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Riverhead High School 3rd Quarter 2012-2103 honor roll

Riverhead High School 3rd Quarter 2012-2103 honor roll

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Riverhead High School 3rd Quarter 2012-2103 honor roll, Riverhead
Riverhead High School 3rd Quarter 2012-2103 honor roll, Riverhead

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Published by: East End Local Media Corp. on May 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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First&Name Last&Name Honor&Roll(s) Grade
Jose Alvizures Honor.Roll 9Stephanie Ambrosio Honor.Roll 9Juan Argueta Honor.Roll 9Hayley Bingham Honor.Roll 9Karol Birycki Honor.Roll 9Lauren Block Honor.Roll 9Kristen Campanelli Honor.Roll 9Blake Carrara Honor.Roll 9Megan Carrick Honor.Roll 9Kimberly Chabla Honor.Roll 9Brian Clark Honor.Roll 9Peter Cook Honor.Roll 9Mitchord CopeHobbs Honor.Roll 9Joseph Cunningham Honor.Roll 9Hanna DaMes Honor.Roll 9Shania Daniel Honor.Roll 9Karol Danowski Honor.Roll 9Cody Dilworth Honor.Roll 9Dennis Doherty Honor.Roll 9Miguel DomingoPascual Honor.Roll 9Helene Drozd Honor.Roll 9Natalia Drozdowska Honor.Roll 9Evan Duarte Honor.Roll 9Samantha Dunn Honor.Roll 9Lewis Eastwood Honor.Roll 9Muhammad Fareed Honor.Roll 9Taylor Fields Honor.Roll 9Jessica Freeborn Honor.Roll 9Hugo Garcia.Avalos Honor.Roll 9Miriam Garcia.Avalos Honor.Roll 9Edwar Gomez Honor.Roll 9Jesse Goodale Honor.Roll 9Justin Hansel Honor.Roll 9Michael Harris Honor.Roll 9Jarett Hartmann Honor.Roll 9Carley Hayon Honor.Roll 9Sara Helgans Honor.Roll 9Gwendolyn Hilles Honor.Roll 9Kaitlyn Jehle Honor.Roll 9Kaitlyn Keane Honor.Roll 9Brenna Latour Honor.Roll 9Zachary Manuel Honor.Roll 9Emily Masse Honor.Roll 9Lauren Mastropaolo Honor.Roll 9Jake Mauro Honor.Roll 9
Shannon McAlister Honor.Roll 9Bryce McKissick Honor.Roll 9Joseph Messina Honor.Roll 9Keily Molina Honor.Roll 9Brooke Murphy Honor.Roll 9Laurence Nash Honor.Roll 9Jessica Nicholson Honor.Roll 9Kevin OKula Honor.Roll 9Emily Pearce Honor.Roll 9Rachel Phillips Honor.Roll 9Corey Polak Honor.Roll 9Michael Pozamantir Honor.Roll 9Irving Reyes Honor.Roll 9Gavin Rizzo Honor.Roll 9Joshua Rosenbaum Honor.Roll 9Sarah Rosenbaum Honor.Roll 9Eyva Santos.Felix Honor.Roll 9Cesar Sauceda Honor.Roll 9Alexis Schmidt Honor.Roll 9Benjamin Simone Honor.Roll 9Alyson Spano Honor.Roll 9Emma Spear Honor.Roll 9Katherine Squires Honor.Roll 9Andrew Teresky Honor.Roll 9Courtney Troyan Honor.Roll 9Nicole Trypuc Honor.Roll 9Nicholas Waldron Honor.Roll 9Benjamin Weir Honor.Roll 9Dillon Wiggins Honor.Roll 9Maya Williams Honor.Roll 9Katelyn Zaneski Honor.Roll 9Josselyn Zepeda Honor.Roll 9Tyler Allen Honor.Roll 10Maria.(Kate) Anderson Honor.Roll 10Amanda Baron Honor.Roll 10Emily Behr Honor.Roll 10Maximilian Bernhardt Honor.Roll 10Kaitlyn Berry Honor.Roll 10Jeremy Bornstein Honor.Roll 10Samantha Carter Honor.Roll 10Rachel Clement Honor.Roll 10Matthew Conforti Honor.Roll 10Michael Cooper Honor.Roll 10Brianne Corwin Honor.Roll 10Stefanie Costello Honor.Roll 10Joseph Cracco Honor.Roll 10
Patrick Cuccia Honor.Roll 10Nicholas Cunha Honor.Roll 10Kimberly Daniell Honor.Roll 10Lexianne Davis Honor.Roll 10Amanda Dickerson Honor.Roll 10Maria Dillingham Honor.Roll 10James Dillon Honor.Roll 10Ryan Diresta Honor.Roll 10John Duffy Honor.Roll 10Jacob Funfgeld Honor.Roll 10Aakash Gandhi Honor.Roll 10Steven Giannico Honor.Roll 10Matthew Guglielmo Honor.Roll 10Kimberly Guthrie Honor.Roll 10Shannon Harden Honor.Roll 10Michelle Hattorff Honor.Roll 10Paige Heller Honor.Roll 10Nicholas Herzog Honor.Roll 10Sarah Huneault Honor.Roll 10Sean Janlewicz Honor.Roll 10Andre Juarez Honor.Roll 10Pamela Karwowski Honor.Roll 10Ryan Lynn Honor.Roll 10Isabella Marcucci Honor.Roll 10Cassandra Markert Honor.Roll 10Noah Markewitz Honor.Roll 10Erik Markowski Honor.Roll 10Kathryn McKillop Honor.Roll 10Alexandra McWhirter Honor.Roll 10Amy Methven Honor.Roll 10Nicholas Mikelinich Honor.Roll 10George Mohabeer Honor.Roll 10Joscelin Morrow Honor.Roll 10Renee.N Mott Honor.Roll 10Danielle Napoli Honor.Roll 10Heather O'Connor Honor.Roll 10Owen O'Neill.JrHonor.Roll 10Marissa Palermo Honor.Roll 10Raquel Perodin Honor.Roll 10Erin Plitt Honor.Roll 10Jessica Purick Honor.Roll 10James Rios Honor.Roll 10John Roca Honor.Roll 10Matthew Russo Honor.Roll 10Kimberly Searles Honor.Roll 10Hayley Sheridan Honor.Roll 10

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