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Christ the Husband of His Church

Christ the Husband of His Church

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For thy Maker is thine husband ; the Lord of Hosts is his name ; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel ; The God of the whole earth shall he be called." — Isaiah, liv. 5.

For thy Maker is thine husband ; the Lord of Hosts is his name ; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel ; The God of the whole earth shall he be called." — Isaiah, liv. 5.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHRIST THE HUSBAD OF HIS CHURCHREV. J. SHERMA.For thy Maker is thine husband ; the Lord of Hosts is his name ; and thy Redeemerthe Holy One of Israel ; The God of the whole earth shall he be called." — Isaiah,liv. 5.Both Testaments abound with striking metaphors, which exemplify and secforth the dear and intimate union which subsists between Christ and those whocompose his Church. Sometimes he calls them friends — as individuals to whomhe communicates his secrets. Sometimes he calls them children — as partakersof the same inheritance with himself. Sometimes he calls them brethren — asdescendants of the same common father, and inheritors of the same birtlirightprivileges. But no metaphor shows the tender and peculiar regard whichChrist has to his Church, equal to the one in my text : " Thy Maker is thinehusband." How gracious the condescension, how endearing the appellation !That Christ, the glory of all worlds, should be united to a sinner, a worm, anddeclare in Inspired Writ that lie is the Husband, the protector, the guide, thefriend, the near-allied associate of that sinner and that worm !But, methinks, when I announced this passage as the text of the followingdiscourse this morning, some broken spirit in this assembly, oppressed with itsown guilt, and alarmed lest at any time it should presume on any portion of Holy Writ, desiring this maybe a day of espousals, when the heart maybe liftedand united to the Lord Jesus — some spirit inquired to-day, as I announcedthese words, " Ah ! but to whom are these words spoken? To whom are theyto be applied? May /venture to lay hold on them ? Does the passage belong tome, and all the interesting details, are they mine?" Bear with me while Ianswer that question.Unquestionably the primary application of this passage, is to the JewishChurch, whom our Lord had betrothed to himself as his peculiar people, aboveall nations on the face of the earth. ow the Prophet, in the commencementof this chapter, promises this Church a great enlargement by the addition of theGentiles, so that she should " stretch forth the curtains of her habitations,lengthen her cords, and strengtlien her stakes." But she said within herself," I am so desolate ; I am like a captive removing to and fro : I am now inBabylon ; and I see myself so reduced from my former prosperity and honour — how can I hope these promises will be fiilfilled in my experience ?" The Prophetimmediately leads her to the grounds on which she might hope that the Gentileswould be united to her, and that her glory would be increased: for, says he,after he promises this, " Thy Maker is thy husband : He that is united to thee,made thee, and therefore can make all things serve thee : He that is united to thee,
is the Lord of Hosts, and therefore all things are subject to his mighty sway :vot.^i. 2 H466 CHRIST THE HUSBAD OP HIS CHURCH.He thfit loves thee is thy RedeemeF.who brought thee out of Egypt with a highhand and an out-stretched arm, and therefore can again restore thy glory, andbring thee honour : He tliat is united to thee is the Holy One of Israel, and there-fore faithful to all his engagements : and He that is united to thee is the God of thewhoieearth,and therefore every one must submit to his authority and his control."But that which was applied to the Church collectively, under the Old Testa-ment dispensation, may be applied to individual believers, under the ew: thevery same passage of Scripture, which relates to the Church as a collective body,maybe applied to individual believers. Therefore, if there be any broken heartswhich are ready to renounce all allegiance with former lords, and shake off allthe connexions which they had previously had with sin, with the world, withthe law and covenant of works, or with any other thing contrary to their hap-piness and peace — if they are willing to break off their allegiance this day, andaspire after union and communion with Jesus — oh, my brother, oh, my sister,to you is the word of this salvation sent: " Thy Maker is thine husband ; theLord of hosts is his name ; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel ; The Godof the wliole earth shall he be called."And while 1 am endeavouring to set forth the glories of the Bridegroom, andcharm your hearts with his excellences, oh, may the Spirit of God work faithin your hearts, that you may believe him, embrace him as your Saviour andyour Friend, and evermore say to all around you, " This is my beloved, andthis is my friend ; I love not any other." And, brethren, pray with me — OGod of Abraham, I stand at this well of salvation, and the virgin daughters of the people come hither to draw water: oh, this day, while I am endeavouring torepresent my Master's Son, win some virgin hearts to him, and give me goodspeed this day in my work. Amen.First, then, in calling your attention to this passage, let me show you theglorious dignity of the Bridegroom ; in the second ])lace, the nature of theunion which is here spoken of; and in the third place, the terms of the espousals.First, let me show you the glorious Dignity op the Bridegroom.If " glorious things" are spoken of Zion — that is, the sjxtuse — how many more" glorious things" may be s|)()kcn of Zion's King, and Zion's Lord, the Bride-groom ! Heaven, with all its hosts, is ransacked, and earth, with all its varieties,is culled, to set forth his glory ami his honour. One might travel from Genesisto the Revelations in order to search them out ; but there are so many in thisverse, such clusters of them, that it is unnecessary to go elsewhere.
Observe then, first, they Husband is thy Maker. *' All things were made byhim, and without him was not any thing made that was made." Every blade of grass, every leaf of every tree, every flower, all the beasts that roam in the forest,all the fishes that swim in the sea, all the l)irds that fly in the air, were made byhim. If you fix your eye on any object on earth «)r in heaven, the beauties of which attr;ict you by its own loveliness and peculiarity, aiul when you fix onthat, as something desirable to be allied to — what then '. Why, all these beautiesare but the tints of his pencil ; are but the inrcntiou of his wisdom, are but thegifts of his bounty. Look over the vast continent of mind, and see the graspingpower of mighty intellect, over the v;ist «orId in Mhich you live: all thesepowers were given by him; the most sjilciulid intellect originated nowhere butin himself. Is there any good thing in thy heart — any desire towards heavenor heavenly things ? He made it, he newly created it there : it did not originateCHRIST THE HUSBAD OP HIS CHURCH. 467of thine own power, ortliine own love to divine things: He made it, and there-fore thine Hnsband is tliy Maker. ow, if it be considered an honour to \>eallied to an individual whose wisdom or ingenuity are apparent, thine Husbandis the wisdom of God, " the all-wise God our Saviour."'Again, thy Husband is represented in tlie text as t/ie Lord of Hosts. Andwho are these " hosts?" In Fsalrn cxlviii. we read, " Praise ye him, all hisangels: praise ye him all his /losfs :" all the myriads of elect angels, great inpower and in might. The principalities and t!ie powers of the lieavcnly worldgo €it his bidding, and are ruled by his word. Him they admire, him theypraise, him they serve, in him they glory. Their seven-fold chorus of harpingsymphonies and thundering halleluj.ahs is this morning sent up to magnify theriches of His grace and glory, and to praise Him who sitteth upon the throne.All the myriads of fallen angels are under his government and control: withoutour spiritual Joseph, not one of them will dare to lift his hand or his foot. Heexpels them from the human heart, or confines them to their prison. He limitstheir operations, he controls their designs, he watches all their machinationsagainst the Church : he does what he pleases in the armies of heaven, andamongst the inhabitants of the earth ; none can stay his hand, or say, whatdoest thou ? All within our houses, all from whom we may be suffering perse-cution, all our neighbours, all men, of every clime, every colour, every country,every state, are under the control of our King and of our Head : all power isgiven to him in heaven and in earth. " As thou hast given him power over allflesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him." owif it be an honour to be united to one who is a great general and a mightyconquerer, then such is thine Husband ; he is " the Lord of Hosts."Again. Our text tells us that thy Husband is t/it/ Redeemer. Oh sweet

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