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BioElectric Shield April Newsletter

BioElectric Shield April Newsletter

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Published by BioElectricShield
Bioelectric Shield Monthly newsletter - explore topics like Is It Hype or is it Reality, Blissiphine, Michael Beckwith, The Stars the Universe and Everything, and Cell Phone Safety.
We cover a wide range of healthy and wellbeing issues, to Sign up for our newsletter http://visitor.constantcontact.com/manage/optin/ea?v=001UtC3yXGV8FTwkxHt0i9LVg%3D%3D
Bioelectric Shield Monthly newsletter - explore topics like Is It Hype or is it Reality, Blissiphine, Michael Beckwith, The Stars the Universe and Everything, and Cell Phone Safety.
We cover a wide range of healthy and wellbeing issues, to Sign up for our newsletter http://visitor.constantcontact.com/manage/optin/ea?v=001UtC3yXGV8FTwkxHt0i9LVg%3D%3D

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Published by: BioElectricShield on Apr 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BioElectric Shield Healthy LifestyleNewsletter
Welcome to our April Newsletter
Welcome to our April Newsletter.I've been thinking a lot about the level of stress and overload we all seem to beexperiencing. Last month I wrote "Is it Hype or Is It Reality?" simply to get everyonethinking about what's really happening in their lives. I've followed that up with anotherarticle that hopefully you'll find interesting. In fact, this "reality" thing might become atheme if you're interested in it.One of the things I do when I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed is I try to find ways tore-connect to something that's inspirational, soothing, or magical, something that remindsme of a different kind of "reality". Several people sent me links to some new photos fromHubble and I instantly felt transported to another space and felt that beautiful sense of peace and wonder. I'm sharing some of those photos with you.If you have topics you'd like to see covered or other comments, please feel free to emailme.Carolyn
So since we have all been under more stress lately, I got to thinking about how long we'vebeen observing stress and the "out of balance" energy that comes with stress. When theShield was invented in 1990 we knew it did more than just help with EMF. In fact, for 18years our mission statement has been: "We are grateful we can offer you the Shield. Ourmission is to make the world a better place. When you wear a Shield, you can be morebalanced, and bring your balance and well-being to the world around you."This is still our mission. Along with this, we're always on the lookout for ways to lower yourstress.Research has shown that cell phones can produce a great deal of biological stress.Everyday hundreds of people around the world get their first cell phone. In a recent articleit was reported that in the USA more than 50% of children own their own cell phone. InUK, there are more cell phones than people! China has over 400 million subscribers, andIndonesia has more than 50 million subscribers! In this issue we have data about cellphones that may influence the type of cell phone you choose.It certainly seems to me that attitude certainly creates a heaven or hell on earth! I wasparticularly inspired by Michael Beckwith when I watched the Secret DVD (for about the30th time). I've just started reading his new book. Every chapter has several gems of wisdom in it. I plan to share more of them next month.If you have been inspired by anyone in particular, please drop me an email.Virginia
Is It Reality or Is It Hype - Part 2
I woke up this morning thinking about last month's article andsuddenly worried that you might think I meant not to payattention to any hype or news. On the contrary, pay attention,but always apply your own "reality filter" or more crudely putyour "BS meter". What is a reality filter? It's simply using yourintuition and inner knowing to discern what the truth is for you.I was reminded of a situation that happened in the early 90s.There was a man named Peter coming to Milwaukee several times a year teaching classeson healing, meditation and various information about his view about the world, how andwhy it was created and a variety of other things. I was very impressed with a lot of what hehad to share and started helping to set up and promote his workshops in Milwaukee and afew other places. When he wasn't in town his students and their friends began meeting ona monthly basis and sharing healing, meditating, sharing and laughing. I wrote and sentout a newsletter to about 180 people. Doesn't seem like much now, but that that wasbefore everyone had email, so I actually printed 4-8 pages and mailed them out eachmonth.I'm getting to the point, that was just a little background. Peter was a great teacher,engaging, interesting, slightly charismatic, and he had a great laugh. I always have my owntruth or BS meter engaged and I was pretty clear that approximately 70% of what hetaught was true and valuable. He had a couple of areas in which he had some serious blindspots and or was choosing to believe something that just didn't feel true. One of thosethings was that we were all going to ascend that summer. If you're not familiar with theidea - there are two different explanations of the same term. Peter's understanding wasthat we will leave our physical bodies and ascend into the heaven and would no longer haveto go through the cycle of birth and rebirth. I was more inclined to believe the alternateexplanation that ascension is a movement upward in consciousness. You do not "go"anywhere. You do not "leave" anywhere. But your perspective, your perception, is radicallyaltered. You begin to see through the maya, or the illusion of this world.The two explanations are quite different, Peter's seemed unlikely to me. I simply shruggedit off and didn't let it cloud my judgment of what he shared that was good.One day we were having our monthly meeting and Ginger, a 70 year old retired schoolteacher, (not her name) told me that she had just spent her life savings on a trip to Egyptand a variety of other things. Her reasoning was that since we were all ascending there wasno point in hanging on to the money. When I told her I didn't think that was happening.She was shocked and replied that she figured that since I was helping to promote Peterthen obviously I believed 100% of what he said. That was my turn to be shocked anddismayed. It never occurred to me that anyone would rely totally on what they perceivedas the beliefs and judgments of someone else. I hadn't realized that perhaps it wasn'tenough for me to be clear on what I believed, but should have been sharing my viewpointall along. I stopped writing the newsletter then and there. My final article was one in whichI encouraged everyone to fully utilize their own BS meters.When I first started studying spiritual teachings I read a book by Stuart Wilde and his veryfirst paragraph said basically "use your own judgment. If it works for you, great. If itdoesn't set it aside, you don't necessarily have to throw it all out because of a fewconcepts. Take in what feels right, set the rest on a shelf to reexamine at a later date."
That made a huge impression on me. It honestly made it easier for me to read and absorbhis information because I felt like I wasn't being asked to believe it all or not, but that Icould take in what resonated with me.This concept should be applied to everything in your life. Pay attention when you listen tothe news, read a newspaper, read a book, listen to someone talk, whatever you're doingshould be filtered through your own intuitive sense of knowing. If you're not sure...then setit aside. Let it sit for a while and come back to it and see if it fits or not.Use this sense even when you're reading fiction. Novels can and often do carry incredibletruths. This is one way that a writer can share something that is fundamentally true, butwhich may not be able to be completely historically proven. Novels also allow us to readand absorb information without that sense that this is either true or false and that we needto believe or discard. There are times I've been reading something and really enjoying thestory, only to realize about half way through the book that the basic story line feelsincredibly true, sometimes even a part of our history or past that has been forgotten oreven purposely obscured.What if you're not sure of your own judgment or intuition? I have a simple method that hashelped me a lot. Sit quietly and feel how your body and mind feel, are you tense, in pain,feeling good, etc? Then think about the differing ideas or concepts that you're concernedabout. How do you feel now? Do you feel lighter, encouraged, happy, secure, centered,determined? If so, then you probably are feeling the truth in this concept. If, on the otherhand, you feel stressed, tense, tired, experiencing a heaviness or pain that wasn't therebefore, then I would definitely set this concept aside as one that isn't true for you at themoment. Yes, I said at the moment, there are times that things shift and what wasn't trueor correct at one time, may be at another. Just keep your radar up and ask questions orother people and yourself. You might be surprised by how much easier it is for you to makedecisions on just about everything.

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