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Revelations During the Transformation of Consciousness

Revelations During the Transformation of Consciousness

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Published by Phishna
Millions of people believe we are in the ‘end times’, they look forward to the coming Apocalypse

we are in an extremely rapid shift of mass consciousness right now. We are experiencing an evolutionary jump in consciousness ... we are becoming aware of our creative power, we are experiencing personal transformations, we are becoming god-men and grasping our creative potential
Millions of people believe we are in the ‘end times’, they look forward to the coming Apocalypse

we are in an extremely rapid shift of mass consciousness right now. We are experiencing an evolutionary jump in consciousness ... we are becoming aware of our creative power, we are experiencing personal transformations, we are becoming god-men and grasping our creative potential

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Published by: Phishna on Apr 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Revelations During the Transformation of ConsciousnessWhen historians write the final chapter on the George Bush Presidency and hisMiddle East Wars, what will they say about the shift in consciousness?To a careful observer, it is obvious that we are in an extremely rapid shift ofmass consciousness right now. We are experiencing an evolutionary jump inconsciousness that rivals that time period where human began to walk, talk, orthink abstractly. We are becoming aware of our creative power, we are experiencingpersonal transformations, we are becoming god-men and grasping our creativepotential.One of the major signs of the shift is the sexual revolution. The culturalphenomenon of pornography is a historic wave repeat from the French Revolution.Pornography was rampant amongst the intelligentsia when Marie Antoinette lost herhead. The booming modern pornography business is major sign of the shift. The wordporn, whore, adultery, etc. are words invented by theocrats reflecting their ownsexual repression and need to subjugate women. What used to be a whore is now asexually liberated woman experiencing hot sex for pure pleasure. People are nolonger buying into the common religious meme that sex is only for procreation. Thefact is that just about every modern woman is now having orgasms or least tryingto is a cultural tsunami that is sweeping Christian woman along as well. Free sexand pornography are winning, people are not buying godly servitude and repressionas ‘the way’ to live there lives. Many are seeking sexual fulfillment as one ofthe most important goal in their lives. The sexual revolution is profoundlychanging our viewpoint of ourselves and it will eventually profoundly change ourpolitical institutions.Millions of people believe we are in the ‘end times’, they look forward to thecoming Apocalypse because they believe their god will return and save the earth.This denial is so deep it’s become psychopathic, it’s the energy creating theApocalypse. Christians will never believe that their votes that put the newAntichrist, GW Bush, into power is causing the Apocalypse. They deny that theirown convoluted thoughts are the force behind the Apocalypse. Here’s a nasty fact,the earth would be saved if the fundamentalist Christians were eliminated from theearth. The Book of Revelations could be summarized and rationalized as this: inthe end times (of religion) you will become aware of the myth/memetic origins ofyour faith, you will loose that faith but not after experiencing tremendousviolence. The Apocalypse is the shift, we are in it right now, it will end whenthat which is resisting the shift are either dead or transformed by the violence.In other words, it’s time to evolve or die. From the group consciousness point ofview, fundamentalists are the cancer that must be removed from the world body.Watch closely as Jewish-Christian-Muslim jihadists are drawn like moths to theflame to the apocalyptic killing fields.Revelations is the prophecy of what happens during the ‘end times’ at the end ofage of faith. The undoing of the faith, which is really a memetic induced trance,will be chaotic. Revelations is appropriately placed as the last chapter of theChristian Bible, as it is a prophecy about the end of the Christian Church.Revelations is a metaphoric dream of the future from St. John’s higherconsciousness, which is part of our collective soul. This higher self, oftenmislabeled as god, is not disturbed by our violence on the physical plane, shecalmly advises us of our mistakes during our evolution. Those higher dimensionalangels are part of our multidimensional self. Revelations is a critique of whatwas created, it is the prophecy from the higher self when ancient myth wastransformed into Christian mind control program. Believing in the judgmental godJehovah manifests as judgment because we create what we believe. It will be one ofmankind’s greatest mistakes because it is precisely that belief which is leading
us into a nuclear holocaust.The massive violence being waged today in the vile ‘holy land’ and the Middle Eastis the product of Judaism and her two offspring’s: the Christian and Islamicfaiths. This is the rarely talked about fact. Why? Because those people that havethe power and money are the same who control the media who endorse religion as aprime form of cultural control. Bluntly stated, the Jewish media controllers pushreligion to keep the goy enslaved. Make no mistake identifying that Christianityis Jewish created black magic as Jesus was a sole creation of Jewishintelligentsia during the Roman occupation of their tribal homeland. Witness theplight of the Palestinians, is not the Jewish-Christian beliefs causal? If youbelieve that the Illuminati controllers are Satanic, know that there can be noSatan without the Judeo-Christian belief in Satan. It’s time to realize that theChristian fear of Satan is creating a satanic political system. When the memeticveil is lifted from our consciousness no one will allow the current politicalsystem to exist, including those mysterious controllers.There is no Biblical God of the Hebrews. There’s no special place called the ‘HolyLand’, there are no ‘chosen people’. There is no Satan, Jehovah, Yahweh, or Allah.There is no heaven or hell, sin or eternal judgement. They never existed except inour imaginations. Not one person in the last 4,000 years has proven any of thoseconcepts, so why do they persist? Because those memes are mind viruses, parasiticideas that transfer from one mind to another mainly through religiousindoctrination. The new best selling book about memes by Richard Dawkins, God is aDelusion, challenges the still reigning institution of organized religion.The scientific concept of memes being introduced right now into our consciousnessis as important as Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection. It was the science ofevolution, which permanently shifted our perspective of our origin forever. BeforeDarwin we believed in creation myths, we had no way to explain large fossilizedbones. Now we know that most species that evolved on this planet are long extinct,directly contradicting the religious memes of an earth created in seven days.Evolutionary fact will eventually overwhelm the faith-based creationism but notafter a bloody fight.Evolutionary theory totally transformed our medical understanding of disease. Hugepharmaceutical companies are constantly developing new drugs to battle rapidlymutating germs and viruses. Modern biology rests totally on the bedrock ofevolutionary theory. Yet we still see infantile biblical creationists challengingscience, they voted for GW Bush as a last ditch effort to resurrect their fallenideas.Unproven concepts of god are memes that invade the mind and spread from one personto another causing those infected to become mentally ill. That’s correct, religionis a dangerous delusion that only leads to witch hunts, war, and holocausts.Bush’s wars can be directly attributed to his biggest support group, theEvangelical Christians that put him into power. Make no mistake identifying thatthose who disavow evolution are the same group lobbying for Armageddon. That' whyGeorge W. Bush is the beloved antichrist of the Christian-Zionist war lobby.George will ‘get ‘er done’, he’ll deliver the war ‘they of little faith’ have beenimpatiently waiting.Have you noticed that those repressed areas of the world, where women are coveredup from head to toe, are being bombed into ruins? Is the Universe broken? Payattention to the current balance of power in Iran. Many Iranians want to live inintellectual freedom offered by the modern secularized world but the tyrannicalmullahs, who control Iran, will have nothing to do with free thought.Metaphorically speaking, the higher liberated consciousness is going to send

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