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Table Of Contents

1.1 What is Compressible Flow ?
1.2 Why Compressible Flow is Important?
1.3 Historical Background
1.3.1 Early Developments
1.3.2 The shock wave puzzle
1.3.3 Choking Flow
1.3.4 External flow
1.3.5 Biographies of Major Figures
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Fluid Properties
2.3 Control Volume
2.4 Reynold’s Transport Theorem
3.1 Motivation
3.2 Introduction
3.3 Speed of sound in ideal and perfect gases
3.4 Speed of Sound in Real Gas
3.5 Speed of Sound in Almost Incompressible Liquid
3.6 Speed of Sound in Solids
3.7 Sound Speed in Two Phase Medium
4.1 Stagnation State for Ideal Gas Model
4.1.1 General Relationship
4.1.2 Relationships for Small Mach Number
4.2.1 The Properties in The Adiabatic Nozzle
4.2.2 Examples
4.2.3 Mass Flow Rate (Number)
4.3 Isentropic Tables
4.4 Isentropic Isothermal Flow Nozzle
4.4.1 General Relationship
4.5 The Impulse Function
4.5.1 Impulse in Isentropic Adiabatic Nozzle
4.5.2 The Impulse Function in Isothermal Nozzle
4.6 Isothermal Table
4.7 The effects of Real Gases
5.1.3 Speed of Sound Definition
5.1.4 Prandtl’s condition
5.2 Operating Equations and Analysis
5.2.1 The Limitations of The Shock Wave
5.2.2 Small Perturbation Solution
5.2.3 Shock Thickness
5.3 The Moving Shocks
5.3.1 Shock Result From A Sudden and Complete Stop
5.3.2 Moving Shock Into Stationary Medium
5.4 Shock Tube
6.1.1 Diffuser Efficiency
8.1 The Control Volume Analysis/Governing equations
8.2 Dimensionless Representation
8.3 The Entrance Limitation Of Supersonic Brach
8.4 Comparison with Incompressible Flow
8.5 Supersonic Branch
8.6 Figures and Tables
8.7 Examples
8.8 Unchoked situation
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Model
9.2.1 Dimensionalization of the equations
9.3 The Mechanics and Why The Flow is Chock?
9.4 The working equations
9.4.1 Example
9.5 Supersonic Branch
9.6 Maximum length for the supersonic flow
9.7 Working Conditions
9.8 The Approximation of the Fanno flow by Isothermal Flow
9.9 More Examples
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Governing Equation
11.1 Governing Equations and Assumptions
11.2 General Model and Non-dimensioned
11.2.1 Isentropic process
11.2.2 Isothermal Process in the Chamber
11.2.3 A Note on the entrance Mach number
11.3 Rigid Tank with Nozzle
11.3.1 Adiabatic Isentropic Nozzle Attached
11.3.2 Isothermal Nozzle Attached
11.4 Rapid evacuating of a rigid tank
11.4.1 With Fanno Flow
11.4.2 Filling process
11.4.3 The Isothermal Process
11.4.4 Simple Semi Rigid Chamber
11.4.5 The “Simple”General Case
11.5 Advance Topics
12.1 Model
12.1.1 Rapid Process
12.1.2 Examples
12.1.3 Direct Connection
12.2 Summary
13.1 Preface to Oblique Shock
13.2 Introduction
13.2.1 Introduction to Oblique Shock
13.2.2 Introduction to Prandtl–Meyer Function
13.2.3 Introduction to zero inclination
13.3 Oblique Shock
13.4 Solution of Mach Angle
13.4.2 In What Situations No ObliqueShock Exist or When ¢
13.4.5 Flow in a Semi–2D Shape
13.4.7 Close and Far Views of The Oblique Shock
13.4.8 Maximum value of of Oblique shock
13.4.9 Detached shock
13.4.10 Issues related to the Maximum Deflection Angle
13.4.11 Examples
13.4.12 Application of oblique shock
13.4.13 Optimization of Suction Section Design
13.5 Summary
13.6 Appendix: Oblique Shock Stability Analysis
14.2 Geometrical Explanation
14.2.1 Alternative Approach to Governing equations
14.2.2 Comparison Between The Two Approaches, And Limita- tions
14.3 The Maximum Turning Angle
14.4 The Working Equations For Prandtl-Meyer Func- tion
14.5 d’Alembert’s Paradox
14.6 Flat Body with angle of Attack
14.7 Examples
14.8 Combination of The Oblique Shock and Isentropic Expansion
A.1 About the Program
A.2 Usage
A.3 Program listings
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Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics

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Published by: Anibal Faruk Abedrabbo on May 05, 2013
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