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All I Wanted Was a Drink - An Aggie Underhill Short Story

All I Wanted Was a Drink - An Aggie Underhill Short Story

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This is an Aggie Underhill Short Story. It's just a fun little cozy mystery that takes place on an airplane.
Enjoy! :-)

If you'd like to read more check out my site at www.MichelleAnnHollstein.com

Happy Reading!
This is an Aggie Underhill Short Story. It's just a fun little cozy mystery that takes place on an airplane.
Enjoy! :-)

If you'd like to read more check out my site at www.MichelleAnnHollstein.com

Happy Reading!

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Published by: Michelle Ann Hollstein on Apr 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All I Wanted Was a Drink 
With her oversized pocketbook in hand, Aggie held it in front of her, tryingnot to bop anyone upside the head. She followed closely behind Betty, inchingtheir way down the aisle of the airplane.“Remind me again why we’re not seated in first class?” Betty asked,plopping down in the assigned seat matching the number and letter combinationon her ticket.“We booked late, dear,” Aggie sighed, sitting down next to her friend of twenty plus years.Getting up with her knees bent and stooping so as not to hit her head,Betty straightened her purple pantsuit and gasped, “Would you look at that?”Aggie followed her gaze to the couple seated across the aisle that wasglued together at the lips. The silver haired man, seated next to the window, wasprobably in his late fifties and the blonde woman, whose back was to them, moreor less teetered on the brink of adulthood.“He’s having an affair,” Aggie said matter-a-factly, pulling her seatbeltacross the top of her black and white checkered skirt, fastening it.“What?” Betty whispered. “How do you know?”Aggie grinned. “Look at his hands.”“Yeah, I see them,” Betty said. “He’s groping her back, and every other part of her body with them.”“No ring.” Aggie grabbed the Sky Mall magazine from the pocket on theback of the seat in front of her and flipped it open.Betty squinted to get a better look at the roaming hands.
All I Wanted Was a Drink 
“See the white tan line?” Aggie asked without looking.“My word,” Betty sighed, leaning back in her seat. “You notice thedarndest things.”The flight attendant marched down the aisle checking the overheadcompartments to make sure they were all securely latched. Aggie smiled up ather as she passed then quickly scanned her fellow passengers. It looked to be afull flight. There were three seats per row on either side of the plane. Thekissing couple now had an old lady sitting next to them on the aisle. From whatshe could see the only seat still available was the one between herself and Betty.“Excuse me,” wheezed a large man with a red-tipped bulbous nose andblack-rimmed specs. He scratched at his belly protruding from a two sizes, toosmall, black and yellow striped shirt. “That’s my seat.”“Hmmm?” Studying him, Aggie realized he looked like an overstuffedbumblebee.The man smoothed his thin comb-over of straggly black hair and noddedtoward the seat situated between Aggie and Betty.“Oh, dear. If you’d like,” she offered, “I can scoot over and you can havethe seat on the aisle?”“No.” He tugged the seat of his black pants exactly where Aggieenvisioned the stinger would be. “My ticket says
my seat.”“I’ll move,” Betty said, gathering up her things. “Why don’t you take thewindow seat? That way my friend and I won’t be talking over you.”“No,” he said again. “I get motion sickness.”
All I Wanted Was a Drink 
Betty scrunched up her nose and cringed. “Oh, we wouldn’t want that.”“Indeed not,” Aggie agreed, hopping up from her seat, then standing in theaisle to let the man squeeze by. From behind she felt a hand grip her shoulder.“Please take your seat,” snapped the flight attendant. “We’re about totake off.”The couple across the aisle was staring at Aggie. The old lady on the endwith the Coke-bottle glasses probably was also. It was hard to tell through thethick lenses.Several minutes later, Aggie was seated, strapped in, and the aircraft wasup in the air. The two flight attendants, one blonde and one brunette were takingdrink orders working the large cart down the aisle.Unexpectedly, Aggie had the sudden urge to use the restroom andglanced up at the fasten seatbelt sign above. She then eyed the big rollingbeverage cart coming her way.The man seated next to her, who had introduced himself as Gary a fewminutes prior, was snoring up a storm. His head plopped down on her shoulder with a thud.Using the tip of her index finger, Aggie pushed the round, greasy faceaway. Gary snorted in the process and fortunately settled on his own headrest.Realizing she couldn’t hold it much longer, Aggie defied the fasten seatbeltsign and released the latch of her belt. Getting up from her seat, she noticed thebrunette flight attendant glaring at her.

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