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it was gone

it was gone



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Published by Kyle Ivory

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Published by: Kyle Ivory on Apr 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It was gone

I stared down at the endless ocean far below me. I was on my way back from
America for my holiday. Damn, now I have to go back to trying to out smart my
competitors get cheap stock and sell at a profit but low enough to be bought.
Why can\u2019t I just stay in America so I don\u2019t have to worry about anything?
Suddenly beep, beep, beep. A red light started flashing at the front of the plane.
A low murmur broke out from the rest of the passengers. I looked up the front
where the pilots where franticly pushing buttons, \u201cwhat\u2019s going on?\u201d I asked the
hostess \u201cit\u2019s all right I\u2019m sure the pilots have every thing under control\u201d but I
could see in her eyes she didn\u2019t know. But then a scream came from a woman
at the back \u201cwere going down!\u201d she screamed, every body started screaming
and running around the plane thinking they could get somewhere I could see
the beach just 100 meters in front of the plane so I thought this is how I\u2019m going
to arrive on Australian soil is it.

Ca-crunch! The entire window shattered, water gushed in I saw a figure
coming towards me I realised it was a jagged peace of metal just before it
severed my connection with this world forever.

I awoke the next morning dry but wrapped in pain there were tons of machines
attached to my chest. I was in a hospital, I tried to get up but the pain was
unbearable and it seemed to take up all my energy. I pressed the alarm button,
I heard it ring of somewhere else in the building I waited for a bit but no one
came then I realised how quiet it was it must have been deserted I tried to go
back to sleep hoping that it was all just a bad dream.

I grabbed another handful of popcorn and started flicking through the channels
on the remote news, news, news and more news. Boring! Something caught
my attention on the local channel
Plane wreckage was being pulled ashore.
\u201cIt was found 8:00 am on the Busselton beach last night it appears to be
sabotage because the radio and engine wires had been cut only one person
survived the crash Zac Freeman he is in hospital with a fractured skull. His
doctor is unable to see if there is any brain damage because he is still in a
coma. He also says he is a very lucky man" said the reporter\u201d motorists are
advised to avoid roads along the Busselton beach for it will be fenced off until
the wreckage has been taken away and police have carried out all enquires\u201d
Damn in Busselton I thought. Just out of curiosity, I drove down to the beach
and as I expected there was a fence stopping me going any further.

One month later
ZacI awoke in the hospital only one difference; I had a massive headache. I

gathered all my strength and sat up. I got out of bed and walked out of the
hospital there still no one around I went to cross the road and automatically
waited for a red light for the cars to stop I started across the road when wham! I
hit an invisible piece of metal suddenly I heard all cars truck people and the bus
driver yelling at me I figured out that I couldn\u2019t see people of stuff there in.

What an idiot Mitchell thought \u201closer\u201d the bus driver yelled at Zac, Mitchell went
over to help him \u201care you alright?\u201d Mitchell asked he noted that his eyes looked
unfocused he must be blind
\u201cWhat\u2019s going on?\u201d Zac asked
\u201cWhat do you mean?\u201d Mitchell asked
\u201cI can\u2019t see you or any one else!\u201d Zac half shouted
Mitchell didn\u2019t believe him but then he saw the panic in his eyes
\u201cAre you serious?\u201d
\u201cWhat do you think\u201d?!?
Zac had tears rolling down his face either he was a really good actor or it\u2019s true
\u201cwho are you\u201d Mitchell asked
\u201cmy names Zac\u201d
\u201cHey your that guy in the plane crash!\u201d
\u201cCan you just shut up and get me home \u201c Zac was starting to feel like an idiot
talking to no one
\u201cAlright where do you live?\u201d
\u201c3 Sea Breeze Close\u201d
They started walking down the road to Zac\u2019 house\u2019s
\u201cCan you let go of my hand we look like a total idiots\u201d
\u201cYeah great so I just get lost and run over do I?\u201c
\u201cwhat ever\u201d Mitchell said grabbing Zac\u2019s hand
After a while of walking Zac started realising that some of the buildings looked
familia \u201cwe must be close\u201d Zac exclaimed \u201chang on, it should be here\u201d he was
looking at a yard containing nothing but sand
\u201cnice house\u201d Mitchell said looking at Zac\u2019s massive house he looked at Zac but
when he saw Zac\u2019s confused look he said
\u201coh don\u2019t tell me you can\u2019t see your own house!\u201d
\u201coh man!!\u201d Zac said in total disappointment because in his eyes his house, it
was gone!
\u201cI\u2019d say that\u2019s a yes \u201c Mitchell said

Bang! A gunshot sounded and a bullet whizzed passed their heads and Mitchell

grabbed Zac and dragged him into the house
\u201coh damn! who the hell did that\u201d Mitchell exclaimed
\u201cYeah like I\u2019m supposed to know, \u201c Zac replied marvelling at the fact that he was
20 cm above the ground, and that Mitchell was leaning against nothing but
staying up Zac looked out side through the wall \u201chey that guy shooting at us is
Jack \u201c
\u201cyeah and who\u2019s that\u201d Mitchell asked
\u201cOne of my competitors of my business \u201c
\u201cyeah but why the heck is he shooting at us?\u201d

\u201c I don\u2019t know, look out he\u2019s coming!\u201d Zac exclaimed
they moved to the back of the house
\u201ctell me what you see and I\u2019ll try to get us out\u201d
\u201cok there\u2019 a mirror to left and a dressing just ahead of that \u201c
\u201cgo to the second door on the left and then the first one on the right\u201d they
moved along \u201cthen on your right there should be a glass sliding door the key is
under that fern\u2019s pot\u201d
Mitchell did as Zac told him and grabbed Zac's hand an ran out and jumped
over the tall metal fence they both started panting as they sat back against the
fence they both held there breaths as they heard jack go out of the back door
He cursed and went back out to the front
\u201cI\u2019ve been thinking how come you can see jack but not any one else.\u201d Mitchell
asked \u201c and also not your house?\u201d
\u201cYou got me\u201d Zac replied they went back to Mitchell's flats so Zac could sleep
somewhere that he would be able to see where he's going as Zac walked in I
noticed a row of photos of a family \u201cwho's that\u201d Zac asked
\u201cIt\u2019s my family over in New Zealand they send a photo of themselves every year
this is the latest one!\u201d Zac saw a frame float up in the air
\u201cUh Mitchell\u201d said Zac \u201cthat photo frame doesn\u2019t have a photo in it \u201c
\u201cHang on if this photo is less than a year old, and your house is also less than a
year old something must of happened to your brain so you can\u2019t see any thing
that was made in the past year\u201d, Mitchell said excitedly\u201d have look at these
objects and tell me which ones you can\u2019t see!\u201d
\u2018Um Mitchell, how am I supposed ton tell you what Ican \u2019t see?\u201d Zac said but
already Mitchell had started going around the flat gathering items
Can you see this? Or this? Or this? Or this?\u201d Mitchell said excitedly holding up
items different
\u201cYes no no yes no yes yes yes no no no\u201d Zac replied
\u201cWell you got11/11 so it must be true and if\u2026\u201d Mitchell said
\u201cCan I just go to bed!?!\u201d Zac butted in
\u201cOk I\u2019ll get the spare mattress\u201d Mitchell said sounding rather disappointed

The following morning
\u201cYou up yet?\u201d Mitchell voice said interrupting Zac's sleep
\u201cAm now\u201d Zac groaned
\u201cSorry, I\u2019ve cooked some bacon if you want it \u201d
They both plodded out to the kitchen
Zac watched amazed as a fork stabbed the piece of bacon as if it had it\u2019s own
mind then lifted it\u2019s self up as the piece bacon was mashed up and then
After that they went down to the police station and Mitchell asked the officer on
the front desk if they could report a shooting he then explained Zac's condition
but the officer just gave them a Funny look and called the head of police \u201chave
a seat please\u201d the officer said\u201d the head of police will be here soon\u201d
Mitchell guided Zac to the chair
\u201cSo\u201d Zac said \u201cwhy don\u2019t you just go back to New Zealand because your
families there\u201d
\u201cWell I haven\u2019t really got enough money\u201d
\u201cBut how did you come over here then\u201d

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