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The Expectation of the Christian.

The Expectation of the Christian.

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" Thine expectation shall not be cut off." — Proverbs, xxiii. 18.

" Thine expectation shall not be cut off." — Proverbs, xxiii. 18.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE EXPECTATIO OF THE CHRISTIA.REV. R. C. DILLO, A.M." Thine expectation shall not be cut off." — Proverbs, xxiii. 18.It is more than probable, that there may be some penitent and contrite spiritin this liouse of prayer this afternoon, for whom the text is intended, who mayhave come out to the sanctuary, Sunday after Sunday, month after month, and,it may be, year after year, hoping that there is some blessing in reserve for them,on the look-out for sometliing to satisfy, wondering what the text would be,and what the sermon would be about, and yet to this hour, perhaps, unable tograsp any solid comfort. There may be also here the real believer in Clirist — one who has been taught of God, one who has been led to see that his wholedependance must be in the atonement and righteousness of Christ, and who isyet in bondage, and, though entitled to all the privileges of the son's dispensa-tion, is yet living and feeling as if he were under the sei-vant's dispensation, tiedand bound to the law, rather than walking in the glorious liberty of the sons of God. " Ye are no longer servants but sons ;" but ye are not living up to yourprivileges ; you have no assurance perhaps, nothing of the joy in believing whichyou see others possess.ow to each of these individuals, or class of individuals, if there should bemore than one — to each the text gives you a promise, of which you cannot doubtthe faithfulness: "Thine expectation shall not be cut off." You may perhapsbe ready to put the question to the minister. When will this expectation berealized? But it is a question which he cannot answer ; he cannot give you anyinformation of the time ; all he can certify you of is the fact, that it " shallnot be cut off." It may not perhaps be realized this afternoon : many of thechildren of God have to wait long on the Lord. The text is intended to givecourage ; and all the frequent exhortations you find as to the duty of M^aiting,seem to intimate that this waiting is a familiar part of that process, by whichthe sinner finds his way out of darkness into marvellous light, and out of doubtand dismay into the full assurance of faith. Therefore you are not to expectfrom me to tell you the time when this shall be realized; all you have to expectfrom me is an assurance, founded on the Word of God, that "your expectationshall not be cut off."Let me point out three things that appear to be suggested to our considera-ation by the few words that I have read to you. First, let me sliew you whatis the expectation of the real Christian: then let me shew you, in the nextplace, the assurance which is given to him : and, in the third place, the triumphantissue of this expectation ; " Thine expectation shall not be cut off."* For the Bentinck Chapel Day Schools.
476 THE EXPECTATIO OF THE CHRISTIA.ow let us, in the first place, inquire, what is the Expectation op theChristian. The Psalmist will tell us what it is in Psalm Ixii. : " My soul,wait thou only upon God ; for my expectation is from him. He only is my rock anil my salvation." If then, my dear bretliren, your expectation ever has beenfrom the preacher, or the place, or the sermon, or the book, apart from God, itshall be cut off: if our expectations in religion are to be realized, they must everyone of them centre in God.Let me remark to you, then, that the real Christian is in expectation of threethino's. He is in expectation, first, of the enjoyment which true believers have :he is in expectation, secondly, of the rich treasures which true believers possess :and he is in expectation, thirdly, of the free, the full, and the eternal salvationto which true believers are entitled. These are the three sources of his expecta-tion ; let us just glance at these.He is, in the first place, in expectation of the enjoyment ivhich true believerspossess. And these arise out of a sense of forgiveness, a humble assurancethat God has blotted out their sins, and sees them righteous in the merits of hisSon ; aye, and sees them as righteous as he sees his Son. In the hearing of someof you, that may seem to be a strange and strong remark ; but I beseech youto consider it, and examine whether it be a true or a false one. If I stand in thepresence of God in my own righteousness, I am not as innocent and righteousas his Son; but if I stand (and every believer must stand) in the righteousnessof his Son, I see not how God can look on me otherwise than as righteous ashis Son, because there is nothing in me but in his Son. If he looks at me inmyself, he sees nothing but pollution, and guilt, and misery ; but when he looksat me, 1 cast aside all my self-righteousness, and by faith I put on the garmentof salvation, that rich mantle of righteousness which my Lord wrought outfor me; and I sit down fearlessly in that marriage supper of the Lamb: Godnever can say to me, "Friend, how camest thou in hither?" He sees me in hisonly beloved Son, and he accepts me in the Beloved, not in myself. This thenis the nature of the blessing and privileges wliich believers enjoy.Then they have also not only this freedom of pardon and this justifyingrighteousness, but they have adoption privileges. I need not tell you what theyare. We are not naturally children of God, we are children of wrath: but webecome his children by a second birth : a spiritual birth, passing upon our cha-racters, nuikes us children of God. lliis second birth admits us into his family ;not merely into his house, and not merely as servants and domestics, but assons. We have liberty of access to the table of the Master ; we are fed withthe finest of the wheat flour ; we sit down with him, we are fed from his hands ;we have liberty of access at all times to the presence chamber of our Father whois in heaven. 'J'licse are the enjoyments that the believing, penitent, humblesoul is in expectcition of.
In addition to this they enjoy also strength for holy ohidience. Then theyalso have comfort in death ; I do not sny joy in death : altliough some believershave joy in death ; but I do say tlLit all l)erievers have comfort in death, thoughthey may not have joy: for tliis may be, as you know, yoii that have followedto the grave many a beloved friend or relation, you know that there may be inthe very nature of their disorder, much to prevent that buoyancy of mind whichis the necessary attendant on joy. But peace shall be their portion- "Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace'''--calm repose on tiie bosom of his Redeemer.TH/ EXPECTATIO OF THE CHRISTIA. 477Then he has also glory in eternity. Tliey wlio are made " free from sin havetheir fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life."ow, dear brethren, is any part of this your expectation? Have you beenled at any time in the course of your personal history, to feel that you are your-selves nothing, but Christ must be all? And are you expecting full justification,adoption, and all the spiritual blessings entirely from God on account of yourspiritual relationship to Christ ? Then "your expectation shall not be cut off."We remark again, that there is included also in this expectation, the treasuresofichich believers are in possession. They are "rich in faith, and are heirs of the kingdom." Every child is an heir. Here is the advantage of spiritual thingsover things that are temporal. In temporal matters it is only the eldest bornof a family that takes the inheritance; but in the family of the Lord GodAlmighty every child is an heir. It is not the child of such an age, or the childof such an attainment : but " if children," is the beautiful declaration of theApostle, " if children, then heirs," (aye, the poorest child in the house, theyoungest child, is an heir) ; " heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ." Well,then, if Christ is entitled (and he is entitled) to all that his Father can bestow,if I am a joint-heir I am entitled to it also : " For if children, then heirs, heirsof God, and joint-heirs with Christ."Among the riches which believers possess, are the riches of humility. Theyare rich in holiness ; they are rich in love ; they are rich in grace, and they will,in due time, be rich in glory. othing, in short, will satisfy the expectation of the believer, but all the riches in glory by Christ Jesus ; and if he be an heirof God, he shall be entitled, and shall inherit, all the riches in glory by ChristJesus.Then the third thing included in the believer's expectation, is a full, free,eternal salvation, devised by God the Father, accomplished by God the Son,and applied by God the Holy Spirit. ow, brethren, is this your expectation ?

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