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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Planning and Preparation
Gathering of Commanders
Orienting on the Enemy: The Iraqi Battlespace
Providing Focus
Operational Planning
Force Deployment Planning
Fire Support Planning and Preparation
Intelligence Planning
Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Warfare
Training for War, Exercises in CONUS
Aggressive Training Schedules
First Reconnaissance Battalion Trains for a New Mission
Planning for Rotary Wing Aviation Support – Teaming with 3d
Creative and Proactive Logistics Planning
A New Concept For Combat Service Support
Personnel Augmentation Planning
Communications Planning
Public Affairs Planning
Deployment Readiness
Deployment of the Forward Command Post and Planning Team
Intelligence Planning - The Changing Enemy Picture
Operational Planning – The Baghdad Option
Operational Planning – Refinement of the Base Plan
Operational Planning - The Opening Gambit
Getting the Force to the Fight
Continuing Mission – Security in the Pacific
Creation of the Division Administrative Center
“Sappers Up” – Combat Engineers Organize For Combat
Building a Home for the Division in Kuwait – Camp Matilda
Embarkation, Deployment, and Off-load Operations
Fires Planning
Coordination with the Kuwaiti Land Forces
Force Protection and the Atmosphere in Kuwait
Logistics Planning and Rehearsal
CSSG Planning and Rehearsal
Command and Control
Personnel Issues - Assigning Troops to Tasks
Public Affairs Preparations
Chapter 3 Adjustments to the Plan and Combat Rehearsals
The Iraqis Welcome the New Year
Developments in Fire Support Planning
Operational Planning Update – The Highway 1 Corridor
Operational Planning Update - Running the Seam
Operational Planning Update – The Eastern An Nasiriyah Bridges
Operational Planning Update – Envelopment of Baghdad and the Outer Cordon
Division Rehearsals – Imaging the Plan
Division Rehearsals – September CPX
Division Rehearsals - The Lego Drills
NBC Rehearsals – This is for the Birds
Rehearsal of Concept – Jersey Drill Number One
Training and Calibration in Kuwait
The Desensitization Plan
Final Preparation Efforts - Intelligence
Final Preparation Efforts - Force Flow
Final Preparation Efforts - Logistics
Current Operations - Final Adjustments
Jersey Drill Two – Amphitheater in the Desert
Reducing the Border Obstacles
The Enemy’s Last Moves
The Eve of Combat – The Stage is Set
Chapter 4 The Opening Gambit
The Iraqis Disposed to Defend
19 March Poised for Battle
20 March Clearing the Obstacles and Passage Of Lines with the Kuwaitis
Moving into the Attack
Crossing the Line of Departure
20-21 March Grizzly in the Attack
Task Force Ripper
Recon Battalion and RCT-1
Other Division Actions
22 March Attacking to the West
Logistics Generate Tempo
Ripper Cleans House at the Shaat Al Basrah
23 March Blue Diamond Maintains the Tempo
Chapter 5 Bridgehead Over The Tigris
The Iraqis React to the Opening Gambit
The Operational Design
23 March Wolfpack Finds the Prey
RCT-5 and the Coming Ground Attack
RCT-1 Waiting for Clearance
The Division Crosses the Euphrates
25 March
The Mother of all Sandstorms
RCT-5 Continues The Attack
Blue Diamond Weathers the Storm
Inchon Carries the Ball Downfield
26 March The Orange Crush
The Tragic Loss of a Leader
Making Logistics Work up Highway 1
The Open Western Flank
TF Inchon Sustains the Momentum
Seizure of Qalat Sikar Airfield
27 March Demonstration to Hantush
Actions in Ad Diwaniyah
Actions on Highway 7
Shaping The Al Kut Battlefield
28 March The Waiting Continues
28 March 2/23 Strikes a Blow Against the Baath Party
29 March Plans and Re-plans
Afak Operations
Linkup Along Highway 17
From Stabilization to Combat Operation
Inchon Stretches to Cover All of Highway 7
Back to Hantush Airstrip
Attack on Ash Shattrah
Inchon Attacks to Al Kut
1 April The Saddam Canal
Darkside Moves on Diwaniyah
Barbarian and Godfather Take out Al Muwaffiqiyah
Division Marines in An Nasiriyah
2 April Crossing the Tigris River
Ripper Moves up to An Numaniyah
The Iraqis Prepare to Defend Baghdad
3 April Grizzly Continues the Attack to the Northwest
4 April Pushing to the West
Preparing to Enter the City
Salman Pak
Division Shaping Efforts
Scoping the Diyala Bridges
A Nighttime Assessment of the Diyala Footbridge
In for a Penny
7 April One River, Three Attacks
8 April Closing the Door on Eastern Baghdad
Ripper Takes Rasheed Island
Inchon Is In
Grizzly Goes Long
Adventures on the Screen
Reconnaissance Battalion’s Attack to Baqubah
9 April Getting Permission
Shaking Hands Across the Tigris
Entering the City
Recon’s Security Zone Operations in Baqubah
Downtown Objectives
Transition to Security Operations
Small Unit Actions Continue on the Baghdad Streets
11 April So what Happened to the Enemy?
Planning for the Kirkuk Operation…or Another
Chapter 7 Task Force Tripoli
The Iraqis Prepare the Tikrit Redoubt
11 April Task Force Tripoli Assembles
12 April Baqubah Re-visited by 2/5
Tripoli Launches a Night Attack
Rescue of the US POWs in Samarra
Securing Saddam’s Palaces
14 April Attack on the Palace Compound and Tikrit Bridge
15 April Give Sheikh a Chance
16 April Restoring Civil Control
17 April The Shadow Regime
18 April The ‘Attack’ to Bayji
19-21 April Relief in Tikrit
2-5 May Tripoli Rides Again
Chapter 8 Security and Stabilization Operations
The Northern Babil Province Heats Up
The Division Heads Home
End of Operations
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With the 1st Marine Division in Iraq 2003 No Greater Friend No Worse Enemy

With the 1st Marine Division in Iraq 2003 No Greater Friend No Worse Enemy

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