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Published by Zoe Murton

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Published by: Zoe Murton on May 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 EvaluationFor this project I was given the chance to find my own client and produce them either acorporate and promotional programme package or a social action and community mediaproduction.I chose the corporate and promotional programme package for a local photographer who is just getting started in her career. How I chose my client was through research and work asshe and I have only recently been introduced through a part time job. She was looking forsomeone to produce her a promotional video. I offered her a promotional video where shewill be promoted as a photographer and her art work free of charge.My client, Georgina Harrod does not have a specific category for her photography as she isan all rounder photographer. The promotional video which I am producing for Harrod isspecifically set around her still life art work.Throughout the unit I researched into existing photography promotional videos and showreels to see how they promote their work and themselves. I found many influences such asFX Media and wedding photographers. What I learnt from researching these existingpromotional packages is that they introduce the video through an interview with thephotographer introducing themselves. This inspired me as it is a great way to introduce myclient and to show her target audience who she really is.One video stood out the most and influenced me more which was from FX Media. This videohad a beginning, middle and an end. How it was structured gave me an idea on how I couldstructure my video and how to promote my client and her art work at the same time. Byresearching all these videos/show reels gave me great ideas on how to produce and edit thevideo.Over the unit I kept in close contact with my client keeping her up to date with what I wasdoing for example through research and my influences, editing and filming. I kept manyproduction logs which I posted on a blog throughout the project where my client and mylectures could keep up to date with what I was doing.Part of this unit involved me showing my first edit to my peers and my client to gatherfeedback on what they think of the video so far and to advise me on where to improve andmake changes.The feedback which I got from my peers and client was all positive. They suggested manypossible ideas which I could use to improve my video such as; make clips shorter or speed
Blue Cat Productions 
them up, add a voice over to link the sequence together, take out the ending and use ascene from the interview to end the video in a more personal and effective way, include
some of GH’s photos which were not taken on the shoots in the video to show the target
audience all her work and alter the colour correction to give it a more softer tone.
The positive feedback which I got was “It included
and made me want to do
that”, “Loved the transitions between each scene and image”, “Captured all the differentelements of the photographers work load in one short video”, “The music fits perfe
ctly with
the sequence giving it a smooth but edgy tone”, “Each clip
flows smoothly and fits perfectwith the rest of the sequence
All this feedback is positive and advises me on how to improve my video to make it evenbetter.The music which I used is an instrumental piece from the band Coldplay. This is not themusic which my client will use because of copyright issues. Originally, I had a musicproducer produce me a piece of instrumental music but unfortunately we came across someissues while editing where the music got lost. How we resolved this problem was usingsome existing music, temporally while ST (music producer) creates a new piece. Thesoundtrack which I have used is for this project only.The aspects of the promotional video I most like are the transitions I used to cut on each clipand photograph. The reason for this is because they introduce the next clip or photographwith a dissolve which gives the transition a smooth and elegant effect. I also liked myintroduction with the on location scene from the woods. Where I start zoomed in at the sunpeering through the trees and then gradually zoom out to a mid shot of my client taking aphotograph through the glass. This introduces the video with an elegant start and sets thetheme. I also like the interview where Harrod talks about her work and her feedback whichshe got from a well-known photographer. I found it inspirational what she said as itinfluenced me as a person and motivated me to continue with my work.The aspects which I wish I could improve on and do differently next time would be to use atripod on some of the locations. The reason for this is because with some of my footage it isa bit shaky and could have been easily dealt with if I used a tripod. I do not regret using theFig Rig as it made handling the camera much easier.I would also plan my schedule differently so I would have more time near to my deadline totweak bits if needed and to give me more time to finish of paper work.Throughout this project I have learnt new skills and techniques not only in film but also inphotography. I learnt that all photographers are different and work in different ways anduse different techniques on how to produce their work. I learnt how to film in a moreprofessional and sufficient manner to produce a well filmed and edited show reel for myclient.

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