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After Artschool 1- A Sketch

After Artschool 1- A Sketch

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Published by nasrin khosrowshahi

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Published by: nasrin khosrowshahi on May 05, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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WHAT TO DO WITH AN ART SCHOOL DEGREE?The former art student, now alumna, sits in her old alma mater and ponders how to writea manual for individuals that have graduated from art school. Sort of like a manual for anappliance, push button A, push button B and you get to goal C. There are other fields of study which delve into the study of course of action much more in depth than art schoolsdo. If you study business, there are recruiting fairs and recruiting centers on campus. Atleast that is how it looks from this vantage point, from the vantage point of the former artstudent, now alumna. Art school spits you out and then it is sink or swim. More so than inother fields. She scratches her head, maybe she is wrong. She just purchased the book ARTSCHOOL ny Stephen Madoff, it looks like an interesting read. She has not openedthe cellophane shrink-wrap as of yet, she wants to read it on her trip to nyc. She ponders, people who graduate from art school, usually make the trek to new york, the idea is thatyou can start a career in the arts out of new york much easier than you can start it fromsomewhere else in north america. Then there is London, Tokio, Shanghai, Doha,Amsterdam, it always seems that the grass is greener somewhere else. Milan, Paris,Reykjavik, St. Petersburg, Tabriz. Anything but stagnation, anything but staying put.After a BFA it is on to an MFA and then a PhD, there are so many options for an artist,apparently, apparently. Open a gallery, become Saatchi and Saatchi 2.0. Make films, bethe guy who made Schindler’s List or Family Guy, you take your pick. Or just write, beStrindberg or O’Neill. Be dead, that seems always a wise career move for an artist. Bemale. Or complain about the boys making more money per hour, which ever, whatever.Complain about having not enough rights or having too many rights. Live your life, havea coffee or a tea, which ever, whenever.

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