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CFSA FY10 Budget Questions FINAL

CFSA FY10 Budget Questions FINAL

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Published by Susie Cambria
These are the questions submitted by the Council's Committee on Human Services to the Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA).
These are the questions submitted by the Council's Committee on Human Services to the Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA).

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Published by: Susie Cambria on Apr 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Child and Family Services Agency FY10 Budget Questions
What is the total number of currently filled FTE positions identified for elimination?Please provide the title of each position and which program each position is in?Identify which positions are subject to collective bargaining? How will the loss of these staff impact service delivery? Is early retirement being offered to thoseindividuals who are eligible? What was the impetus for the elimination of these positions?2.
Provide the activities under the Policy Activity (Line 2050).3.
Please provide a detailed listing of how the agency plans to use stimulus funds?4.
The following areas will see funding increases:
Intake and Investigation Activity (Line 2020) =$2,440,000
Teen Services Activity (Line 2030) = $1,492,000What specific activities will be implemented or expanded in each area receiving afunding increase? Does the increase in dollars represent increasing costs to maintain baseline or are these TRUE expansions?5.
One of the policy initiatives identified in the proposed budget was the allocation of $818,959 in one-time funds for build-out cost of CFSA’s Office of YouthDevelopment (OYD) and provide program space for the new Youth Transition Center (YTC). Will these funds be used to hire staff as part of the OYD build-out cost? If yes, how many employees will be needed to fully staff the office? Because this is aone-time funding allocation, will staffing positions be permanent or time-limited?Has a program space been identified for the Youth Transition Center? How much of the $818,959 will be used for build-out cost of the OYD and how much will be usedfor the YTC program space? Will this funding be adequate for the build-out cost of staff and program space or have additional funds been identified for these initiatives?When will the YTC be fully operational? Please provide a program description for theOYD and for the new YTC.6.
What is Court Supervision (Line 1099) with zero expenditure for FY08 and FY09 and$665,000 in FY10?7.
What specific resources will be allocated in FY10 to provide services to children inthe APPLA category aside form the build-out of the Office of Youth Developmentand the Youth Transition Center?
The following areas will see funding decreases:
Foster Care Services (Line 2011) = -$851,000
Adoption Activity (Line 2040) = -$248,000
Child Placement Activity (Line 3010) = -$1,089,000
Health Services and Clinical Support Act (Line 3030) = -$5,909,000
Licensing and Monitoring Activity (Line 3040) = -$7,360,000
Adoption & Guardianship Activity (Line 4010) = -$18,203,000
Supported Service Activity (Line 5010) = -$169,000
Family Resources Activity (Line 3020) = -$75,000What specific activities will be eliminated or transitioned in each program receiving afunding decrease? Will the decrease in funding have an impact on the delivery of services?9.
Provide a detailed breakdown of plans to use the increase of $1.5 million for the In-Home program.10.
What was the impetus behind the decision to eliminate Targeted Case Management(TCM) services through Medicaid? How will these services be provided if notthrough Medicaid? Will there be services that will not longer be available? Is it theexpectation that local funding will be used to pay for TCM services and or other services that will no longer be provided under Medicaid? Provide a timeline for thistransition.11.
Can you identify what services were previously eligible under Targeted CaseManagement and how these services will be delivered?12.
What are the documentation requirements for Medicaid? What are the documentationrequirements for Title IV-E? What benefits do you expect to gain from making thistransition?13.
Regarding the transition in claiming Medicaid Rehab Option services, please explainthe differences between the new methodology that will provide payment for specificdiscrete services and the current bundled methodology. Please itemize which serviceswere previously bundled and which services will now be paid for individually. Doyou anticipate that this will cause any disruption in the delivery of these services?14.
What internal inefficiencies has the agency identified regarding the Medicaiddisallowances? What does the future look like for disallowances? Please walk through a case?15.
Under Cost Savings a total of 16 vacant non social worker positions were slated for elimination. Are these the only vacant positions identified for elimination? How longwas each position vacant? Provide the title of each position and what unit each position in? Will the elimination of these positions have any impact on servicedelivery?
Under Policy Initiatives, $246,073 in one-time funding is allocated for build-out of the Special Abuse Unit of CFSA’s Child Protective Services program to co-locate atthe new DC Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC). How many CFSA staff will be co-located to the new CAC? Will staff from other District government agencies beincluded in the co-location? If yes, provide which agencies and the number of staff from each. When will the co-location be completed?17.
Under Policy Initiatives, $350,000 is allocated to cover the cost of operating the newCAC. What is the total funding amount for the completion of the new CAC? Whenwill the CAC be fully operational?18.
The budget supported the continuation of the Grandparent Subsidy Program. Howmuch funding will be provided for the program in FY10? Is this an increase infunding from FY09? How many families will be able to be serviced at the fundinglevel? Will there be a cost of living increase above the 4% supported in the FY09 budget?19.
Under the Mayor’s proposed FY09 budget a $2.5 million program enhancement wasincluded to “fund continued and intensified development of a broader, more nuancedarray of quality mental and behavioral services for District child welfare clients.” Inthe proposed FY10 budget under Protected Programs it states that the proposed budget will sustain the expansion of mental health services for youth. What is theFY10 allocation for mental health services for youth in care? How many additionalyouth were able to receive services under the FY09 program enhancement? Whatadditional services were provided under the FY09 program enhancement? If theFY10 allocation is greater that the $2.5 million allocated in FY09 please providedetailed information on how the additional funding will be used. If the FY10allocation is less that the $2.5 million allocated in FY09, please provide a rational for this decease and detailed information on how this funding loss will impact services?20.
Please explain the increases in Object Code 32 in Table RLO-3 on page E-20.21.
Please explain the decreases in Object Codes 40, 41, 50, and 70 in Table RLO-3 on page E-20.22.
Please explain the increases and decreases in Object Codes 11-15 in Table RLO-3Personal Services on page E-20.23.
Are funds available under "The Fostering Connections to Success and IncreasingAdoptions Act of 2008" for FY09? If yes, does CFSA need to make significantchanges in policy and practice to comply with any new requirements in order toaccess this funding?24.
In the FY09 budget as part of the Child Placement Activity $511,988 was providedfor the Family Team Meeting Initiative. The proposed FY10 budget supportssustaining this initiative. How much funding has been allocated for this program inFY10?

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