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Economy - New World Order

Economy - New World Order



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Published by mwjackso
This is a poli sci paper submission for a group which I found relevant for review in light of current economic conditions.
This is a poli sci paper submission for a group which I found relevant for review in light of current economic conditions.

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Published by: mwjackso on Apr 04, 2009
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Michael JacksonPS 12: Int'l RelationsChad Rector 12:20
:The New World Order Peace, and its maintenance, is the focus of international relations at the dawn of the new millenium. The assertion has been made that nuclear proliferation, and its prevention, is the single most important factor facing global peace in today's society.This belief is archaic in nature as it ignores the shift of the global arena from superiority by might to superiority of economy. The assertion brought forth by this paper is that thesingle most important factor of international relations is the success of one's domesticeconomy in respect to the international global marketplace. This proposition is supportedthrough historical as well as current trends in economic motives of nations. The basis for this argument is held within four observations, which are nuclear war is not probable, theCold War and its economic basis, China's use of North Korea as a bargaining chip, andthe European Economic Community. Nuclear weapons are not a significant factor of international relations in today'ssociety. This thought, however unlikely in 1949- 1967, is today a cornerstone ointernational diplomacy. Nuclear weapons significance, a remnant of a time whenaggression and territorial expansion were still the hopes and dreams of world powers.The nuclear mystery is one of great consideration and is the focus of many internationalrelations scholars such as John Mueller. The proposition set forth is that the use of nuclear weapons by a superpower, or any government, is highly unlikely, as it does notcontain any profit for a nation. The weapons of mass destruction do not maintain the peace but only further lay groundwork for a transition away from the classical view of 
military gains. The nuclear weapon has been a device that would not bring a victor in awar but a better off loser. This mentality has placed the use of a nation's nuclear arsenaloff limits, as it is not logical to destroy one's enemy only to gain the same fate in return.This is echoed in the sentiment of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev when theyagreed that "a nuclear war cannot be won and must not be fought." The nuclear arsenalis not a legitimate factor to be the focus of global peace in the future; it is however a wayto allow smaller nations of the world to gain a bargaining chip in the internationaleconomic arena. The nations of the world will desire to join this new economic system toreap its benefits and to assert their niche in the global marketplace.A prime example of an economic war is the Cold War between the USSR and theUSA. In this war the move from classical warfare to the modern economic mentality isever present. The original motive of this war was the hope of territorial expansion in amove to gain superiority through a sphere of influence. This desire for superiority of  property has been present since the dawn of warfare and is the focus of many areas of feudal strife and conflict. The move to the modern battle of economic superiority arosewhen the desire for further territorial expansion proved non-profitable and a new battlefield arose in which the goal was to have an economy that could beat or cripple theenemy. The war time might of the United States proved to be superior to that of theSoviet Union, however, we did not exit the Cold War unscathed by the terrors of globaleconomic warfare. The design of this economic war was the proposition that the need for superior military technology was a need to spend extreme amounts of money on weaponsdevelopment and production in the hopes that a physical war would be won by your side.This mentality concealed the true war in which the economies of the two nations were
stressed to their breaking points to see which economy could survive a massive armsrace. The victor is the United States, however we have spent a great part of the pastdecade in efforts to repair the economy that was greatly weakened during the Cold War.The economic war involved in this time period was one of great significance for itchanged the role of military objectives in future wars to come.A current example of this new global warfare of economy is seen through the useof North Korea and its nascent nuclear arsenal by China to gain Most Favored Nation(MFN) status. This is an example that shows a growing power's desire to gain economicassistance through the use of the nuclear bargaining chip. The Chinese move to use their ability to negotiate with North Korea as a route to gain MFN status was a considerablestep to gain a strong foothold in the new international political economy. The MFNmove was a tying of hands of the USA, which desired improved humanitarian conditionsin China. This global bargaining chip was a clear example of a nascent economic power's hope to attain a stronger role in the New World order. The most recentdevelopment in this economic strategy was entrance into the World Trade Organization by China. This was a move that has placed China as one of the major players in this newclimate of economic success and power.The biggest conglomerate move to maintain a place among the leaders of this newglobal economy is seen in the European Economic Community (ECC). The developmentof the ECC is a giant step for the return of power from the West and East back to Europe,a once great power. The nations of Europe have aligned to form a economic power housethat is in need of a commodity readily exchanged at the global marketplace. The union of these nations has developed a clear block to influences of the West but as well developed

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