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cLeaRing oUt tHe bULLsHit
PaRt i: iDentiFYing tHe PRobLeM
tHe neURotic MinD
soMe sYMPtoMs
HoW to sPot a seRiaL KiLLeR
WHY aRe YoU LiKe tHis?
an attitUDe oF entitLeMent
WoMen sHieLDeD FRoM sexUaL accoUntabiLitY
an UnFaiR sexUaL aDvantage
an UnFaiR econoMic aDvantage
“eqUaL RigHts” vs. eqUaL RePResentation oF inteRests
HoW FeMinisM DestRoYs cHivaLRY
FeMinisM DaMages WoMen
tHe victiM MentaLitY
WoMen encoURageD to Deceive
FeMaLes encoURageD to negLect tHeiR genDeR RoLes
oveR-eMPHasizing MaLe FUnctions
FeMinisM eMascULates Men
tHe DeMonization oF Men
DeMonizing MaLe sexUaLitY
Dating incoMPetence
HoW FeMinisM RUins ReLationsHiPs
tHe FeMinist state RePLacing tHe FUnction oF Men
WHeRe Dating “exPeRts” go WRong
tHe “gaMe” oF sociaL inteRaction
tHe nice gUY
tHe PLaYeR
WHY FeMinisM PeRsists
societY not aLLoWing tHe exaMination oF FeMinisM
FaULtY Logic DUe to sociaL conDitioning
Recognizing tHe PRobLeM anD cHanging oUR aPPRoacH
WHY YoUR sociaL inteRactions FaiL
Boring & Superficial
no Direction
can’t leaD a Woman
irreSponSiBle paSSive Behavior
can’t make a DeciSion
noBoDy liStenS to you
unrealiStic expectationS
poor expreSSion
can’t get your neeDS met
girlS take aDvantage of you
PooR sociaL inteRaction MoDeLs
LiMiteD sociaL inteRaction KnoWLeDge/exPeRience
WHeRe to staRt
sociaL inteRaction is UniveRsaL
PaRt ii: UnDeRstanDing tHe soLUtion
HoW to aPPRoacH sociaL inteRaction
tHe neeD FoR PUbLic scRUtinY
tHe caUse oF attRaction
FUnctionaL KnoWLeDge
attRaction is baseD UPon necessitY
too sHoRt, too UgLY, too [inseRt inaDeqUacY]
tHe neeD FoR PRinciPLes
oRDeR vs. DisoRDeR
baLance—tHe PeRFect aRRangeMent
DisPositionaL oRDeR
PositionaL oRDeR
bRinging oRDeR to YoUR sociaL inteRactions
exPosing DisoRDeR
aDDRessing DisoRDeR in otHeRs
becoMing accoUntabLe FoR otHeRs
LiMitation PRevents DisoRDeR
scHeDULe YoUR tiMe
sUccess anD FaiLURe
LiMitation cReates PRoPeR FoRM
tRaining PRoDUces consistencY
FReeDoM anD LiMitation
inWaRD LiMitation vs. oUtWaRD LiMitation
aUtHoRitY—tHe PRoPeR MaLe FoRM
PURPose oF aUtHoRitY
societY oPPoses MaLe aUtHoRitY
aUtHoRitY MaintaineD bY Pain & PLeasURe
PLeasURe estabLisHes aUtHoRitY
Pain Maintains aUtHoRitY
aUtHoRitY ReqUiRes sUbMission
WHY aUtHoRitY beLongs to Men
being ResPonsibLe to tHose UnDeR YoUR aUtHoRitY
PeRsonaL aUtHoRitY
sociaL aUtHoRitY
exeRcising FUnctionaL aUtHoRitY
saYing “no”
HonoRing vs. obeYing
WHY WoMen PLaY gaMes
bRinging otHeRs toWaRD an oRDeRLY state
tHe ReLationsHiP betWeen FUnction anD vaLUe
RestoRing a PRoPeR vieW oF FUnction
FUnctionaL DesiRes vs. DYsFUnctionaL DesiRes
FUnctionaL sociaLization
tHe stanDaRD FoR sociaL coMPetence
tHe test FoR DYsFUnction
sociaL inteRaction Does not HaPPen in a vacUUM
PaRt iii: aPPLYing tHe soLUtion
cReating anD Maintaining oRDeR
stoP ReWaRDing baD beHavioR
tYPes oF exPectations
perSonal expectationS
Social expectationS
HoW to get YoUR exPectations Met
WHat aRe MY exPectations?
your expectationS ShoulD mirror your neeDS
Deprivation vS. SatiSfaction
DySfunctional expectationS
functional expectationS
Have i stateD MY exPectations?
proviDing the right Direction anD removing optionS
Be Specific With your expectationS
Have i enFoRceD MY exPectations?
complementary expectationS anD competing expectationS
ReWaRDing & PUnisHing
baLancing Pain & PLeasURe
Pain stoPs DYsFUnctionaL beHavioR
PLeasURe PRoDUces FUnctionaL beHavioR
HoW to PUnisH
be cLeaR
be DiRect
be tHoRoUgH
attituDe DirectS Behavior
DeaLing WitH MiscHaRacteRizations
PUnisHing vs. JUstiFYing
FeaR oF ReJection
coMPLaining, begging & gUiLting
ignoRing WitHoUt aUtHoRitY
caUsing teRRoR
PHYsicaL vioLence
eFFective PUnisHMent
ReMoving DYsFUnctionaL beHavioR
ignoRing WitH aUtHoRitY
captive auDience
Willing participant
enFoRcing conseqUences
Using negative associations
bReaKing DYsFUnctionaL associations
aPPLYing sociaL PRessURe
senDing MixeD signaLs
tHe eFFects oF PUnisHMent
WiLL sHe stiLL Love Me?
FRoM RebeLLion to sUbMission
aggreSSive reBel
paSSive-aggreSSive victim
SuBmiSSive Woman
sUbMission FUeLs attRaction
tHe Pain FaLLacY
DisciPLine caUses MatURitY
HoW to ReWaRD
aLWaYs ReWaRD sUbMission
MaKing WoMen FeeL secURe
ReWaRDing vs. bRibing
tYPes oF ReWaRDs
sHaRing YoUR Reactions
Using Positive associations
Reasoning & teacHing
ReaL LiFe exaMPLes oF Managing exPectations
stUDent tRaining
Being too paSSive
JuStifying inSteaD of puniShing
a valuaBle realization
enforcing an expectation
aSking a girl out for coffee
hoW to hanDle Bitch Behavior
extreme confrontation
leaDing in a BarBer Shop
enforcing Sexual expectationS
LooKing FoR coMPetence vs. cReating coMPetence
cReating a PRetense
acHieving sociaL coMPetence
tRaining YoUR exPRession
MonsteRs UnDeR tHe beD
neeDing a HeLPing HanD
noURisHeD bY Love
ReMoving DisoRDeR FRoM YoUR exPRession
coMPonents oF an oRDeRLY exPRession
tHRee KeY eLeMents
negative canDor
poSitive canDor
WRitten exPRession
oRaL exPRession
Be Clear
Be Direct
Be canDiD
Be reSponSiBle
sPeaKing WitH aUtHoRitY
boDY LangUage
PHYsicaL aPPeaRance
Men aRe necessaRY
ReLationsHiP baLance
a frienD Who iS alWayS late:
a girl Who DoeSn’t knoW hoW to take your compliment:
a StuDent Who DoeSn’t pay attention:
a hySterical girlfrienD:
tHe LitMUs test oF sociaL coMPetence
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Manhood Principles101

Manhood Principles101

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Published by KrellDistroyer
Fighting feminism
Fighting feminism

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Published by: KrellDistroyer on May 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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