge andwhen the right time comes, you will know what to do.
demonstrateshow to use acondom.
Yes, not only do condoms prevent pregnancy, they also stop HIV if used correctly. Use a new condom for each round.
G Bwambale, S4,Rwensori HS, Busia 
Yes, if condoms are usedconsistently and correctly andinstructions followed, they can prevent HIV and pregnancy.
Betty D, Metu SS, Moyo
Is it true that if you have sex in the first round with a condom and thesecond round without, you cannotget pregnant?
 R Yiga 
 No! You can definitely get pregnant!The first ejaculation is the same asthe second and the third. If you'renot wearing a condom, the girl canget pregnant.
Deusdedit Manira-gaba, St Paul'sSeminary, Kabale
 No, it is not true. The sperm never stop coming out or beingmanufactured. Fertilisation canhappen.
Nafula EM, S3,Dabani
 Post Exposure Prophylaxis(PEP) is an exciting medicaladvance. In the past, femaleswho were raped just had to pray that they did not get  HIV. Now there is medicinethey can take.
But rape survivors should take PEPwithin 24 hours of being raped.After 72 hours PEP has much lesssuccess in stopping the HIV.
What is PEP?
PEP is a four week course of antiretroviraltablets (ARVs).ARVs are themedicines thatpeople who haveHIV take to controlthe virus. In thecase of PEP, theARVs can stop HIV from entering yourbody's cells, multiply-ing and "taking root"."When HIV entersthe body it needs anenzyme to startreproducing insideour cells," says DrStephen Watiti of Mildmay. "PEP blocksthat enzyme.""Sometimes we giveyou two drugs. But if the chance is very high that the rapisthad HIV, we may giveyou three drugs."
 Do not waste time
If you have been raped and need PEP,the doctor will first test you for HIV. If you test HIV-negative you will receivePEP. If possible the accused rapist willalso be tested.
Says Dr Watiti: "Unfortu-nately, rape survivors waste valuabletime by first going to LCs and police.Make sure you start on PEP, then beginthe legal process. Alongside ARVs, youmay be given emergency family plan-ning to stop preg-nancy."
You have a right to PEP: PEP is free
All rape and defilementsurvivors, boys in-cluded, are entitled tofree PEP treatment atany of the 279 centresthat offer ARVs inUganda. There shouldbe one near you.Dr Betty Kasanka is aSenior Medical Officerat the Ministry of Health.She says: "If you areraped, PEP treatment isyour first priority."PEP is new so healthworkers are being sensitised on it. If youfind a health workerwho is not familiar withPEP, Dr Kasanka advisesyou to persist until youreceive treatment.Dr Kasanka confirms:"PEP is free for rapesurvivors."
side and the other leg the other side. Then with two fingers, sheremoves the condom from thevagina.
RJ Rubongoya,Kahungabunyonyi PS, Fort Portal
What can be done if a condomremains in the girl's vagina?
When a condom is not used for thesecond round, a girl can get pregnant. The sperm can still be flowing from the urethra. Usecondoms for all rounds. 
Iyundhu A, Bukoyo SS, Iganga 
 Please note. Some StraightTalkers thought that a condomcould move inside the girl and thatshe would need an operation toget it out. That is false. But what istrue is that the girl will have beenexposed to HIV and semen spilt from the condom. She can get pregnant and infected.
Straight Talk
knows that many girls leave school due to pregnancy. Others die after aborting. Clearly someyoung people are having sex. If you are sexually active, never have unprotected sex. Test for HIV with your partner. Girls who are sexually active also need family planning like pills or injections.
Be serious. Focus withyour partner toensure correctuse.Check theexpiry date.Feel if thecondom pack is air tight.Have more than onecondom.Have the packet nearby.Open it from the corner.Avoid biting or pricking it.Hold the tip of the condomto leave space for semen.Roll the condom to thebottom of the penis. Now you can have sex.After sex, withdraw thepenis when the penis isstill erect. Hold thecondom carefully to avoidspilling the semen.Wrap the used condom inpaper and burn it. Or youcan throw it into a latrine.
 You do not have to get infected with HIV if raped. You can take PEP. PEP works best when given within 24 hours of therape. You can get PEP from Naguru Teenage Centre, Mildmay, GuluReferral Hospital and the 279 sites that offer ARVs in Uganda.
PEP prevents HIV infectionPEP prevents HIV infection
Straight Talk  
your one-page storyabout rape. It can be a personal story (we will not broadcast your name). Or it can beabout rape in your community. Does ithappen? Why? To whom? By whom? Whathappens? What should be done? We will put yourstories on our
Straight Talk  
radio shows. Prizesawait you.
HIV replicates by copying itself using the geneticmaterial in the nucleus of thehuman cell. PEP preventsthis. PEP stops thereproduction of HIV.
I hear condoms prevent pregnancy. Dothey prevent HIV too?
 E Kayondo
To remove it, the girl should squat, put her  finger in her vagina and catch it.
St JudeCollege, Bugiri ST Club
When the condom remains in the vagina,the girl needs to sit and adjust the leg one
Dr BettyKasankaDr StephenWatiti

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