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Huntress of the Night: Night beast pt twenty three

Huntress of the Night: Night beast pt twenty three

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Published by helen

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Published by: helen on Apr 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Katie was tempted to head straight home but she couldn'tfix her own arm, it left Jason who was still at work andMarcy would only fret so she trudge towards Jason'sapartment after swinging by the pharmacy to grab somepainkillers. Around three thirty Jason appeared at the topof the stairs looking drained, he seemed to lose what wasleft of his colour when he saw his baby sister."Do I have to ask" Jason questioned causal as he headed tohis sister and helped her to her feet. When Katie hissed inpain Jason stepped back and stared at his sister, a newspark a lightened it self in his eyes "what happened" Jasondemanded as Katie sighed and grabbed the painkillers oncemore and popped the lid off "I was attacked in the park, Ineed help and I don't want to go to the hospital or any oneelse" Katie said coolly and straight forward. She decidedto be in no mood to mess with her brother’s protectivenature. Jason let a small growl slip from between his lips,but he said nothing more and fished his keys out of hispocket and opened up the door while Katie managed to dryswallow a painkiller and recap the bottle. Jason allowedKatie to walk in before he shut the door and helped hergingerly take the jacket off, frowning with concern whenshe winched in pain "you know Danny is here, you could ofwoken him up" Jason pointed out as Katie shook her head andattempted to pull her jumper sleeve up but hissed "there'sa shirt in my room, put on and I'll get the first aid kit"
Jason ordered as Katie nodded and headed into Jason's roomwhile her brother watched her with concern for a fewmoments before heading to the kitchen.Katie hissed when Jason dabbed her tender arm withdisinfect "so what attacked you" Jason asked gently,pushing back a few loose strains of hair back. Katie wasswamped in his shirt but she had to wear it other wise itmeant sitting in her bra or pushing up her jumper andcausing a grating against her skin "all I saw was thisblack creature, maybe a lion or Jaguar" Katie stated beforeshe stiffened "a Jaguar, but bigger. Jesus it was a were-Jaguar" Katie declared but she yelped when Jason held herarm "sorry, it's the moon" he declared as Katie gave him alook, she would of pulled back if she didn't want painwebbing up her arm "don't worry, I’m not going to chew onyour arm any time soon" he assured as Katie rubbed herforehead with her free hand "it's not that I’m worriedabout, tonight was a warning. By hanging around the clubI’m getting close" Katie admitted as Jason gave her a lookand threw the ball of cotton wool on the table "yeah" Jasonmuttered as he stood and walked around the table "maybeyour getting a little too close. Katie, I know that you canhandle your self but if your right and it was a were-jaguarthen you have some big players on your back" Jason pointedout as Katie rolled the sleeve down "nothing I can't
handle" Katie assured as Jason wrung his hands and loweredhis gaze "I want you to back off" Jason ordered as Katieraised her eyebrows in disbelief then let out a smallchuckle "you wanted me on this thing, you wanted my help"Katie pointed out causing Jason to fold his arms "I knowbut I think I made a mistake, it's getting too dangerousfor you to be around" Jason declared his voice levellingout "yeah, well it's all apart of the job. Look Jason if Iwent running every time things got a little too dangerous Iwould be out of a job" Katie told him as she stood just toget some ground with her brother "I don't get any say inyour other cases but I do get a say in this one, I got youin to this one and now I want you out of it" Jason orderedbefore Katie took a deep breath.Slowly she walked around the table and walked over to him"look Jason, I love you your my big brother. I alwayslisten to what you have to say I always do and always willbut back off" Katie ordered as Jason stared at her with hisgood eye "you’re not going to run my life, work andpersonal. you get to have a say but other than that I willdo whatever cases I want and I will do what I want andnothing you do will make me change that" Katie ordered asJason lowered his eye, Katie reached up and kissed him onthe cheek and gave him a look "at least tell me how far youare on this case" Jason pleaded as Katie cocked an eyebrow"has Julius given you clearance" Katie joked but Jason

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