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UW-Platteville Installing the Spread With No-Huddle Capability Part-1

UW-Platteville Installing the Spread With No-Huddle Capability Part-1

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Published by FballGuru

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Published by: FballGuru on May 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mike Emendorfer 
UUPlatteville FootbalPlatteville Footbal
Installing Spread Offense at any level with NoInstalling Spread Offense at any level with NoHuddle CapabilityHuddle Capability
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The Spread Offense is designed to take advantage of your best athletes in openspace. Even if they are undersized and not overly quick, you can still createfavorable match-ups. With discipline, positioning and knowledge a coach canutilize a player
s talents and feature players by doing a mixture of things.
This offense is based on the thoughts of spreading the field by using spreadformations and shotgun. This makes the defense cover the entirefield and brings apass first mentality from them. For these reasons the Spread Offense is aneffective way to run the football
It is one of the best ways to feature an athletic quarterback who can run thefootball.Because the defense is forced to cover the field, both horizontally andvertically, your quarterback does not need great arm strength tobe effective.
Most of the throws involved in the Spread Offense are quick, simple throws andemploy a simple read progression.This eliminates a large amount of the complexdecision making.
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1.You must commit to throw to uncovered receivers every time. The bubble conceptand play action bubble are great ways to do this. You must do whatever it takes tomake the linebackers play head up on your slots receivers. Don
t allow thelinebackers to be double edge players.2.The line must take reasonable splits and be in a line but off the ball as far as the rulesallow.3.You must work on the blitz everyday. You must have answers for the blitz, i.e.Screens, Q Receiver, Quick Game, etc.4.You must throw screens 7-10 times game. Within these plays you must have multiplescreens and plays working off screen actions.5.Throw the ball short to your playmakers, understanding 50% of the yardage comesafter the catch.6.Keep run game and protections schemes simple for the Linemen, sothey have moretime to work on fundamentals.

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