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What the Bible Teaches - Part 1 - About God

What the Bible Teaches - Part 1 - About God

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Published by Joseph Reinckens
What the Bible Teaches - Part 1 - About God. A modernization of R. A. Torrey's classic introductory 1898 book on Christian theology, What the Bible Teaches. It includes a cross-referencing scheme to correlate with the 17th edition.
What the Bible Teaches - Part 1 - About God. A modernization of R. A. Torrey's classic introductory 1898 book on Christian theology, What the Bible Teaches. It includes a cross-referencing scheme to correlate with the 17th edition.

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Published by: Joseph Reinckens on May 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What the Bible Teaches
Based on the book by the same name by R. A. Torrey
This book is a modernization of R. A. Torrey's classic book on systematic theology
What the Bible Teaches
. It includes a cross-referencing scheme to correlate with the 17th edition.There are several kinds of updates:(1) Torrey used the King James Version (KJV), which many modern readers (including the Reviser)find difficult to read due to the Shakespearean-era vocabulary and syntax and difficult to pronounce. In general Torrey's extensive KJV quotes have been replaced with New International Version (NIV)quotes.(2) Torrey's book is actually a somewhat more organized version of his class lecture notes. Thenumbering scheme varies among sections, which can get confusing. Variations in the scheme have been eliminated.(3) All Topics and Points have been assigned a reference number, with cross-references to Torrey'swork.(4) When the book was written the dominant religion in the United States was Protestantism. FewEnglish speakers knew anything about Mormonism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, or other non-Christian religions. Material has been added discussing some religious concepts foreign toChristianity and non-religious philosophies that compete with Christianity such as Existentialismand macro-evolution.(5) The sequence of presentation has been reversed. Torrey basically presents scripture quotesfollowed by a "summary" "point". Modern readers are used to an introductory statement followed by supporting material. Even knowing that Torrey has the order reversed, modern readers still havea tendency to read his "point" sentence and then try to connect it with the
 text rather thanthe preceding text.(6) A number of concepts are discussed that are common knowledge today but rarely considered inTorrey's time, e.g., the difference between intelligence and sentience.(7) Chapter numbers are in increments of ten except in a few cases. This was done to allow insertionof additional material or to subdivide lengthy chapters.(8)
 Even-numbered chapters and points are from Torrey's material and odd-numbered material has been added.
 - 1 -
What the Bible Teaches About God010 - God As Spirit020 - The Unity of God030 - The Eternity of God035 - Some Philosophical Concepts of Divinity040 - The Omnipresence of God050 - The Personality of God060 - The Omnipotence of God070 - The Omniscience of God080 - The Holiness of God090 - The Love of God100 - The Righteousness, or Justice, of God110 - The Mercy, or Loving-Kindness, of God120 - The Faithfulness of GodWhat the Bible Teaches About Jesus130 - The Divinity of Jesus130 - The Divinity of Jesus -- Part 2140 - The Subordination of the Son to the Father 150 - The Human Nature of Jesus ChristThe Character of Jesus160 - The Character of Jesus - Holiness162 - The Character of Jesus - Love164 - The Character of Jesus - Compassion166 - The Character of Jesus - His Prayer Life168 - The Character of Jesus - Meekness and Humility170 - The Death of Jesus Christ174 - The Results of Christ's Death180 - The Resurrection of Jesus184 - The Resurrection of Jesus Part 2190 - The Ascension or Exaltation of JesusThe Return of Jesus Christ200 - The Fact, Importance and Manner of Jesus' Return202 - The Purposes and Results of Jesus' Return204 - The Effect of Jesus' Return on Nations and the Unsaved205 - The Marriage of Jesus
 - 2 -
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What the Bible Teaches About the Holy Spirit210 - The Personhood of the Holy Spirit220 - The Diety of the Holy Spirit230 - The Holy Spirit Distinguished from the Father and the
Son240 - The Subordination of the Holy Spirit to the Father and the Son250 - The Names of the Holy Spirit260 - The Work of the Holy Spirit270 - Baptism of the Holy Spirit280 - The Work of the Holy Spirit in Prophets and Apostles290 - The Work of the Holy Spirit in Jesus295 - The Gifts of the Holy SpiritWhat the Bible Teaches About Man300 - Man's Original Condition310 - The Fall of Man320 - The Standing Before God of Those Outside Jesus' Redemption330 - The Destiny of Those Who Reject Redemption Through Jesus340 - Justification350 - The New Birth360 - God's Adoption of Believers370 - The Sanctification of Believers380 - Repentance390 - Faith - Part 1394 - Faith - Part 2400 - Love to God410 - Love to Christ420 - Love to ManPrayer 430 - Prayer - Who Can Pray So God WIll Hear, To Whom Should We Pray434 - Prayer - For Whom and When to Pray436 - Prayer - What to Pray For 438 - Prayer - How to Pray440 - Thanksgiving450 - Worship460 - The Believer's Assurance of Salvation470 - The Destiny of BelieversWhat the Bible Teaches About Angels480 - God's Angels490 - The Work of Angels
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