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Metaphors of Life Journal_Intoxicated by the First Exhale of May

Metaphors of Life Journal_Intoxicated by the First Exhale of May

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Published by Michael Robert Dyet
Anticipating the first May weekend at Second Marsh on the trails I know by heart.
Anticipating the first May weekend at Second Marsh on the trails I know by heart.

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Published by: Michael Robert Dyet on May 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SONGS OF NATUREIntoxicated by the First Exhale of May
Hmmm, is it just the impatience bred by a restless, worrisome world or is the first exhale of Mayeven sweeter this year?Spring has finally taken hold as a cool, grumpy and rainy April dissolves into the morewelcoming graces of May. The impatient trees and bushes, barren but for a few optimistic budsa week ago, have burst out into chartreuse abundance.The shrieks and squeals of children filter through my window. Apartment dwellers emerge fromtheir winter hibernation to take leisurely evening strolls. And, near and dear to my heart, thespring migration
half-hearted in the fickle moods of April
kicks into high gear.I find it difficult to concentrate on the same old, same old routines of work as Second Marshbeckons with the promise of a resplendent May weekend. The paths I know so well, every twistand turn, every looping side path, are etched into my brain.First a check of the wet fields behind the parking lot in hopes of flushing a Snipe, with itsimprobably long bill and striped head, into its zigzag flight.Ducking up under the rope fence for a stroll up the cut grass trail. Butterbutt yellow-rumpedwarblers will be plentiful with their loose, excitable trill. Tail-bobbing Palm Warblers are a safebet low in the bushes or on the ground with their telltale chestnut cap. And perhaps the first sun-cloaked Yellow Warblers with their rusty streaked breasts. A minute or two up the trail brings me to Jim`s Pond where I must pause to scan for ducks.Mallards for certain and likely some gray backed, black-rumped Gadwalls. And, if I`m quitelucky, the regal garb of a Green-Winged Teal
the distinctive white bordered, green swatchagainst a chestnut head. A glance sideways at the swallow nest box. Any Purple Martins cavorting with the ever presentTree Swallows? Perhaps not yet. A mental note to check on the way back.Moving on up the gravel trail as it splits and circles around the Crabapple Trees. The emphatic
tee tee tee, tew tew tew 
confirms that the tireless Ruby-crowned Kinglets are in their usualhaunt in the Cedars where the trail splits again.Left at the split into the second growth woods. Listening for the
zee zee zee zoo zee
of Black-throated Green Warblers and the languid warble of the drab but untiring Warbling Vireos.Remember to check the brambles and thickets for skittering Winter Wrens. Around the bend to the marsh which will be high this year with the heavy rains. Great BlueHerons stalking the shallows on their stilt legs. Perhaps a snow-white Great Egret or two for contrast. Gregarious Coots with their bobbing heads on slaty, chunky bodies. And there, a pair of Blue-winged Teals with the male
s unmistaken Nike white slash in front of the eyes.Doubling back through Cool Hollow where I would be quite content to lie down and sleep if notfor what still lies ahead. The slow, sweet trill of Swamp Sparrows along the marsh trail.

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