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Warhammer 40k Battle Report Chaos v Tau 5th Ed

Warhammer 40k Battle Report Chaos v Tau 5th Ed



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Published by davemcmillan5259
Warhammer 40k Battle Report Chaos v Tau 5th Ed

900 points
Warhammer 40k Battle Report Chaos v Tau 5th Ed

900 points

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: davemcmillan5259 on Apr 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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El’Quixo listened intently to his pathfinders’ report. The anarchists from the warp had arrived on thefringes of the nascent Tau world (only absorbed into the empire 1.6 rotaas ago), and were rapidlyadvancing on the landing pad, just short of El’Quixos cadre. They were not many, indicated thepathfinder. But these foul, rotting Gue’la were tough, Quixo recalled from hazy memory. The learnedAun of Borkan would not be impressed if a recently won world was taken from their grasp.El’Quixo dispatched the pathfinder, saying: “this battle will be barbaric, brother. Your skills had better beemployed elsewhere, and I dispatch you north: away from here.” He continued, anticipating thepathfinders protest: “Your cerebral arts of path-finding have no place in the chaos that will be upon ussoon. Your day will come, brother. However, for the moment, please summon my Q-guard”Mission: annihilationDeployment: pitched battle1
turn: TauFigures: Before the battle is joined (1)
Figures: Before the battle is joined (2)Tau turn 1 (T1)With the daemon prince hidden behind a rhino and a bunker, and the terminators deep-striking, therewere only 2 targets on the table. These were the two rhinos containing 7 plague marines each.
The movement phase started with the Kroot making a break for the woods on the left flank. On thesame side, crisis team epsilon moved into plasma rifle range. El’Quixo and his Q-guard did the same in amore central position. Since there were no realistic targets in range for the sniper drone team, theymoved up to get a better vista of the Chaos advance.The shooting phase proved interesting, with the broadsides immobilising one rhino and crisis epsilondoing the same to the other. Finally, El’Quixo took aim with his plasma rifle at the rhino protecting thedaemon prince and... Kaboom! The rhino was destroyed: the chaos marines had to decamp and leg itfrom now on. “They will regret their rejection of our offers of dialogue” mused the Q-guard over theshared Tau comm.-link. Even the broadsides cheered.

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Sorbeck191 added this note
Typical Tau. Happens to me every game, absolutely waxing the enemy at the start of the game and then at about turn 3 or 4 all my units think they have won and put down their guns. Then suddenly I have one unit on the board.
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kagemann added this note
Thanks for posting this. Reminds me of the battles my friends and I used to have in high school, back when we had more time to enjoy the game than just paint the figures. One suggestion: For terrain, buy a sheet of blue board at the hardware store, cut it to size and break up the edges with your finger nail to get a rocky appearance, paint black, dry brush brown or gray, and flock - easy hills.

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