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NH Rep Stella Tremblay Questions Marathon Bomb Victim's Injuries - Operatives Pounce to Stop her investigation inquiry

NH Rep Stella Tremblay Questions Marathon Bomb Victim's Injuries - Operatives Pounce to Stop her investigation inquiry

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Published by Peter
NH Rep Stella Tremblay Questions Marathon Bomb Victim's Injuries - Operatives Pounce to Stop her investigation inquiry. In this thread, Ms. Tremblay is also receiving veiled death threats.
NH Rep Stella Tremblay Questions Marathon Bomb Victim's Injuries - Operatives Pounce to Stop her investigation inquiry. In this thread, Ms. Tremblay is also receiving veiled death threats.

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Published by: Peter on May 03, 2013
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5/3/13 1:40 AMTremblay Questions Marathon Bomb Victim's Injuries - Nashua, NH PatchPage 1 of 20http://nashua.patch.com/articles/tremblay-questions-marathon-bomb-victim-s-injuries#youtube_video-14180472
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Carol RobidouxEmail the author
May 1, 2013
Flag as inappropriate1 of 2 Audio clip o Tremblay from the April 30 Pete Santilli Show.State Rep. Stella Tremblay, R-Auburn, appearing on a nationally syndicated radio show April 30, is now questioning the injuries sustained by marathonbombing victim
Jeff Bauman
, who lost his legs in the blast."He was not in pain; he was not in shock. If I had had those type of injuries, I'd be screaming in agony," Tremblay told California-based radio host PeteSantilli, describing her "gut feeling" that something about the scenario "was wrong" after viewing the widely publicized photo of Bauman just after thebomb blast.Tremblay was featured on the program because of her
comment that the marathon bombing
was a government organized "black ops" plot and an"FBI cover up" according to the program's promo on the
Pete Santilli website.
Democratic National Committeewoman Kathy Sullivan of Manchester is calling for Tremblay's censure and resignation, saying that this goes beyondpolitics."To insinuate this poor man, who could've died – and three people did die – when she says stuff like this, it's like she's minimizing the loss, the horror.This really has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with the fact that we have a state rep out of control," Sullivan said Wednesday."Everyone should immediately call the house leadership – anyone of any stature in the Republican Party, and call for her resignation. While she's entitledto express whatever repugnant, stupid, wacky opinion she may have under the First Amendment, the rest of us have the right to express ourrepugnance at her unfathomable lunacy. I don't know what else you can call it," Sullivan said.Bauman, who lives in Chelmsford, Mass., and works for the Costco in Nashua, lost both his legs in the April 15 blast.House Republican Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) said while he hadn't yet listened to Tremblay's latest comments, he didn't need to."It boggles my mind that a state rep of any party would say that, let alone what she said at first time. This is even more personal to people from NewHampshire. Even if you want to believe something like that, don't say it, when so many people have been maimed and injured, their lives thrown intopieces. Even if you believe this conspiracy bull crap, it defies logic. I don't know how else to denounce it," Chandler said. As for asking Tremblay to resign, Chandler said she hasn't broken any laws.
Tremblay Questions Marathon Bomb Victim's Injuries
"He was not in shock; he was not in pain," NH Rep says of her reaction to the iconic photo ofvictim Jeff Bauman.
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Carol Robidoux
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5/3/13 1:40 AMTremblay Questions Marathon Bomb Victim's Injuries - Nashua, NH PatchPage 2 of 20http://nashua.patch.com/articles/tremblay-questions-marathon-bomb-victim-s-injuries#youtube_video-14180472
"At this moment I don't plan on asking her to resign. I'm not going to say I wish she wouldn't; I wish she would, maybe, but I don't have a standing toask. She's duly elected and she hasn't broken any laws. Until such time as she does, all the bad taste and ridiculous errors in judgement don't warrantthat. I'm not in any way defending what she said. If I could think of stronger words to say against her, I would, but they'd be words you couldn't print,"Chandler said.Tremblay,
in an interview with New Hampshire reporters last week
, defended her comments. She said, "What am I going to apologize for, askingquestions?"On air, Santilli asked Tremblay how it felt to be demonized over her previous comments.
"If the government had nothing to fear all they had to say is this is not true," Tremblay said. "Have we got any investigative reports on Bengazi? Do we have any investigative reports on Fast and Furious?They are pushing, pushing, pushing to take away our gun rights," Tremblay said about two hours and 18 minutes into the nearly three hour radio program, uploaded here via YouTube."I tried to get on Glenn Beck. He has taught me a lot of things... there are evil forces in the world, and our government may not be in control of their decisions. There is something out there controlling them. It's been a small awakening."
She went on to say that whistle blowers in New Hampshire have inspired her, and "lovingly sent information her way," and watched her absorb it overtime. "I learned really quickly, that even those in the Republican Party are not what they seem," said Tremblay.Tremblay then strayed off topic of the show's marathon conspiracy theory theme to talk about her list of issues within the New Hampshire RepublicanParty,
including removing 189 representatives from serving
for their stance on the Stand Your Ground bill.Sullivan said that while Tremblay does not seem to have support from her Republican colleagues, it's time for New Hampshire as a whole to take astand against her conspiracy theory commentary now, especially in relation to victims and others who were directly affected by the bombing."It's bizarre. On one had you hate to give her more publicity, because she seems to be feeding off it. But on the other hand, you can't ignore her; she's aNew Hampshire representative using that position to make statements that don't reflect what the rest of the House of Representatives believes,"Sullivan said."She crossed a line, went off a cliff, whatever the right term is, it's past time for her to either resign, or be censured, to show that she does not speak forNew Hampshire's representatives, or anyone else here," Sullivan said.----
Editor's Note: This story was updated at 7:20 p.m. to include comments by House Republican Leader Gene Chandler, R-Bartlett.
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D. Fuchsen
7:02 pm on Wednesday, May 1, 2013
I am sorry. She is transcendentally insane, preternaturally vicious, or both.
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Jake Leonard
1:10 am on Thursday, May 2, 2013
So is the dirtbag you call a president.
1:39 am on Thursday, May 2, 2013
.....which is strongly indicative of your deep state of denial. You're right. You are extremely sorry.
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One Man Wolf Pack
7:39 pm on Wednesday, May 1, 2013
5/3/13 1:40 AMTremblay Questions Marathon Bomb Victim's Injuries - Nashua, NH PatchPage 3 of 20http://nashua.patch.com/articles/tremblay-questions-marathon-bomb-victim-s-injuries#youtube_video-14180472
Reply Reply 
She is as bad as the Laughtons, can Auburn impeach her if she will not resign?
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Jake Leonard
1:10 am on Thursday, May 2, 2013
Highly doubtful.
1:36 am on Thursday, May 2, 2013
.....If I were Ms. Tremblay; asking the tough questions & demanding answers; I would definitely NEVER resign for protecting the bestinterests of our citizens. Anyone who asks for her resignation is on the wrong side of the law. It's illegal to kill American citizens, and it isalso illegal to threaten people with "resignation" as a means of intimidating them to not enforce the law---obstruction of justice is a veryserious crime. Even insinuating that she be impeached or resign for demanding accountability is very unethical & immoral --- actually veryinhuman. If you care enough about the live of the people impacted by this tragedy, you should care enough to make certain that those whocaused this event are brought to justice. Ms. Tremblay is defending us against ALL enemies --- foreign AND domestic
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12:17 pm on Thursday, May 2, 2013
No. There is no mechanism for removing a NH elected official from office. Any elected official.
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One Man Wolf Pack
2:29 pm on Thursday, May 2, 2013
@Peter, I am all for a thorough investigation and asking tough questions; but that is NOT what she did or is doing. Here is here facebookpost."Just as you said would happen. Top Down, Bottom UP. The Boston Marathon was a Black Ops "terrorist" attack. One suspect killed, theother one will be too before they even have a chance to speak. Drones and now "terrorist" attacks by our own Government. Sad day, but a"wake up" to all of us. First there was a "suspect" then there wasnt. Infowars broke the story and they knew they had been "found out"."She is literally claiming it was a government black ops operation. That is NOT a question or anywhere even close it is a accusation that isliterally unfounded and without fact. Go ahead and investigate and ask questions, sure that is proper; but an elected official has zerobusiness saying what she did, period. She most definitely should resign and quite frankly anything less is in opposition to the law as withoutsome sort of proof it is slanderous.
11:38 pm on Thursday, May 2, 2013
One Man Wolf Pack: I know what ms. Tremblay said, because unlike you are all doing, I don't take her comments out of context to suit myunconstitutional Libtard agenda. If I were you, I would step into a smarter realm of perking up with interest when our elected officials startspeaking out about crimes against humanity. // Why is it that we aren't even Libtardish & we seem to be more concerned about protectinghumans --- and the Libtard socialists are now running around the world with covert operatives, drones, and an NDAA-basketball dribblingCommander in Chief killing innocent civilians --- you guys might as well call yourselves Republican Neo-Cons with your war-like mentality. Ihave spoken with Ms. Tremblay & listened to her main thoughts on the Boston Marathon bombing. I wasn't persuaded by some MSMsound-bite or Twitter message that is dished out to the masses so as to suit a political or military objective (covertly released by a CIA operative hiding behind the scenes @ CNN or FoxNews). Obviously we care even MORE about the lives of the people impacted by thebombing, cuz we're even willing to call out our DOMESTIC enemies who staged the event.
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Reply Reply 
9:01 pm on Wednesday, May 1, 2013
You are a complete idiot Tremblay!!!! I feel bad for your family - they have to put up with you and your ignorance. People like Jeff and all the victims ,first responders and families deserve our support . Clearly you would be best friends with the terrorist since your just as heartless as them!!

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