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Published by job3220
40k fiction
40k fiction

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Published by: job3220 on May 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For The Emperor!'Bellowed commissar Richmont as he led his platoon of the Cadian XVIII into the fray.All around bullets chewed into the ground, throwing up gouts of mud. body’s fell by the hundreds, on bothsides, while the torrential downpour of Calith V's endless rain storms turned the battlefield into a quagmireof death and mud. Over their heads earth shaker rounds bleared across the sky to land with greatexplosions in the midst of the Arch enemy battle lines. In front of them the enemy battle lines rose up fromthe blood soaked ground. A fortified network of rockcrete bunkers and trenches daubed in twisted chaossigils and festooned in spikes. Sergeant Maylors men were the first in Richmont's platoon to reach thebunkers, lobbing frag grenades over the parapet before diving in after, lasguns blazing. Next was Olagssquad, all ten of them armed with a mixture of flamers and meltaguns, they quickly cleansed the trench of the chaos taint before moving on into the support trenches to finish their job. The commissar was next. Heand his command squad mounted the parapet and made their way into a gun bay the arch enemy hadbeen using for an autocannon, normally one to lead from behind Richmont had been given the honor of leading the platoon in captain Nermans absence and he had decided that it would be a good idea to leadby example.Richmont glanced around at the still molten remains of the cannon, obviously a target for Olags prizedinferno pistol. 'Pyromaniac'Richmont muttered under his breath as he took in the various blacked out lines of cultist that was all thatremained of this guns crew. Realizing that now, as he was the regiments leading moral officer, this wouldbe an ideal time for one of his short devotional speech’s he turned around and addressed his men.'Victory goes to the righteous!' he exclaimed 'notice how easy chaos crumbles before the might of theimperial guard-' 'Tooeasily one may suspect...'came a voice from behind him. Richmont spun around on the spot. Ready to make an example of suchobvious lack of faith. However when he saw the mysterious robed and hooded figure behind him hestopped in his tracks. 'And who,by the emperor would you be?' Hefound himself saying as his command squad took carful aim at the strange intruder. 'Lower your weapons, Say! Are those Mk V Kronos pattern, very nice.' the figure said jubilantly 'um, anyway...Iam not the enemy here; nay I am in fact here to see that you shoot the right ones!'he pulled the hood off his head and Richmont was rather surprised to see that he was in fact merely anold man, thin, but not frail, balding slightly with a shock of white hair curling down over his shoulders.Richmont was even more surprised when he noticed the Rosetta electoo that had been imprinted abovehis right eye. 'Allow me to introduce myself.' theold man replied. ‘I am inquisitor Ito of the Ordo
and I am here by taking command of thisplatoon in the name of the Emperors Holy Inquisition. Inquisitor Ito was an exceedingly tall man. Richmont was not and this was becoming exceeding obviousto him as they walked together. While Ito was tall and wiry Richmont was short and stout. While Ito hadhis white hair long and frizzy Richmont’s was short, black and cropped neatly under his cap. Ito wore along storm-grey coat while Richmont wore only the black, red and gold of his commissar’s uniform. Asthey walked Ito talked to him cheerfully, in long, measured tones. 'You have beentold that this war was a result of a chaos cult uprising in this area,' Ito told Richmont asthey made their way through the now imperial held trench system 'this is a lie! The real reasonthat chaos is here is quite different. You see the Arch enemy believes that- oh excuse me'Ito reached down and picked up a small cylindrical object of the ground'a protholium canister, great! I needed to buy some more flamer fuel.''You were saying?' questioned Richmont
'Oh yes, The reason that the Arch Enemy are really here is because of a terrible artifact that is supposedlyburied in a vault somewhere under Calith V's main city of Ergonath. Why do you think they erected thistrench system encircling that very city? Simple, to buy the reclaimists some more time, and It wouldappear to be working too.'they had now reached the enemy’s command center where there was still heavy resistance. The last of the arch enemy cultists had holed themselves up inside an armored bunker and were giving as much asthey got, firing volley after volley of autocannon and multilaser fire that was cutting down guardsman after guardsman. It was going to be a while before the regiment could bring to bear enough heavy weapons topenetrate the bunker and in the meantime the forces of chaos were given free rein to take down as manyguardsmen as possible before they were killed. The captain in charge of the platoon was just givingorders to send another squad of guardsmen to their doom when Ito stepped up to them and told thecaptain to stop. After the initial confusion which included things such as: 'Who the hell are you?' and 'y-y-y-yes s-s-sir!' Ito turned to the bunker and closed his eyes. Frost began to wind its way across the groundand a gust of unearthly cold wind began to blow from the west. The enemy guns began to falter, then stopaltogether. There was a ghastly screech, what sounded like a wet balloon popping, then silence.'Right, you can go in there now!' Ito said cheerfully. The captain that had been reprimanded previouslycarefully made his way over to the entrance of the bunker and opened the door with the barrel of hislasgun. Nothing. He carefully peered round the corner. After a few moments his face went white and heturned and puked onto the muddy ground. Inside the bunker was a scene of carnage. There was bloodeverywhere, one heretic had his head on one side of the room, his arms in another and his body leaningup against the autocannon. The leader had suffered the worst though. He looked fine at first, there wasnothing wrong with his body, however his head was another story. It had simply ceased to exist. Blownapart by forces the lowly guard captain didn't even want to consider. Ito however didn't seem to notice theslaughter at all. In fact he was actually sitting on top of a dead heretic’s body humming quietly to himself when the captain reemerged. 'Right then!' he exclaimed 'finished lollygagginghave you, come on we have work to do!' He got up and began to march out of thetrenches, stopping only briefly to call out for Richmont and the platoon to follow.'The man’s mad!' Richmont heard the captain whisper to himself.The gate was a behemoth of Iron and bronze. Standing fully ten meters tall and over five meters wide.The wall itself was four meters thick, made of dull grey rockcrete and was at least three times as high asthe gate, Richmont found it hard to even see the top, harder still because of the rain.'Well only one thing for it then.' Ito stated happily. 'Let’s go burn some heretics!'There was silence in the streets. Not just the usual silence that is an absence of noise but a completevoid of it. Richmont had to physically suppress himself from screaming just to break it. And it wasn't justthe absence of noise that was getting to Richmont either. It was the feeling of being watched, like athousand eyes were steering at him from every shadow, and there were a lot of shadows in this darkplace. Ahead of him the rest of the platoon was speeding out to cover as large a distance as possible.Everyone was on the edge and tension was high. Every one that is except for Inquisitor Ito. Ito seemedcompletely oblivious to the eerie silence that pervaded in the air. In fact currently he was chatting rather animatedly with lieutenant Viro of the regiments Ogryn squad.'Yes they are rather spectacular specimens aren’t they, Homo Sapiens Gigantus.' anyway, the reason Iwas asking about them is that I would like to requisition them as body guards for the duration of this
battle' Ito turned around and addressedRichmont. 'Commissar, we must press on, time is of essence', he said in what appeared to be a seriousvoice.'The Arch-Nemesis cannot be allowed to take the artefact-'The air was suddenly ripped apart with bullets and las rounds. Ito was thrown of his feet by one of therounds that hit his shoulder.Richmont and his squad dropped to the ground to take shelter behind an abandoned automobile.'Sir, are you hurt?''No, no im fine.'Ito got up and took off his cloak, revealing a full suit of Mk 6 power armour underneath. He put the cloakin a satchel by his side.'I am an inquisitor, commissar. We come equipped.' he stated, all expression falling from his voice. Hereached down to a pair of holsters he had strapped to his hips and withdrew an antique bolt pistol and ahand flamer.'Ogryns to me!' he announced over the fire fight.'Onward and upward! We must reach the enemy’s strong point, which is undouptfully where we shall findour goal!''commissar.' he whispered to Richmont'Yes?''Hold this area, the enemy must remain distracted and unaware of our real intentions.'Before Richmont could reply Ito took of down the street with Lieutenant Viro and the Ogryn squad.It was, in the end, surprisingly easy to get to the centre of the Arch-Enemy’s fastness. With most of theChaos forces busy ambushing commissar Richmont's platoon there was hardly anyone left to guard. Itoand the Ogryns only had to kill a single patrol of guards before they had arrived at the site at which therelic was located. It was an old Sanctum Imperialis, once a bastion of the imperial faith. Now a defiledhole filled with chaos filth. Ito, Viro and the Ogryns crept silently inside, that is, as silently as an Ogryncould manage. Ito was shocked. The entire inside had been destroyed; all that was left of the oncebeautiful imperial building was the outer shell. Inside was simply one large room, going as far up as theceiling and falling endlessly down through a deep hole dug in the floor.
A metal chain ladder slunk its way into the darkness down the hole.'Going down.' Ito remarked.'Sir, I don't think that’s going to support the Ogryns...''Course it will.' Ito tapped the ladder 'It’s made of adamantine''Where in Gullimans name did these heretics get an adamantine ladder?' Viroquestioned. 'The heretics have one or two secrets up theirmoldering and filth coated robes yet it would seem.' The party descended one at a time, Ito first, then the Ogryns and finally Viro. It isindeed a strong ladder Viro was forced to admit as he descended. To be able tocarry the weight of five fully grown Ogryns, not to mention two humans, one of them bedecked in a full suit of power armor was no small feat of endurance. Theladder was about fifty meters total descending in a straight line straight through thetop soil and deep into the denser clay beneath. At first all there was to see was dirtand the occasion lump of rockcrete or piece of metal. However as they continuedfurther and further downward Viro began to see markings of much older civilization.Here was a sculpted archway, poking through the clay like the prow of some ancientoceanic Vehicle. At another point Viro saw what looked like the wall of some

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