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Applying Rosicrucian Principles to Daily Living.pdf

Applying Rosicrucian Principles to Daily Living.pdf

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Published by sauron385
By Thor Kiimalehto, Past Grand Master, AMORC
By Thor Kiimalehto, Past Grand Master, AMORC

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Published by: sauron385 on May 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Supplementary Monograph
PRINYCOINU. S. A.The subject matter of this monograph must be understood by the reader or studentof same, not to be the official Rosicrucian teachings. These monographs constitute a seriesof supplementary studies provided by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, both to membersand nonmembers, because they are not the secret, prívate teachings of the Order.The object of these supplementary monographs is to broaden the mind of the student bypresenting him with the writings, opinions, and dissertations of authorities in various fíelasof human enterprise and endeavor. Therefore, it is quite probable that the reader willnote at times in these supplementary monographs statements made which are inconsistentwith the Rosicrucian teachings or viewpoint. Rut with the realization that they are mere-ly
and that the Rosicrucian Organization is not endorsing or condoningthem, one must take them merely for theirmentary series the authors or transíatorswe have knowledge of their identity.ir prima facie valué. Throughout the supple-of the subject will be given due credit whenever
"Consecrated to truth and dedicated to every Rosicrucian"
AMORC - Rosicrucian OrderSPECIAL TEMPLE MONOGRAPH Page OneAPPLYING ROSICRUCIAN PRINCIPIES TO DAILY LIVINGBy Thor Kiimalehto, Past Grand Master, AMORC Your life can be immensely simplified if you utilize everyprincipie at every opportunity that presents itself. For example, letus say that some great want exists in your life. Suppose that part oyour unhappiness is due to resentment and a tendency to self-pity. Iyou would take the point of view that your efforts must eventually becrowned with success, and that there are good and sufficient reasonsfor the delay, much of the pain would disappear. This change in atti-tude raakes the situation easier to endure and the problemeasier tohandle. If you can erase the resentment and the self-pity, you willbecome more cheerful and more agreeable. People, thereupon, will feelmore comfortable in your presence.If you suffer frequently fromaccidents and mishaps, you haveset going a negative, des tructive wave of influence. The only way tocombat this is through concentrating on harmony for a few days.Vrite the word on a card. Place it in your purse. Place it on yourdesk. Place it on your dressing mirror or where you can see it. Letthe thought sink into your innermost consciousness and become part oyour natural feeling and awareness; the negative vibrations will betransmuted into positive, and the mishaps will cease.If you suffer frequently fromcolds, fevers, and illness, bepatient. First, you must not be alarmed. Fear intensifies a con-dition. Second, you must know that nature heals. Nature can takecare of most of our ailments provided we do not put obstacles in herpath. Analyze your habits. Do you observe the minimumessentials ohealth? Are you regular in your physical habits? Do you have areasonable amount of fresh air, sunshine, exercise, raw food, vegetables, and water? Do you have sufficient relaxation and sleep? Isyour systemclean? Is your blood streampuré? If you can answer inthe affirmative, you have nothing to fear fromany condition. You canthrow practically everything off provided you go to bed when you feelill so that the healing forces of the body can conntrate on theirtask. Everything in nature is relativo to cause and effect, and wevery often suffer fromnegative effects of which we ourselves havecreated the cause.My experience is that he who sincerely tries to live the Rosicrucian life, who tries to do his duty to the best of his ability,and who tries to be a channel for cosmic forces is given the vitalityhe needs to do his work. Unaided nature can never give a man theamount of strength that the Cosmic awakens in himthrough the Rosicrucian training and the Rosicrucian life. There are hidden stores oenergy in every human being. It may take several years before theresults are apparent. These results, however, are an absolute, de-monstrable fact. Anyone who is patient and persistent, who enduresthe tests and triáis of life that accompany every step of the way, will
find when he reaches the higher Degrees that regeneration is an ab-solute fact. Even before this degree of development is attained, theexercises and principies will strengthen the visión, overcome fatigueand headaches, help throw off colds, and g.enerally strengthen thebody. Applying Rosicrucian principies, however, does not mean neg-lecting or ignoring the human needs of the body, which is the Templeof the Soul. It does not mean ignoring rest periods or vacations.Rest is both a divine principie and a principie of nature. Thesystole and the dias tole of the heart are alternating periods of ac-tivity and rest. The Bible tells us that the seventh day of theperiod of creation was a rest period. In emergencies strange things dohappen, but the law of emergencies must not replace the orderly move-ment of life.Another result of the exercises is a remarkable strengthening othe ability to conntrate. One soror writes that she has been able tobecome utterly oblivious of noise and distractions. No matter howmany guests she may have to entertain, she can mentally make her plansfor the day and the week. In a noisy lunchroom, with the radio goingfull blast, she can peacefully read a book or an article.Another soror tells that even as a young girl it was difficultfor her to sit up late. If she wanted to feel thoroughly rested inthe morning, she had to go to bed at nine o'clock. After severalyears of the Rosicrucian work she finds that the des iré to go to sleepat nine has left her. Consequently, her day is longer and more enjoy-able. At nine oclock she can relax, read or study, or do whateverelse she wishes. Only people who have suffered fromlimited vitalityknow what a boon it is to be able to attend a lee ture or to go to aconcert. She also states that her movements have become much morerapid so that she is able to accomplish more in the same amount otime. She is able to complete her household tasks before noon so thatthere is plenty of time and energy for community and social activities,and study. Previously, after a strenuous morning of housework, she hadto rest several hours in the afternoon. Now her strength is un-diminished, and when her home duties are completed, she can start anew eyele of activity. Is it not unusual for a woman of forty to findher body functioning more smoothly and her physical movements becomingmore rapid? To live the Rosicrucian life, to become a channel for cosmicforces and purposes, is to put oneself in alignment with the greatcosmic streams of energy and power. As the years go by, as the Rosicrucian life becomes habitual, one achieves a sense of perfect securi-ty, a feeling of being at home in the world. Tasks come which you cando. People come who need what you have to give. Opportunities comesuch as you require. Changes occur, the purpose of which is to initi-ate one into a new type or field of activity. To the average individual, changes are perplexing and confusing. The mystic student knowsthat they are purposeful and to be welcomed. The Rosicrucian studentlives in the NOWand concentrates on the task nearest at hand. Herealizes the importance of TODAY as no average individual possibly can,and he realizes the significance of even the most trivial duty of hisdaily life. He therefore does not waste his energy or scatter his

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