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Book Review Bicd 136: The Virus Within

Book Review Bicd 136: The Virus Within



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Published by mwjackso
This Book Review was submitted for the BICD 136 course on AIDS science and society. It was not received as well as I would have liked but I did think the book was an interesting read.
This Book Review was submitted for the BICD 136 course on AIDS science and society. It was not received as well as I would have liked but I did think the book was an interesting read.

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Published by: mwjackso on Apr 04, 2009
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The Virus Within
By Nicholas RegushMichael Wade JacksonA02-92-6779BICD 136: Dr. NesbittNovember 26, 2002
Jackson 2
The Virus Within: Is HIV the Answer ?
 Nicholas Regush in The Virus Within, challenges the central dogma of AIDS diagnosis, treatment, and prevention by suggesting that
human herpesvirus 6 
(HHV-6) is the primary killer of T-lymphocytes in AIDS patients andfurthermore that HIV may be a trivial bystander in AIDS. Regush, utilizes thework of many scientific researchers in the field of virology, as well resorts toname dropping; Bob Gallo & Peter Duesburg. The evidence presented in thework focuses on the multiple facets of HHV-6 and its role in patients withRoseola, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The pivotalresearchers are Donald Carrigan & Konstance Knox who worked at the MedicalCollege of Wisconsin and are now running their own private research lab theInstitute for Viral Pathogenesis. The Virus Within follows the work of these tworesearchers as they move to identify the role of HHV-6 in AIDS and itssignificance in other ailments. Capturing the trials and tribulations associatedwith being outcasts in the scientific community. “The Virus Within not onlyreveals the lack of evidence that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS, but alsoshockingly demonstrates the extent to which the medical establishment is fightingto keep this quiet” (Regush, The virus Within).
Evaluation of Argument
HHV-6 causes AIDS not HIV. This is the central premise of The VirusWithin. The evidence provided to support this position comes from multiple
Jackson 3
sources which include the research of Carrigan & Knox
, Robert Gallo
, HowardUrnovitz
, Peter Duesburg
, Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos
, Joseph Sonnabend
,John Martin
, and Koichi Yamanishi
. The principle research evaluated is theproduct of the endeavors of Carrigan & Knox. The two subject areas of researchinvolve the link between HHV-6 and immunosuppression in bone marrow transfer candidates and the presence of high levels of HHV-6 in the lymph tissues of AIDS patients. The focus of this research is to identify the killing potential of HHV-6 which can be seen to attack leukocytes which are the guardians of theadaptive immune system. The argument is then proposed that since HIV is notobserved to directly kill leukocytes it cannot be the main cause of AIDS, in whichthe immune system is under severe attack leading to the onslaught of opportunistic infection. The flaw within this argument is that HHV-6 is present inapprox 90% of North Americans (Nichols, Macleans p76) and in turn could be
Donald Carrigan & Konstance Knox. Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Identify HHV-6in lymphocytes of HIV infected people as well as HHV-6 immunosuppression of bone marrow transplantindividuals. Research also includes Multiple Sclerosis. Started own laboratory after lack of sufficientfunding and termination of employment at Medical College.
Robert Gallo (NCI division of NIH) Co-discoverer of HIV and has represented HHV-6 as a possible co-factor for HIV infection in research following the announcement of HIV as viral agent in AIDS.
Urnovitz is a medical researcher involved in the role of endogenous viruses. Endogenous means that thevirus comes from within the human genome and is already existent in the human genetic sequence. He believes that HHV-6 is involved in chronic disease development and gene rearrangement in geneticsequence causing disease.
Peter Duesburg is a faculty member of the University of California, Berkeley. He has written Inventingthe AIDS virus a 711 page work in which he argues that HIV was a rushed conclusion and that HIVviolates Koch’s postulates and is not a significant factor in AIDS but that “Toxic Hits” play a crucial role inimmunosuppression.
Is an Australian researcher who also contends the link between HIV an AIDS? Questions the veryexistence of HIV stating that stressors cause genetic sequences to produce fragments that have beencharacterized as HIV.
Sonnabend believes that HIV was a rushed one cause decision and that the medical establishment needs torealize that AIDS is a disease which is a constituted of many causes which needs to produce a broadeningof the focus of AIDS research.
John Martin provides the basis for the link between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HHV-6.
This Japanese OBGYN provided the principle investigation of HHV-6 and its relationship with Roseola.This research shows that the babies with roseola which proves to be fatal have significantly high levels of HHV-6 virus in the body.

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